5 Awesome Finds From The Yummy Big Baon Blowout

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School is finally back and I guess every mum will agree that one of the most challenging part of having kids who go to school is preparing different snacks for them to bring to school. Having a picky eater make the ordeal doubly harder and it does not also help to be a kitchen-challenged mum who can only prepare limited food varieties in the kitchen.

Those were the reasons why I was excited to check out the first ever Yummy Big Baon Blowout held at the Trinoma Activity Center late last month, and as I have mentioned in my foodie blog, here is another set of our delicious back-to-school finds during the event.

events, food, mum finds, products, tips + tricks, back-to-school
easy-peasy instructions for DIY juice by The Juice Barista

The Yummy Big Baon Blowout was a delicious gathering of numerous Yummy-approved concessionaires that exhibited their delicious wares. Those who came to check out the fair were treated to mouth-watering samples of pastries, sandwiches, spreads, desserts, and a whole lot more. There were also cooking demos from invited chef, as well as many food preparation and cooking tips from food experts.

events, food, mum finds, products, tips + tricks, back-to-school
these delicious dips are also perfect for chips, crackers, and breads mums can pack for the school boys’ snacks

This event was very timely as school was about to open in a few weeks and mums who went there definitely enjoyed learning about new recipes and yummy items they can include in their kids’ baon to school.

Here are 5 of my awesome finds during the Yummy Big Baon Blowout

events, food, mum finds, products, tips + tricks, back-to-school

  1. Stainless Steel Airtight Food Containers from loveyoumom ~ Stainless steel food containers for the little ones’ baon is a healthier and hygienic alternative compared to plastic containers, so I really like this product. Apart from different food containers, they also carry Write-On Silicon Elastic Bands for cups and bottles which are perfect partners for the kids’ water bottles. These are great back-to-school finds. events, food, mum finds, products, tips + tricks, back-to-school
  2. Bayani BrewI love Bayani Brew and I used to order these from Human Heart Nature so I was really delighted to see them at the event. I love these natural thirst-quenchers and they are also very easy to stash into the little ones’ lunch box as a perfect pair for their snacks or lunch.  events, food, mum finds, products, tips + tricks, back-to-school
  3. Meal Planners from Strandmore Notes ~ these uber cute notes ought to inspire mums to plan the little ones’ baon as well as the family’s meal. They are available in different dainty designs that are sure to match any mum’s taste. This is a perfect company for mums like me who loves to take down notes and scribble. events, food, mum finds, products, tips + tricks, back-to-school
  4. Top Torikatsu and other Bounty Fresh Meat Products ~ if you have a meat-lover son then you are probably always on the look out for quality meat products that you can easily cook and place in your child’s snack box. These Bounty Fresh meat products fit that bill to a “t.” My personal faves are the Top Torikatsu Italian Tomato variety, as well as their Disney Nuggets in Lightning McQueen, which I included in my son’s snack box a few times last year. events, food, mum finds, products, tips + tricks, back-to-school
  5. Delicious Treats from Cookie Sticks ~ I thought the idea to turn cookies into stookies is simply brilliant! That you have the same delicious cookie in a form that can easily be eaten by chubby little hands. These stick cookies are available in many delicious variants, as well as in different sizes, too. Mum can simply toss a small cup onto the little one’s lunch bag, or get a bigger cup and include a couple of stookies in the little tot’s snacks each day.

It was indeed a delicious way to spend the day and I enjoy sampling different treats and making those delicious discoveries. I will definitely go to the next Big Baon Blowout!

Yummy Big Baon Blowout was organized by Yummy Magazine. For more information about them, visit any of the following:

  • visit the Yummy Magazine Website, https://www.yummy.ph
  • follow Yummy on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/yummymagazine
  • follow Yummy on Instagram and Twitter: @yummyph.

Yummy Magazine is also available on newsstands and in bookstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets nationwide. A digital edition of Yummy Magazine is also available for download through Apple Newsstand, Buqo, and Zinio.

What are the staples in your little one’s snack box? May we all have fun creating our kids’ baon for school this year mums!  :plate:

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