Have Some Adventures in the Kitchen

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You’re tired of the same old, same old every day. You feel like your menu never changes and your family is getting bored too. It’s time to shake things up a bit and explore your options. Think about changes you can make in what you prepare day after day. Your family can be your guinea pigs as you try new things and find new favorites. Don’t let meal times become a chore because everything has grown stale. You can add some pizazz to your recipes if you can dare to be different.

Make it a Team Effort

Get everyone involved in your eating adventure. You don’t have to be the only cook. Your spouse can cook with you one night and your kids can join in on another. If you have enough space, everyone can be a part of the prep team. You’ll feel a new energy and create a great time for bonding as you work together. Before you start cooking, sit down and make a list of foods that everyone is interested in trying. At the same time, cross off anything that you eat all the time. Change is in the air. Embrace it.

tips + tricks, home, family, activities with the family
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Push Your Limits

Your family might not be willing to go out of their comfort zone with food. Introduce new dishes day by day. You can always serve some of the tried and true, supplemented by something that no one has tried before. You could discover that you have all been missing out on some amazing dishes. You won’t believe the choices you can find online. Watch cooking shows and talk to your friends. It will be easy to get new recipes.

Finish Your Meal with Dessert Fun

After everyone has enjoyed their meal, top it off with dessert. Gelato cups and spoons from Gelato Products will make it easy to prepare individual servings. This is your opportunity to experiment some more. Make short cake, pudding, and add gelato or frozen yogurt to the mix. Think of it as a little dish of delight. You’ll manage portion control and satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Eating can be so much fun when it isn’t a chore. Band together on the journey to find foods that excite the whole family. No one has to be bored at the dinner table when you’re cooking up some fun together.

Mum’s Two Cents

The kitchen sure is a good place for family bonding activities and these help make meal preparations and meals more fun and memorable.

Jared’s dad knows his way around the kitchen, and I am very happy to do the helping while he prepares the meal. It is an entirely different story with the little man, though, as I am squeamish about letting him help around the kitchen, as it is a potentially dangerous place for an energetic little boy. I see it as a great opportunity to help him be open about more food varieties, and hopefully, to help him learn to eat these unfamiliar food items, though, so I let him do age-appropriate kitchen tasks, like slicing eggs and setting the table with his plastic plates, cups, and utensils.

What is your favorite family bonding activity in the kitchen?

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