Meet + Greet With The Hi-5 Philippines Cast!

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One of the little man’s favorite things to do last summer was to watch Hi-5 on TV. I have no complaints as this TV program especially made for the kids entertains him while he learns.In a span of several months, he managed to memorize a number of their songs and was always looking forward to watching a Hi-5 episode, one in the morning and another in the afternoon. Being the music lover that he is, Jared instantly fell in love with the group’s catchy and lively tunes and has since recognized each and every member of this Australian program. Even mum is LSSed with a number of their songs a number of time!  :laugh:

I know that Jared absolutely loves Hi-5, so imagine my delight when I was invited to join the very first episode taping  of Hi-5 Philippines at the TV5 Studio in Mandaluyong. Even the little one was excited at the prospect of singing and dancing with the local Hi-5 cast members and the probability of seeing himself on the telly! Sadly, we cannot make it to the taping as the little one had a class that day.

Thankfully, a Meet and Greet with Hi-5 was scheduled over the weekend and when we were invited, I said yes right away! The Meet and Greet was held at the SM Megamall Atrium last Saturday and a lot of kids went to see our very own version of the famed and loved television show for the kids. The SM Megamall Atrium was packed not only with kids, but with kids at heart who would love to have a glimpse of the 5 lucky people who made it to the Hi-5 Philippines cast!

the little man with Hi-5 Australia’s Fely Irvine

Hi-5 Philippines cast members Fred, Rissey, Aira, Alex, and Gerard, entertained the kids with lovely and familiar ditties that the little ones have grown to love and enjoy over the years. They have also encouraged the little ones to get up on their feet and join them as they sing and dance to celebrate Hi-5 Philippines.

1-2-3-4, Hi-5! with Aira, Fred, and Fely!

A lovely surprise was also waiting for the Hi-5 fans who came that day, as one of the Hi-5 Australia’s former cast members, Fely Irvine, went to support the new Filipino counterpart. The little ones, along with their parents and guardians, were also given the chance to have their photos taken with the group, as well as with Fely. I am relieved that we are one of the first ones to have a photo op as the queue went on as everyone lined up for their turns.

image from Hi-5 Philippines Facebook Page

Hi-5 Philippines airs on TV5 stating today, 15 June at 8.30am and at 3.45pm from Mondays through Fridays. And we will be sure to stay tuned in the afternoon so the little one can catch his new ates and kuyas on the telly!  :tv: Kudos to #TV5Manila for bringing this wonderful and educational show for the kiddos on Philippine free TV, am sure a lot of mums out there really appreciate the gesture! Visit the Hi-5 On TV 5 Facebook Page for more information.

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  1. It’s great for TV5 to come up with a great TV franchise such as Hi-5. I bet the kids had fun! I hope my son and I were also here but he’s still 1 year old.

  2. Lucky you! Nice to see Fely hehehe.:) My kids love Hi-5, especially their songs. Kahit ako I sing along with them.

  3. My one and a half year old toddler super loves watching Hi-5 too! And just like you, me and my husband sometimes find ourselves singing their songs while we’re walking at the park.. This TV program is really entertaining and educational at the same time. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I keep on hearing about Hi-5 and how much the kids love it but have never actually seen it for myself. How fascinating that the company would actually create a “Hi-5 Philippines” group! That must mean the show is getting a lot of love from the Philippines! More power to Hi-5 Philippines and looking forward to watching their shows soon!

    1. Hi-5 is a big hit here in the Philippines. They have also had a series of shows here in the past. They probably thought it is high time they create a local version!

  5. Five in the air, let’s do it together! I haven’t catched an episode of Hi5 Phiilippines. Kumusta? We love Fely! My son also also likes Tim. He likes the old cast better. When they started airing episodes with the new cast, medyo nabawasan na Hi5 time namin.

  6. My two younger sons would most likely love Hi-5. Do they include Filipino songs and dialogues in the show? Cause I think we have a need for another “Batibot” type of kiddie show to help our kids speak our language. 🙂

    1. yup, the dialogues, as well as some of the songs are now done in Filipino. it does remind me a lot of “Batibot,” especially that Ate Sienna from the famed kiddie show is at the helm of the new Hi-5 Philippines tv program! 🙂

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