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Bathroom remodeling is usually not at the top of any homeowner’s list of improvement projects. While it may not be the most glamorous undertaking, you don’t want to skimp on the function or style of a room where you spend time everyday. The following bathroom remodeling projects will make a big difference in the aesthetic of the room without breaking the bank.


Having a lot of natural light is very good for the bathroom.  Art Construction can help you install good quality windows for your bathroom.  With the natural light it will help to keep your bathroom from getting moldy and full of mildew.  It can also keep any metal from rusting as well.  If you have old windows in your bathroom it would also be a great idea to get them updated when remodeling.

Replace the toilet seat and lid

Switching out the toilet seat and lid will brighten up the room at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire toilet. Unless there is a problem with the toilet itself, there’s no reason to replace it. Select a toilet seat and lid that are comfortable and that match your existing bathroom style.

Replace the shower head and faucets

For less than $40, a new shower head will make you feel as though you’re in a luxury hotel or upscale spa. Modern shower heads boast features like adjustable heads, rainfall style heads, and pulsating sprays, which will revolutionize your shower experience. Once you’ve got your new shower head in place, select bathtub and sink faucets to coordinate. Look for WaterSense faucets, which are about 20 percent more efficient than average faucets.

Add hooks and bars

Are you short on storage space in your bathroom? Bars and hooks are inexpensive, versatile pieces that can be used to house bath linens, laundry bags, toiletry buckets, clothing, bath supplies, and more. In addition to the traditional wall mounts, think about mounting hooks and bars on the back of doors, the sides and interiors of cabinets, and window frames.

Reseal the tub and sink

A dingy caulk line on the bathtub or sink makes a modern piece look shabby and outdated. Give the tub and sink a good cleaning, take off any old caulk, and then apply fresh calk.

Whether you’re tackling a small bathroom remodeling project or you’re renovating an entire bathroom, consult with professional home renovation contractors. An experienced contractor will provide an accurate estimate and use high quality materials to get the job done in a timely fashion.

Mum’s Two Cents

The bathroom is one of my favorite parts of the house and I thought it should be one of the most homey and relaxing spot around the home. These practical tips ought to come handy when the time comes that I would need to renovate my own bathroom on a budget. Which renovation tip is your favorite?

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