Hurry You Only Have Until 30 September To Join The #ProgressPreSchoolGold Fly + Learn Promo!

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announcement, Progress Pre-School GOLD, promos, promos in the Philippines

Did you know these fun facts about the Indiana Jones Exhibit at the National Geographic Museum:

  • 1:28 is the length of the welcome message recorded by Harrison Ford on the tablet they give you to help guide you along
  • 2 is the number of Bullwhips, including the one used by River Phoenix in The Last Crusade
  • 12 is the number of Shot glasses from the drinking-contest scene at Marion Ravenwood’s bar
  • 3′ is the approximate length of the Ark {well, the prop, anyway}
  • 6’2″ is the approximate height of Indiana Jones (harrison ford), based on the costumed mannequins on display
  • 4′ is the approximate height of Short Round, based on his mannequin

announcement, Progress Pre-School GOLD, promos, promos in the Philippines

So why am I sharing these awesome trivia, anyway? To let you know how visiting the National Geographic Museum in Washington, DC in the United States will prove to be an awesome adventure for the family. And what do you say about flying all the way to the US for free? That is right! You, and 3 members of your family, can get a chance to fly to this famous attraction and all you have to do is join the Progress Pre-School Gold and National Geographic Channel’s Fly And Learn Promo!

Here are the 3 Easy Steps to join

announcement, Progress Pre-School GOLD, promos, promos in the Philippines

  1. Buy a specially-marked Progress Pre-School Gold 1.6kg can
  2. Each specially-marked can contains a unique code at the bottom
  3. Register the unique code to the Registration and Entry Form found at the

Promo Mechanics

  1. This is open for parents and guardians of children 4-12 years of age during the start of the promo period.
  2. Each unique code is equivalent to 1 entry.
  3. Registration is until 11.59pm of 30 September, 2015 and all that a parent need to register is enter pertinent information {including Name, Birthdate, Address, and Contact Number} about him/her and the child.
  4. The Grand Raffle Draw will be on 02 October, 2015 and the winner will be electronically-drawn.
  5. The winner will be notified thru email and telephone.

You may check out my previous Fly And Learn Promo post for more details.

Hurry and waste no time as you only have until 30 September, 2015 to get those specially-marked Progress Pre-School Gold 1.6kg cans and register your unique code at to earn entries for a chance to win those free trips to Washington DC, USA!

For updates about the Fly And Learn Promo, and for more information about Progress Pre-School GOLD, follow their social media pages:


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  1. I was JUST in DC last month! I love visiting DC and touring all the wonderful museums there. What a great promotion <3

  2. I have never heard of this product. I don’t have kids in this age group, but I will try to hurry and share the info. What a great prize.

  3. I’ve never heard of this brand before. Sounds interesting enough. I haven’t won anything in a long while I used to be super lucky and win everything I entered!

  4. Awww…my kids don’t take to Progress. But thanks for sharing the trivia. How very interesting to know that River Phoenix had two bullwhips in The Last Crusader. My husband is an Indiana Jones fan and I like that actor. Sayang sya.

  5. I learned about this promo on cable TV, which prompted me to add the museum to our bucket list. Maybe we should try our luck by buying this milk? 🙂

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