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Time is indeed hard and the cost of living, especially if you are in Manila, or somewhere nearby, is constantly on the rise. It is the primary reason why we all struggle to look for more ways to earn money, stretch the family budget, and augment our regular income. Those who can afford it have also tried their hand at opening up their own small-scale businesses, investing in the stock market, as well as exploring other ways and means to grow their money. I know I would try a number of these investments if I can afford them.

Early this week, I stumbled upon one promising earning-opportunity that I thought a lot of people, especially land-owners, will be interested in ~ land partnership. I have not heard of this before so I did my homework and do a bit of reading. I found out that compared to selling lots and big chunks of land, land partnership will allow land owners to get more value from their money as instead of getting a small revenue from the sold land, they will be partnering with property developers that will turn their lands to real estate properties like high rise, commercial or residential properties, thus giving them maximum earning potentials.

Land partnership is a collaboration where land owners that partner with developers get to cash in on the income produced by the developed properties.

Why You’d Want To Consider Becoming A Land Partner Now

Here are a few reasons why you would consider maximizing your land’s earning potentials and become a land partner:

  • The local real estate industry is booming especially that the ASEAN integration starts this year and the Philippines will be marketed as a prime tourist destination, attracting foreign investors that will boost our tourism as well as strengthen our economy
  • The projected economic growth will allow for the creation of new business districts even outside of Metro Manila creating a need for land to develop in areas surrounding Metro Manila
  • Investors who would set up their business in these areas will be interested to buy land, thereby increasing the demand for developed land.
  • Land owners will get more value for their land by becoming land partners
  • Land partnership increases the property’s value by 100% to 1000%
  • Land partnerships allow land owners to turn their small revenue into larger sums

Be a Land Partner for CitiGlobal Realty and Development, Inc.

CitiGlobal Realty and Development, Inc. is a real estate developer that offers land partnership with owners that have 2 to 2,000 hectares. Land owners are given two options in generating profit:

  • By sharing property income
  • By ownership of units which they can sell or lease, or even give to their children as inheritance

They also offer open and flexible customer policy to guarantee a beneficial and smooth partnership between develope r and property owners, allowing the owners to simply relax while they watch their income grow.

one of the many properties developed by CitiGlobal Realty and Development, Inc.

The CitiGlobal properties have innovative designs, as well as master-planned developments, thereby upgrading the earning potential of what used to be barren land. CitiGlobal utilizes land partnerships to develop land into residential spaces, hotels, condominiums, beach resorts, as well as commercial and mix-use development communities.

If you are interested to be a land partner, or to know more about CitiGlobal and its latest projects, do visit the following:

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