Thankful Thursday: Of Grace + Gratitude

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image is from Deepak and Oprah’s 21-Day Meditation Series, Day 1

I cannot remember the last time I made a #ThankfulThursday post and I sorely miss doing it. The past several weeks had been quite hectic, especially during the little man’s exams week, and my favorite month of all is proving to be very eventful. I cannot wait to find out what else August has left in store for us! It is always a treat to share my list of thankfuls each week and it is something that I always look forward to. I highly encourage other mums to do the same and if they can manage it, create a blog post about their lists, too! After all, keeping a thankful heart can spell a world of difference and nurturing a grateful attitude towards the universe will allow more blessings to come.

Thanks to Deepak and Oprah’s 21-Day Meditation on Grace, it was what inspired my blog post title for today.  Their topic this time around is all about grace and gratitude, and I am learning a lot from it. By far, this meditation series is my most favorite of all, and I look forward to each daily meditation practice because of them. The 21-Day Meditation mobile app is also a God-send as I can conveniently meditate in the room through my mobile phone. One time, I also tried meditating while aboard a UV van on the way to Manila for a blogger event. It may not have been quite a lot like my usual meditation routine, but it was a welcome change and it sure was a very worthwhile way to pass the time.

Here is my long overdue list of thankfuls for these past weeks:

  • for my newly-installed free meditation app
  • for Oprah and Deepak
  • for the precious time spent with my boys
  • for my new shelf, which is making me feel more organized
  • for the Colorfy App, which we all enjoy
  • for the DinerDash mobile game  {I used to massively play this on the PC when I was pregnant, I remember staying up till the wee hours of the morning so I can finish the levels!  :laugh: }
  • for my new charm bracelet from Soufeel, which I will be blogging about soon
  • for backlogs cause they remind me that people appreciate the work I do here on the blog
  • for new books!
  • for lovely surprises in the mail
  • for postcards
  • for meeting mum blogger friends
  • for the wonderful feeling of being appreciated
  • for being productive
  • for being optimistic
  • for the exhilarating feeling of being loved  :heart:
  • for the warm sunshine after the rain
  • for more blessings
  • for my super sweet little man
  • for seeing the little man having the time of his life
  • for getting help around the home, especially in the kitchen, when I need it the most
  • for fond memories of childhood
  • for free almonds and cashew nuts
  • for the universe’s peculiar way of reminding me to slow down
  • for the constant reminders of God’s love
  • for my new Human Heart Nature stash!

What is on your Thankful Thursday list for this week?

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