Fabulous Shoe Finds To Spice Up Mum’s Outfit

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My fashion sense is very elementary ~ I always go for what is simple and comfortable. I am basically a tee-and-pants-or-shorts kind of gal and would normally pair these with my ever comfy fabric sandals. I wear this ensemble to just about anywhere, especially if I am out with the little man as it is much easier to run after an energetic boy clad in the comfiest of clothes and shoes.

Of course, sometimes you have to make exceptions and give up the comfy sandals in favor of a lovelier and more fabulous pair of footwear, especially for special occasions like birthday dinners or formal social functions. Those occasions may be far and few, but it cannot hurt to be prepared for such, right? I stumbled upon the Zaful website the other night while I was busy preparing the little one’s exam reviewers and I did enjoy browsing through their numerous fashionable shoes. Not only will they flatter any mum’s feet, they are also reasonably priced making them very ideal fashion finds for fab yet budget-savvy mums.

Here are my Top 3 picks from Zaful

fashion finds, mum finds, women fashion, shoes
Zaful Plum High-Heeled Stiletto

Sexy High Heels Stiletto Pumps ~ I may not be a high heels kind of mum but this pair did speak to me. I love the color and how it makes any feet sleek and sexy. This will spruce up a simple pair of jeans and can also be worn with a little black dress for a more formal occasion. I would love to add this pair to my small shoe collection. 

fashion finds, mum finds, women fashion, shoes
Color-Block Gladiator Strappy Sandals

Color Block Gladiator Sandals ~ I love the dainty and very girly design of this colorful strappy gladiator sandals. It can easily add a pop of color to any outfit, no matter how drab it might be. I thought this would look perfect with a pair of cold-shoulder blouse and shorts. This will also be great worn with a simple white sundress. If you are smitten by this pair just like I was, you can order your very own pair here. 

fashion finds, mum finds, women fashion, shoesSuede Chunky Heel Metallic Sandals ~ Among my top choices, this one is something that I think I can actually wear with comfort and ease. I love the chunky heels as they can easily be worn by clumsy people like me without the danger of toppling over or injuring my ankle. I thought this would look great in a formal dress or a boyfriend jeans.

Which among these shoes are your top pick, I would love to read all about it in a comment below.

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  1. I went through the biggest shoe kick a while back – And have so many pairs (that I don’t even wear lol.)

    I’m such a sucker for a good shoe deal. I absolutely love the 2nd pair. Too cute!

  2. I love the color of those plum heels! I am not a big shoe fashionista, but if I had the money to be one, I sure would 🙂

  3. The right shoes can definitely set the tone for an awesome (or awful) day. It is all about finding the pair that inspires confidence without inviting pain! You have some great selections on this one!

  4. I really like those suede chunky heel metallic sandals! They are so cute and seems very practical, like they could go with any outfit <3

  5. My favorite is definitely the second pair – the gladiator sandals. They are so cute! I like to dress casual every day, but when I go out, these would be the perfect sandals.

  6. Such cute shoes. The plum pumps are my cup of tea for sure. I need to add that color to my collection.

  7. I love the second pair love the design and it is perfect wherever i go and looks classy my sister would surely love his too and she loves collecting high heels, she loves bought shoes that she was really loves. so it is perfect for her

  8. Oh I actually need new shoes and you’ve just reminded me to go look for a pair. I’m never any good with heels but those studded sandals are just beautiful!

    1. i do not own a pair since i am not comfortable in wearing them, especially if i will be out with my son, but i so look forward to adding these into my very meager shoe collection 🙂

  9. Those floral gladiator sandals are everything!! I’m sure a would break an ankle or something since I’m not used to wearing heels, but it might just be worth it 🙂

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