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some of the basic stuff we had to buy for the little man for his very first year in school last year

I cannot believe that summer will soon be over and the new school year is opening in about less than a month! Apart from worrying about the school tuition and related expenses, we also have to worry about shopping for our little ones’ school supplies, and other items like shoes, bags, and school uniforms. The little children’s growth spurt is unpredictable so I am expecting that some of the little man’s stuff from last school year may no longer fit him now. I may have to get him a couple of new undershirts and new pairs of socks, too.

my little preschooler in class

Back when the little man was just a tot, we’d check out Expo Mom for great finds for kids. I would buy him unique articles of clothing, as well as essentials like rice powder and toothbrushes which were sold at lower prices or at Buy-1-Take-1 deals at the bazaar. But this hot weather gets me thinking twice about traveling all the way to Makati to check out this year’s bazaar and I was shopping for toddlers’ apparel online the other day and found that ZALORA has a wide selection of kidswear, including t-shirts, shoes, hats and even socks! If I can find most of the items I needed there, who needs to go out and brave the scorching summer heat, right? I can shop at the comfort of my home for Jared’s needs and wait for it to be delivered right at our doorstep! Shopping will be done in no time and I won’t even have to break a sweat!  :-))

Thank goodness for technology and innovation, we can now shop for our children’s stuff without going to go through the usual stress and hassle, but if you have no choice but to go to the mall to shop, here are a few hacks you might want to remember when shopping for you little ones:

  • Make an inventory of the items in your child’s wardrobe so you won’t end up getting him multiple items
  • Make a list of the things you need to buy for your kiddo so you will be sure to get everything in one go
  • Take note of your child’s size for easy reference, especially if you have a rowdy tot who won’t sit still at the fitting room!
  • Let your child shop and choose the stuff that he likes so he won’t have an excuse not to wear them later on
  • Go for adjustable-waist pants {like the pair Jared is wearing in this OOTD post} so your tot can wear them longer

Hope these tips help mums and good luck on our purses for all the shopping that needs to be done before the new school year starts!  :-D

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