Robinsons Supermarket Celebrates 30 Years of Wellness + Shopping Convenience

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announcement, Robinsons Supermarket, shopping, simple pleasures

Robinsons Supermarket is celebrating its 30th year anniversary this month and one of the highlights of the occasion is unveiling the newly-renovated branch at Robinsons Forum in Mandaluyong City. It has been eons ago since I was last here and I am surprised at the many changes and improvements done in a matter of several years.

Aiming for utmost customer convenience and satisfaction, Robinsons Supermarket continuously comes up with innovations to make shoppers’ lives a lot easier and and make shopping more convenient. Personally, I enjoy going to my local Robinsons Supermarket during grocery day as they have everything we might need conveniently in one place. I also love that most of their fresh produce are being sold at reasonable market-low prices. Of course, it also helps that I can easily pay bills and do other errands in the mall after I am done with the groceries. I can even go to my favorite Daiso shop, and yes, no trip to the mall will ever be complete without stopping by the department store so the little one can check out the latest toys on display.

Top 5 Things I Love About Robinsons Supermarket

Ms. Aja Totanes, Robinsons Supermarket’s Marketing Director, was gracious enough to tour us around the newly-renovated Robinsons Supermarket Forum branch and here are some of the things I love here:

announcement, Robinsons Supermarket, shopping, simple pleasures

announcement, Robinsons Supermarket, shopping, simple pleasures
this Acai Berry brand is available for only Php145.00!

announcement, Robinsons Supermarket, shopping, simple pleasures

announcement, Robinsons Supermarket, shopping, simple pleasures
Robinsons Supermarket bigwigs at the Apple-Shaped Wellness Hub
  1. The Apple-Shaped Wellness Hub ~ they have unveiled this special section at the Robinsons Supermarket in time for the 30th anniversary and I take my hats off for the people behind the brilliant idea. This apple-shaped part of the supermarket will be a go-to place for mums looking for health and wellness products. They have put together a number of health and wellness finds all in one place here. Among the parts every mum will like are the Choices for Healthy Heart where you will find heart-friendly food items like oats and cereals, Weight Control Choices {where they have put together a number of healthy food choices including non-fat fresh milk, cereals, and teas. They even have muesli in this section, would you believe?}, Health Supplements where you will find vitamins and other dietary supplements for both children and adults, and the Adult Nutrition section. Now shopping for products to further promote the health and wellness of the family has never been easier!

    announcement, Robinsons Supermarket, shopping, simple pleasures
    all your travel essentials in one place!
  2. The Travel Hub ~ gone are the days when you have to scour the entire supermarket just to find travel-sized version of your personal hygiene products like shampoo, toothpaste, and the likes to bring along to your travel. Robinsons Supermarket gathered them in one place at the Travel Hub. Here you can find practically anything you might need in your travel in small, convenient sizes!
    announcement, Robinsons Supermarket, shopping, simple pleasuresannouncement, Robinsons Supermarket, shopping, simple pleasures
  3. Island Souvenir Aisle ~ buying pasalubong from your travels can be quite a fix especially if you have limited baggage allowance or limited space in your bags. Robinsons Supermarket solved this problem by dedicating an entire aisle in the supermarket for all those local delicacies we all love to enjoy with family and friends. 
  4. Those healthy Green Tags shopping for healthy items and achieving wellness everyday have never been easy with Robinsons Supermarket and all you have to do is check for those Green Tags attached to healthy and nutritious items. These green-tagged items are either low in calorie and saturated fat, sugar free, low fat or low cholesterol, low in Sodium, or can also be a source of Protein and Dietary Fiber. No hassle spotting these tags, especially when you have an energetic little guy in tow while doing the groceries!
    announcement, Robinsons Supermarket, shopping, simple pleasures

    announcement, Robinsons Supermarket, shopping, simple pleasures
    one of our favorite brands, Progress Pre-School GOLD is among those products found at the Orange Tag section
  5. All the Orange Tags in one place ~ Commonly, you will see these orange-tagged items, or those up for special discounts or promos all over the supermarket, but in Robinsons Forum, they have put together all the orange tag items in one shelf making it all the more easy for mums to shop on a budget and join promos, too!

