Ever Wonder Why A Burger King’s Whopper Is #MarksBetter?

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I love to enjoy a burger from time and time and there is no other place to go if my craving for authentic flame-grilled burger kick in than Burger King. An order of their flavorful Whopper is always a treat!

Burger King, Choice 2015 winner of Favorite Fast Food Burger, recently reintroduces our beloved Whopper in an intimate barbeque cookout held at their Tiendesitas Branch. The event, attended by their newest endorser, Tom Rodriguez,  brings to front and center the importance of grill marks in searing and sealing the flavor of Burger King’s signature burger. The sealed-in, locked-in authentic beef flavor has always been a Burger King distinction, setting them apart from other burger chains. In fact, Burger King is the only chain that makes top-notch burgers of superb quality.

The grilled marks on a Whopper is so much like a seal of excellence, assuring anyone who orders of an honest-to-goodness flame-grilled burger that is made of 100% beef, satisfying and leaving you wanting more! Indeed, a Whopper is #MarksBetter and #MarksMasarap, so wonder no more! :plate:

Yes, I can almost taste the Whopper while writing this. The savory flame-grilled patty topped with fresh lettuce, crunchy pickles, sliced white onions and juicy tomatoes and slathered with creamy mayonnaise and ketchup on a soft sesame seed bun. I guess it is time to grab me a Whopper, I will make sure to visit a nearby branch very soon!

For the latest about our favorite Whopper and the other Burger King products, make sure to follow Burger King on Facebook, www.facebook.com/burgerkingph

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