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I really had a great time checking out entries for our previous #MultipleIntelligence Tweet Giveaway and I commend the mums who joined for making sure that they develop their children’s multiple intelligence to make them #MultiAchievers.

a Triple-Split Screen showing my little one’s #MultipleIntelligence: Brain Smart, Body Smart, and People Smart

It really is of utmost importance that we mums endeavor to hone our children’s multiple intelligence to ensure that they grow up to be well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the right smarts to advance further in life. It is important that we not only aim to raise brain smart kids, but also make them body smart, as  well as people smart.

Education does not end in the four corners of the classroom and it is a must that mums foster a “life-long learning” atmosphere at home. Surrounding our children with educational toys, books, arts and crafts materials, as well as other things that can promote learning is a great way to encourage them to continue learning even when they are not in school or when they are on vacation. There are also a number of creative ways to entice children to learn and be hungry for new knowledge and concepts like introducing them to new stuff like Google or bringing them to the park or the museum. Before summer ends I will make sure to bring the little man back too The Mind Museum, he’s been bugging me for ages to go there for another visit.  :-))

For raising body smart kids, an afternoon at the playground can very well be a good start. They can get the much needed exercise while going up and down the swings, the slides, or the monkey bars. Running around the wide open space will also prove to be very beneficial to our little ones’ developing muscles and bodies. As for Jared, his favorite exercises are going for a late afternoon jog around the neighborhood, and of course, swimming for hours on end at our favorite local resort.

In helping our children become people smart, it is best that we expose them to different events and situations where they will meet people of different ages and different walks of life. It is also a must for an only child, like Jared, to be exposed to kids his age. With a winsome personality, plus constant exposure to more people, I am sure my little learner will develop his people smart soon enough.

The “I Choose” Tweet Promo for May

Now, on to the more exciting part of our post, our May “I Choose” Tweet Promo! Here are the easy-peasy mechanics:

  1. Follow @Vixquips on Twitter
  2. Post a collage of 3 photos featuring your child’s Body Smart, Brain Smart, and People Smart
  3. Include the following in your post, “My child is brain, body and people smart because I choose to develop his #MultipleIntelligence #MIxMumwrites”
  4. Leave a comment on this post with a short story about your collage

Here is a sample entry:

The Giveaway Prizes include: 

  • 3 Pieces of Progress Pre-School Gold 50g Pack and Php300 National Bookstore Certificates {for 2 winners}
  • Surprise Gift from me {2 winners}.

Here are the Giveaway Guidelines:

  1. This giveaway runs from 12-18 May, 2015 and winners will be announced by 22 May.
  2. This promo is open to mums and dads residing in the Philippines with children 4-7 years of age at the time of joining.
  3. A participant can tweet multiple times but this will not guarantee more chances of being chosen as one of the 4 finalists.
  4. For picture posts that show children, the children must be at least 4 years old. Entries with children below 4 years old, as well with pregnant women, will be disqualified.

Join here, too, for more chances of winning:

So what are you waiting for? Create those #MultipleIntelligence collages now and join our giveaway. Good luck to all and enjoy the rest of your lovely Tuesday!  🙂

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  1. Dindin exhibits multiple intelligence. Not only is her IQ quite high and she is advanced in her school level, she is very friendly, compassionate, and can blend in with others young and old. She is part of a ballet class, a voice class, a theater class, and kiddie crew training this summer and she not only shone in them but also made a lot of new friends. She is a good dancer and is very playful that she seems to have endless energy! She is also a loving and caring sister.

  2. The help and support of parents are very important when raising a child and making him/her an ultra-achiever. 🙂 Bringing them to different places and exposing them to different things, considering safety, matters most.


    Here is a photo of my 7 years old son. He is body smart , look at him playing in the playground, he is enhancing his arm muscles I guess. Another photo was taken lst year during BSP/GSP encampment at their school, he is with his friends, thus people smart. And of course, he is brain smart, teaching his little sister how to write the Alphabet.

  4. Great to know that more people are involve into championing the youth and becoming more aware of the importance of multiple intelligence.

  5. The picture is a compilation of my son’s multiple intelligence developments such as his passion for soccer which develops his body smart (and probably people smart, too, because he socializes well with his teammates), his ability to present in front of an audience which develops his people smart, and finally his curiosity and interest to Astronomy where in the pic shows he’s looking through a telescope to view the moon and Jupiter which shows his brain smart.

  6. Congratulation and Thank you for this wonderful giveaway from you and from PPSG! Happy Mothers day po godbless!

  7. Good day! The photos of my 7 year old son shows multiple intelligence. One photo (brain smart) was taken during our visit at The Mind Museum. He loves science, numbers and facts about natural occurances. He is very curious and teachable which I believe helps him to be a consistent honor roll student. The other photo was taken during his swimming lesson. He loves swimming and other sports like soccer. The last photo was taken during their Trick or Treat Party. He knows how to get along with others, to interact, and relate effectively. His classmates and playmates describe him as a good leader, a very sweet and loving friend. Thank you.

    1. Hell Jas, thank you for joining my giveaway. Do you mind dropping the url of your tweet here in the comments as I cannot seem to find it on Twitter. Thank you + good luck! ^_^

  8. He loves his Transformers Kre-O because aside from he can build his favorite robot, he can also create anything he wants with the help of those blocks. It tests his patience from time to time.. but whenever he finishes it, oh he is so proud of his achievement! My son also loves the beach because he can swim there and also look forward to run around and play with the sands. Also, he loves to play with his sister and enjoys going to indoor playgrounds from time to time.

  9. Good morning! I just tweeted my entry of Santi Lorenzana, 6 years old.

    My photo collage includes a photo of how he is brain smart by reading books. It is our bedtime habit to read stories together and share insights/lessons afterwards. He loves to explore the outdoors, run around, climb and the playground is his happy place, which makes him body smart. Santi is also active in school activities as shown in the photo where he led his Senior Casa class as Old McDonald during the school’s year-end program. He is friendly and people smart. I am proud that he is a multiachiever.

    Thank you & God bless!

  10. Maria May Ochea

    My son is Brain Smart because At the age of 4 he’s able to name the 10 flags of different countries and their capital City as well. He’s also Body Smart because he loves outdoor activities & challenges. He tried Velcro Wall for the first time & he was so fearless! By simply playing with the other kids he was already knw the true meaning of sportmanship that made him a People Smart.

  11. Bella is 5 years old. She is Brain Smart because at a very young age, she acquired the English language on her own. She learned to write her name ‘Bella’ on her own as well. She is also Body Smart. She loves playing games. Even though she considers herself as a lady, she loves jumping, climbing and exploring. She is also People Smart. She is friendly. She makes friends anywhere she goes. She makes her friends comfortable. :yes:

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