my little schoolboy on his first day in Kinder!

The little man is back to school this year as a Kinder student. I know it will be more challenging as he gears up towards elementary education. He will be away in school longer this time and with more subjects to study, too. Can you believe they now have Science and Social Studies in Kinder? During my time, all I remember about Kinder is story time, a little bit of pencil work, and play! Children these days really have a lot more in their plate and they face more challenges daily compared to the children of past generations.

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My Multiple Intelligent little man ~ new experience at the Marvel Avengers exhibit last summer {people smart}, playing with our Explore Sandbox telescope and reading books before bedtime {Brain Smart}, and running free in the park {Body Smart}

Jared did perform really well in class last year and I would love for him to do the same this year. More than getting good grades in school, I would love for him to enjoy learning, be a well-rounded person, and grow up to achieve his full potentials and make the most of his life. Lofty goals, I know, but I am taking small steps towards those goals. Meanwhile, I will make sure he gets adequate amount of sleep, as well as sufficient amount of nutrition his growing body needs to get through our daily goals. I will also ensure that he gets enough play to unwind and relax, and I will constantly remind him to do his homework and other school-related activities promptly. Of course, I will always be ready to give him the right amount of affection and encouragement to keep him going and to improve his self-esteem.

It is also of utmost importance that I boost my child’s Multiple Intelligence. Here are 3 reasons why Multiple Intelligence is essential not only in the classroom but more so in life:

  • It allows children to be balanced and well-rounded individuals later in life, who can function as effective members of the society.
  • Multiple Intelligence-based teaching and activities fosters “teaching for understanding” that allows children to have positive learning experiences, as well as the capability to create solutions to problems.
  • It also opens multiple opportunities for children in later life, as well as inspires multiple achievement beneficial to the child’s self-esteem and self-worth

And here are a few of the ways on how I plan to boost the little man’s Multiple Intelligence:

  • Inspire him to read more books ~ It was very easy for the children these days to ditch the printed books in favor of action figures or gadgets, but we must always strive to keep them inspired to read as reading encourages their minds to think and imagine, something that will spark their creativity later in life. Plus, I have always believed that the people who loves reading are always the best people! I make sure I have loads of books for the little one to thumb through whenever he can and reading during bedtime is one of our favorite bonding time as mum-and-babe.
  • Allow him enough play time ~ I read somewhere that the child learns more from being in the play ground for 20 minutes that being in the classroom for an hour {or something like that, sorry, I really have a bad memory but I am sure you get the point, right?} and I guess I have to agree. Playtime is essential in any child’s learning and development, so it is a must that we also allow them enough playtime each day, may that be tinkering with his Lego models or creating made-up stories with his superhero action figure, or spending a lazy afternoon running and playing around the park.
  • Allowing him different life experiences ~ Different life experiences teach the child a lot about the world, about other people, and about himself, that is why I always make it a point to bring the little one to the park, to the zoo, to museums, and tag him along to different events I attend to further enrich his experiences and for him to meet different kinds of people. Last month, we brought him to the Mind Museum for the nth time as he really loved it there and this weekend I will be bringing him to Museo Pambata. I am sure he will enjoy his time there.

You can also read a number of tips on how you can enhance your child’s Multiple Intelligence from my previous post about the Multiple Intelligence Recognition Day.

The Progress Pre-School Gold “I Choose” Facebook Promo

Time again for another round of “I Choose” Promo and for this month and all you need to do is leave a comment with a photo of your child exhibiting Multiple Intelligence. Click on the Promo image above to join.

Here are the very easy mechanics:

  • Submission of entries is from 23-29 June, 2015
  • Open to parents with children ages 4-7 at the time of joining
  • 10 winners will each get 3 pieces of Progress Pre-School GOLD 50g  products samples as well as Php300 National Bookstores Gift Certificates
  • Participants can only win once during this promo period


Help me spread the word about the promo by sharing this post on Facebook and using the #MIxMumwrites hashtag. I will pick 2 lucky sharer to win surprise gifts from me!  ;-)

Also, do checkout my mum friends’ Progress Pre-School Gold “I Choose” Giveaway posts here:

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