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When I was asked to review the latest installment of Writers Of The Future Anthology, I readily signed up mainly because I enjoy reading science fiction novels and stories. I love how they sweep you off your feet and transport you into an entirely different universe. I love how these stories are intricately woven to make time travel, parallel universe, and highly-advanced technology and civilization seem plausible.

This book is a collection of 13 stories from the Writers of the Future International writers’ program, 3 short stories penned by L. Ron Hubbard, Kevin J. Anderson, and Rebecca Moesta/Larry Niven, as well as essays on writing and illustration written by L. Ron Hubbard, Orson Scott Card, and Bob Eggleton. The 489-page book published by Galaxy Press, Inc also features illustrations done by the winners of the Illustrators of the Future International illustrators’ program.

The 13 award-winning stories that make up this illustrious collection are:

  • Switch by Steve Pantazis, Illustrated by Daniel Tyka {p 1}
  • The God Whisperer by Daniel J. Davies, Illustrated by Alex Brock {p 49}
  • Stars That Make Dark Heaven Light by Sharon Joss, Illustrated by Choong Yoon {p 59}
  • A Revolutionary’s Guide To Practical Conjuration by Auston Habershaw, Illustrated by Shuangjian Liu {p 143}
  • Twelve Minutes To Vinh Quang by Tim Napper, Illustrated by Quinlan Septer {p 171}
  • Planar Ghosts by Krystal Claxton, Illustrated by Amit Dutta {p 189}
  • Between Screens by Zach Chapman, Illustrated by Trevor Smith {p 247}
  • Unrefined by Martin L. Shoemaker, Illustrated by Tung Chi Lee {p 265}
  • Half Past by Samantha Murray, Illustrated by Megan Kelchner {p 297}
  • Purposes Made From Alien Minds by Scott R. Parkin, Illustrated by Emily Siu {p 311}
  • The Graver by Amy M. Hughes, Illustrated by Taylor Payton {p 365}
  • Wisteria Melancholy by Michael T. Banker, Illustrated by Michelle Lockamy {p 393}
  • Poseidon’s Eyes by Kary English, Illustrated by Megan Nelson {p 423}

Writers Of The Future Volume 31 is a beautiful amalgamation of different out-of-this-world {in a good way} tales that are guaranteed to keep you up late at night just so you can finish them all. These stories will amuse you, make you laugh, and tag at your heartstrings, too. I have yet to finish the entire book, but most of the stories I have read so far are really fascinating.

reading, books, book review, Reviews
a beautiful illustration by Choong Yoon for the story Stars That Make Dark Heaven Light by Sharon Joss

One of my personal favorites is the lovely tale by Sharon Joss. It was beautifully written and I love how she managed to incorporate a wonderful love story into the exciting tale that takes place in a far off planet light years away where species can alter their DNA in order to adapt. I know that Vox and Etta, along with Gehnny, will be in my mind for awhile longer.

Switch by Steve Pantazis is yet another exciting read. It was an exhilarating journey following the trail of a modern-day cop investigating a shooting incident that took the lives of 3 other cops. The suspect is said to have overdosed on illegal substance prior to the incident and the plot thickens as it reveals that the investigator the same illegal drug.

Writers of the Future Volume 31 is realeased today, 04 May, 2015 and retails at $11.80 {Paperback} and $8.49 {Kindle}. To know more about the book visit the Galaxy Press Website, You might also want to check out the Writers & Illustrators of the Future Website, And do not forget to purchase a copy of the book at Amazon or Barnes & Nobles.

Mum’s two cents

I give Writers of the Future Volume 31 :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  :yes: :yes:  and I highly recommend that you get yourselves a copy, especially if you are a big fan of science fiction. This is a great addition to your bookshelves already teeming with your favorite paperbacks! It is a great collection of creatively-crafted stories that will surely make it hard for you to put the book down. For a number of rousing, action-packed, and thrilling tales compiled together in one book, this anthology is sure worth every $! It is one great read so grab your copies now!

Disclosure: I was provided an ARC PDF copy of Writers of the Future Volume 31 for review purposes. Opinions and views stated here, however, are 100% my own. 

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