Restoring Old Couches For Resale

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Over the course of a lifetime, a family will see many couches come and go as they wear through and require replacement. Instead of restoring the old couch, they simply sell it for a cheap price, give it away, or throw it away. They proceed to buying a new one, and repeat the situation several years down the line. These families have no idea how much they could still get out of that old couch!

Finding a Couch Project

This part of the task is a bargain hunter’s dream. They will have to go to yard sales, flea markets, second hand stores, and online classifieds to find old couches to restore. Some might be free, especially if they have some damage, flat couch cushions, or staining. Others will be very, very cheap. The goal is to find a couch that is structurally sound (solid frame) and attractive.

Replacing Flat or Damaged Cushions

One of the biggest reasons for tossing an old couch is flat or worn out cushions. Sometimes, the springs underneath the cushions have started to break. If there are broken springs, it is best to replace the broken springs first. Once this is finished, the cushions will feel much more comfortable. It is still a great idea to invest in some brand new couch foam, as replacing it will provide a much more comfortable seat.

Reupholstering or Deep Cleaning

tips + tricks, home, homemaking, home furnishings
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It is likely that an old couch will need to be reupholstered. If this is the case, there are many wonderful tutorials for this DIY project. Reupholstering also allows the renovator to deep clean the interior of the couch. If lucky, the couch will be in wonderful condition and will not need to be reupholstered. Instead, a simple deep cleaning or spot cleaning can be done. Most couches can use a shampoo in order to lift set in dirt and stains.


Once the couch has been fully restored to its former glory, it can be sold to a new family. Many times, a couch will cost less than half its value to restore and clean, earning the renovator a pretty nice sum. This is especially true if it is reupholstered with a unique fabric that can’t be found with original factory upholstered furniture.

Today’s culture is all about renewing, reusing, and recycling. A reclaimed vintage couch is “in” and is highly sought after by the younger generations. There is money to be made with old couches while the trend lasts.

Mum’s Two Cents

Our couch at home is one of my most favorite furniture. It is also one of the most overused as we have gotten used to doing numerous activities in it, like taking lovely afternoon naps with my boys, watching a favorite film on the telly, the little man even does his homework while mum blogs in the couch. Our several-year-old couch may be around for a good number of years but it is good to take note of these nifty tips mentioned above, I will never know when I might be needing them.

What would you do with your old couch at home?

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