Asus Launches #ZenPhone 2 In The Philippines!

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Incredible indeed comes to Manila and it is time to #SeeWhatOthersCantSee!

Yesterday I was happy to join other bloggers, members of the press, and gadget enthusiasts at the Experience 2Morrow Press event held at the World Trade Center as ASUS finally announced the arrival of its newest flagship smartphone ~ ZenPhone 2. ASUS CEO Jerry Shen flew to Manila to lead the momentous occasion. ASUS bigwigs including PixelMaster David Woo, as well as industry partners Intel, represented by General Manager Calum Chisolm, were also present.

a couple of ZenPhone 2’s outstanding features

ASUS, a worldwide top 3 consumers notebook vendor and maker of the world’s best-selling and most-awarded motherboards, also boasts of being the Top Smartphone Brand in Taiwan dominating the market for 3 consecutive quarters. Driven by innovation and committed to quality, ASUS also prides itself as being one of the leading Smartphone brands in several different countries, landing in the 3rd spot of the leading foreign smartphone brands in the Philippines. With an estimated 2014 revenue of $14.5B, ASUS also employs more than 13,600 people around the world, 4,500 of whom are engineers behind their world class Research & Development team.

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen and ZenPhone 2 Online Ambassador Kim Jones

The highly-anticipated unveiling of the latest ZenPhone model was also graced by the new ZenPhone Online Ambassador, model, trendsetter, host and blogger, Kim Jones. ZenPhone’s lovable mascot, Zenny, as well as the beauteous ZenPhone girls, was also present to give more color and fun vibe to the occasion.

A closer look at ASUS ZenPhone 2

ZenPhone’s outstanding features: Performance Monster + Maximum Viewing Experience

The highly-anticipated ZenPhone 2 boasts of the following outstanding features:

  • an exclusive {not to mention, impressive} Ergonomic Arc design
  • 3.9mm ultrathin edges
  • a 13MP PixelMaster Camera with top notch Backlight {Super HDR}, Daylight, and Lowlight Photography
  • the notable Zenflash
  • a 3000mAh battery
  • an Ultra-Wide 140-degree Selfie Panorama perfect for those who love to take their selfies 🙂
  • it is powered by the latest 64-bit Intel Atom Z3580 2.3 GHz Processor
  • it is the world’s 1st smartphone with 4GB Memory
  • the BoostMaster Fast Charging Technology
  • it comes in several beautiful Zen designs and colors
  • it also has affordable top notch ASUS original accessories
an actual demo of ZenPhone 2’s impressive PixelMaster 2.0 feature

David Woo’s animated demonstration about ZenPhone 2’s outstanding camera feature won me over. I thought if I had a smartphone that allows me to take good-quality photos {especially while out covering events or making memories with the little man}, what more can I really ask for, and ZenPhone 2 is easily a shoe in!

I am not much of a techie but I sure can tell that ZenPhone 2 will be such a hit in the Philippine market. With its impressive camera features, paired with fast-charging capabilities, and backed up with outstanding software and hardware features like a huge memory and a great processor, it is perfect for anyone who enjoys maximizing their smartphone’s features, using mobile apps and games, updating their numerous social media accounts, and taking loads of photos.

ZenPhone 2 Availability and Pricing

ZenPhone 2 is available at the following specifications and prices:

  • ZE500CL {2 GB Memory}, Php7,995
  • ZE551ML {16 GB Memory}, Php9,995
  • ZE551ML {32 GB Memory}, Php13,995
  • ZE551ML {64 GB Memory}, Php14,995

ZenPhone 2 will be available next week in all authorized dealers in the country. You may contact your local ASUS representative for more details. To know more about these gorgeous new ZenPhone models, you may also visit the following sites:

Please stay tuned for my unboxing and review of the new ASUS ZenPhone 2 coming very soon! 🙂

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  1. That sounds like an awesome phone – and what a great event to kick off the launch. I love the big celebration they had.

  2. Asus is a great company! I know that when we were looking at computers, they were highly recommended. The zen phone looks amazing as well!

  3. I am a die hard iPhone user but I like that there is competition. This phone sounds really cool! I’ll have to check it out when it comes here.

  4. This looks like a great phone! The fast charging is a great feature, too. I like that more and more companies are becoming more competitive in the area of smartphones. More competition means better features and cheaper prices for us!

  5. That looks like an amazing phone. And I love the panoramic selfie feature! Anything that charges fast has got my seal of approval. Love the colors, too!

    1. i bet everyone is loving the panoramic selfie feature of this phone, everyone loves to take selfie these days! 🙂 yup, am not really a big fan of red, but am loving this red phone! 🙂

  6. This sounds like an amazing phone!! I would love the fast charging feature on it, I hate when my phone dies.

  7. Oh wow this is another one of ASUS’ innovative creations. I like ASUS products because of the sleek design. The fast-charging technology is very interesting.

  8. This s ounds like an amazing phone! It’s funny what I look for in a phone? Good camera. That’s basically all I use mine for anyways!

  9. That is so awesome! This phone looks like one that I would love to have. Mine is cheap and boring! lol.

  10. The unveilings are always such a fun time and such a big deal too! I love seeing the latest and greatest and what changes have come about.

  11. Wow, the Zen Phone 2 sounds like a really cool phone! I love trying new phones and testing out new technology and this sounds like a really great one! I wonder if they will ever bring it to the US market!

  12. This sounds like an amazing smart phone indeed and I love the camera on it is 13 MP which is important to me for sure. I will have to look into getting this phone for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  13. These phones look really cool, only I don’t think I could stop using my iphone haha. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Looks like an awesome phone with great features! And sounds like it was a great event to attend!

  15. ok this phone sounds ummmm…. AMAZING!!! How fun to be at the event launching party! You must of had a blast!

  16. Asus has been my PC component manufacturer of choice since Abit went out of business. Their build quality is second to none. I was really excited for the PadFone X, wish they could have got it to the States quicker. The new ZenPhone looks awesome too, especially the top end hardware one.

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