Thankful Thursday: Enjoying Summer

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Oh how I’ve missed writing my Thankful Thursday posts so I made sure to wake up very early today to write this.  🙂

The last 2 weeks of April were spent toasting and baking under the sun whilst the little one attends his swimming classes for the 4th year. He was really enjoying these classes and has learned a lot since I enrolled him as a little tot a couple of years ago, so I made it a point to enroll him each year. He simply loves his time in the water and absolutely enjoys learning how to swim. This year, we bid goodbye to his floaters, as well as his toddler swimming class, for good and by next summer, he shall be enrolling in the Basic 1 Program, as recommended by his coach.

There were a lot of things to be thankful and grateful for these past few weeks and here is my list:

  • The little one enjoying his time in the water
  • The little one’s new googles
  • Jared’s swimming coach
  • Reading books by the poolside
  • The sight of many happy kids having a wonderful time in the water
  • Surprises in the mail
  • New work opportunities and collaborations for my blog
  • Earning opportunities for my other blogs
  • Hosting giveaways, which I absolutely love
  • Being productive at home and being a content domestic goddess
  • Spending precious time with my boys
  • The Calamansi sprout growing in one of my pots that came from one of the many seeds I planted
  • A simple yet special Mother’s Day greeting :heart:
  • A simple Mother’s Day spent with those that really matters
  • Summer!  :sun:
  • The film Shaun The Sheep, which Jared really likes
  • Catching up with mum blogger friends during the Downy Timeless Mother’s Day event
  • Communicating with friends from across the mile
  • Being busy
  • Winning giveaways
  • Reading a new inspirational book by Mighty Rasing, which I am reviewing here soon
  • Downy Timeless citrus-y scent and freshly-laundered sheets!  :inlove:
  • Beautiful souvenirs from Palawan
  • Flower seeds from Germany which I really hope I can grow here  :rose:
  • Furious 7, Home, and Baymax postcards
  • The possibility of visiting the bookstore soon to buy school stuff for the little guy {I am hoping to get some supplies of my own, too, like photo albums and pens, and perhaps a book or two. I’d love to get the new Shopaholic book by Sophie Kinsella, as well, if the pocket will allow it.}

I am also thankful that there are more opportunities to bundle up in bed and sleep in because school’s out and I am making the most of it. I guess summer is my most favorite time of the year because it is the time when mum gets more opportunity to relax a bit and lazy around. It will be over very soon so I am relishing every minute of it. I hope we can still squeeze in more activities to spend more time outdoors and enjoy what’s left of the very sunny weather.

I hope you are also enjoying every bit of your summer and I would really enjoy seeing a glimpse of your #ThankfulThursday list! 🙂

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