The Woes Of Taking Public Transport

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I used to take public transportation on a daily basis while working in the city more than 5 years ago. Commuting back then seems to be a walk in the park compared to what the commuters have to endure nowadays. I get to take public transport from time to time these days and mostly I have to endure horrendous traffic and long queues. I bet my stress level will hike up if I were to do it on a regular basis.

Unnecessary delays in train schedules, seemingly endless lines, and worse road condition, not to mention those unannounced public protest in the busiest road on a Friday, all make a commuter’s life a lot harder than it already is, and my heart goes out to the working mums who would miss the family dinner, or helping the children with their homework, or tucking the little ones to bed just because they cannot come home earlier. Now more than ever, I am thankful that I can earn my keep in the comforts of my home without having to worry about the adverse traffic condition or untimely road repairs.

Of course, these problems are not the only thing public commuters has to worry about. While agonizing about the thought of not making it to work, or class, or appointment on time, a person who takes public transportation also has to worry about his safety and security while traveling. The road is a dangerous place for travelers and accidents are waiting at every turn ~ it can be in a form of a derailed train, or one of those deadliest cars speeding by and hitting your UV van, or it can also be a pickpocket just waiting for a fellow passenger to let down his guard to attack and take whatever he can get his hands to.

With all the trouble a public commuter had to go to on a daily basis, I guess we can never really blame them for turning to social media to air their grievances about the public commuting system or lack thereof. I just hope the government has something up their sleeves to make public commuting in the country a lot less stressful and dangerous.

Have you tried public transportation recently, how was it?

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