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Mums are the epitome of being busy and we need all the help we can get to make life easier. If there is anything ~ a product or a service ~ that will allow us to effectively manage our time and perform the many daily tasks we have, then it is all good in our book.

Online shopping is one of the many wonders of modern technology that has helped mums in so many ways. With the advent of many stores setting up shop online, we can now conveniently shop for purchase just about anything with a few clicks of our mouse button. Shopping online indeed is one of mum’s favorite weapon of choice, and has saved many of us from trouble and inconvenience.

This is the reason why I am delighted to introduce a new online shopping site that I bet most mums will like ~ Apex Imports Marketing, Inc.

Apex Imports Marketing, Inc. in a nutshell

Apex Imports brings a wide variety of household products to consumers, as well as various items to retailers. With products ranging from bathroom accessories, household items, kitchenware, office supplies, pill boxes, photo frames, novelty gifts, and a lot more.

Apex Imports offer wholesale rates making it a perfect choice for customers who are planning to put up their own businesses, as well as for franchise businesses looking for suppliers. It is also ideal for those companies looking for corporate promotional items, and for mums like us looking for novelty party favors or unique pieces to display in our homes.

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Shopping from Apex Imports is very elementary. Let me walk you through the website and I tell you, navigating your way around the many tabs, as well as making purchases is easy as pie!

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Like a number of online shopping sites, you have to register first and create your own account before getting into some serious shopping spree. Not to worry, as creating an account will not take you more than a couple of minutes and all you have to do is key in a couple of pertinent personal information, including your name, address, and mobile number.

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And did I mention that they have a very organized site that shows their featured products, as well as their latest products and top sellers. You can easily start shopping from here!

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After creating your account, you can then proceed to browsing around for the items you might want to purchase. You can check out the wide assortment of items Apex Imports carries by clicking on the Categories Menu at the top of the screen. This will then proceed to different categories of items you can search from. Browsing is made easier with this category tab, and from here, you can browse through an organized outline of the available products.

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To shop, you simply click on the “Add To Cart” button to add the items to your cart. When you’re done shopping, simply proceed to checkout. In this tab, you will be asked for your Delivery Method of choice, in my case I only have a Door-to-Door Xend delivery option as I live outside Metro Manila. For customers living nearer, they also have the option to pick-up the items from Apex Imports showroom in Quezon City.

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After which, you will be asked to choose your Payment Method and most online shoppers will be happy to know that they offer a number of payment options for the shopper’s convenience, including Paypal {yay! 😀 } and GCash. From here, simply proceed to finish your transaction and viola! You are done shopping and you do not even have to break a sweat! You might have to wait between 1-3 days for your items to be delivered right at your doorsteps.

Apex Imports is located at 57B Judge Juan Luna St., San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City and is open from Mondays thru Fridays from 10am-6pm, and on Saturdays from 10am-5pm. Know more about Apex Imports, and their products, by visiting their website, www.apeximportsmarketing.com, and through any of the following:

Products I  Love from Apex Imports

Apex Imports carry a number of items that are perfect for corporate giveaways, for party souvenirs or gifts, as well as for use at home or the office.

Here are a few of the products I like:

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Jumbo Portable Storage Box {Php340}

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I love this Jumbo Portable Storage Box as it can easily be made into a catch-all of the many little items around the house that mums and the little ones easily lose, like Lego and other toy pieces, earrings and other accessories, as well as erasers and other school supplies. With this baby, organizing those little mess can be easy-breezy!

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Tote Caddy {Php85}

In the same manner, this Tote Caddy, a multi-purpose basket, can also easily be used as a container of many a number of stuff in the house, like mum’s toiletries or stationery, or the little one’s toys and other effects. This comes in a number of different lovely color like blue, pink, and green, as well as in this very pretty purple shade.

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Canvas Cotton Bag With Pocket Mirror {Php260}

This Canvas Cotton Bag With Pocket Mirror is also another handy organizer for toiletries, and I thought it will make for a great party favor as well as gifts for mum friends and and the little ones’ teachers, too.

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Color Coded Measuring Scoops {Php200}

These Color Coded Measuring Scoop are sooo cute and I love there are a few reasons:

  • they make shopping a lot easier and their site is very easy for anyone to navigate
  • they offer a wide variety of unique products and items for the shoppers to choose from
  • they also offer a number of payment options which is a must for every online shop
  • they offer attractive wholesale price that will make online shopping only convenient but economical, too!

I give :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:  for Apex Imports! I hope you can get to try them out soon! Happy shopping! 🙂

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  1. That sounds like it’s an easy way to do some online shopping. And I think most of us do the majority of my shopping online these days 🙂

  2. I love online shopping and Apex online store has nice items. The prices are also comparable if not a bit cheaper than the ones being sold in malls. 🙂

  3. That is very reliable online store, and they accept paypal payment that is the good thing to all buyers.

  4. I like to shop online because it’s easier and very convenient. The items they have there looks very affordable.

  5. I shop online too (for digital products like ebooks and softwares). When it comes to basic needs like food and clothing, I still go to the grocery. Online shopping is hassle free but I am very careful when it comes to dry goods coz I don’t wanna end up like the other customers who receieved damaged goods.

  6. As much as I do enjoy shopping online, I still like to go out and shop. I am an instant gratification kind of person! I like to go home with my purchases.

  7. those baking equipments are really cute. i love the cupcake holder and the cake tester!

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