Awesome Events in time for the 30th Anniversary

announcement, Robinsons Supermarket, shopping, simple pleasures

To celebrate their latest milestone, Robinsons Supermarket scheduled a number of fun events for their loyal customers to enjoy. These events include:

  1. Thank You Day {for Robinsons Rewards Card Members Only} Caravan are slated on the following dates:
    • Robinsons Galleria, 04 September
    • Robinsons Place Imus, 11 September
    • Robinsons Place Malolos, 25 September
  2. Family Fun Fair are scheduled on the following dates:
    • Robinsons Place Manila, 28-30 August
    • Robinsons Place Malolos, 4-6 September
    • Robinsons Place Dumaguete, 18-20 September
announcement, Robinsons Supermarket, shopping, simple pleasures
making a go at the Heart On the Move activity during the Wellness Festival at Robinsons Forum. Thanks mum Karina, of Digital Filipina,  for taking this photo! ^_^

Shoppers can also participate in a number of fun activities to help them jump-start their wellness journey at the Wellness Festival and I was able to try some of these activities. My favorite will have to be Heart On The Move where you will have to pedal a bike to power a blender and create a yummy and healthy fresh fruit blend. I am sure shoppers will also love the Dare To Touch challenge where you are to guess the contents of 5 different boxes.

For more information about the events and promos, and about Robinsons Supermarket, you may do any of the following:

You may check my other Robinsons Supermarket posts here.

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  1. What a nice way to encourage people to eat healthier. Kudos to them for celebrating this event with an awesome new approach.

  2. before I always used enjoy going robinson manila with my husband, don kami lagi bumibili ng dress ko kasi may mga mura don and the quality of their merchandise products sa supermarket are always bago 🙂

  3. I don’t think we have a Robinson’s Supermarket in the states but it certainly looks like a great store to shop at. It’s nice to see health and wellness at the forefront.

  4. What a great supermarket. I love how they have every thing in hubs, how convenient. Large healthy section too, wow

  5. Wow I love the setup of this store. Looks so well organized and neat. They need to expand to the Northeast so I can have one of these near me!

  6. I’ve never been to a Robinsons Supermarket but it sounds like they are great. I love that all the orange labels/tags are in one place, how convenient <3

  7. Awwww…no Robinson’s near our place. But I kinda miss having one nearby. I like the one that opened in BF Pque. My mom goes there often.

  8. We don’t have that store where I live, but it looks like a great one! I like the way it is organized, and I also spied some Acai products. Yum! I’ve only seen it in the frozen section before.

  9. I love buying my son’s needs at robinsons, their supermarket doesn’t look crowded and I love how they were able to arrange their items. I might visit their Dgte branch on the scheduled family day

  10. I love the idea of having a travel section in a health food store – as you said, often the packages are too big for carry on but I sometimes get weird questions if something is decanted to a smaller bottle or container. This is a perfect solution 🙂

  11. This is really great! I love when places promote health and wellness, especially where food is concerned. I believe eating healthy is the answer to a lot of issues. This is a great idea!

  12. This is very cool! I hope they can renovate the other Robinson Supermarkets in the province as well to make it easier for shoppers to do their groceries. I love the travel size area! That’s a brilliant idea.

  13. I guess I’ve been in Rob Mandaluyong twice only, hahaha. That’s good for them having a renovation since there are lots of malls here in the Philippines where competition is tight.

  14. What a fabulous idea to have all the orange tagged products placed onto one shelve or area. Saves the time for busy mums like myself to check out what’s good to buy before combing through the rest of the aisles for other offers. Happy 30 years to them too!

  15. Wow, haven’t visited forum for so long but back when I work near the area (2012-2013) I felt that their supermarket really had to be renovated. It just looks too old and uninviting to buy at. I love that they have an area for Pasalubongs! Can’t wait to see this soon ^^

  16. i dont think we have a robinsons supermarket in my area. however, it looks really nice and looks like everything we so fun and informative. thanks for the share.

  17. I rarely go to Robinsons Supermarket since there isn’t one that is close to our home unfortunately. But the rare times I’ve went, I rather prefer what they offer compared to the competitors. Happy 30th Rob Supermarket!

  18. Time really travels so fast! 30 years already for Robinsons supermarket. I like those innovations you reported here. Good to see their efforts to make shopping more convenient.

  19. Oh, there’s a supermaqrket na pala there. My favorite section is the wellness one, I love the pomegranate juice from the berry company, so now I know where to get them! It’s also a great plus to have all the orange tags in one place for easier browsing!

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