5 Things We Love About Robinsons Townville Pulilan

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mum's thoughts, shopping, Robinsons Townville, Bulacan

Although Pulilan is just 2 towns away from our city, it has been ages since I have been there last. Recently, I had the chance to visit their local Robinsons Townville Branch and I instantly fell in love with the place. It is a one-stop shop for mum’s every needs as it gathers in one place Robinsons Supermarket, Robinsons Appliances, Handyman, South Star Drug, and a number shops that mum frequent. Here are 5 things I love about it and some reasons why I would most definitely frequent the place if only we live nearby. 

  • Strategic Location ~ Robinsons Townville is conveniently located in front of the Pulilan Market, very easy for the people to drop by during market day and it is most convenient to schedule shopping for wet, dry, and whathaveyou goods all in one day.
  • The Play Area ~ this one also get’s the little man thumb’s up. Mums can easily leave the little ones here to enjoy and play with other kiddos while they do their shopping. Jared was able to try it out and he absolutely enjoyed the experience.

    mum's thoughts, shopping, Robinsons Townville, Bulacan
    these lovely Mason Jar and Tealight Set will also be great Halloween decorations at home
  • Awesome Promos and Sale ~ since the Christmas season is almost here, it is good to know that there are a lot of items on sale in most shops, including mason jars {up at 50% off} and Colemans {on sale at 30% off}, among other things. There are also numerous products up for big discount in the supermarket, as well as items on Buy1 Take1 deal at Handyman. mum's thoughts, shopping, Robinsons Townville, Bulacan
  • These Lovely Christmas Decors On Sale ~ these discounted decor are perfect for mums who plan to spruce up their homes for Christmas. I particularly loved the figurines and sure could use some to decorate our little home. There are also small Christmas trees up for grabs at discounted price, great for mums who plan to add one in their homes this holiday.
  • Food Stalls and Other Mall Features ~ truly a one-stop shop, Robinsons Townville Pulilan has everything one might need to stock up the pantry at home, to shop for home and kitchen essentials, as well as stop for a quick bite or bring the children for play and entertainment.

mum's thoughts, shopping, Robinsons Townville, Bulacan

We sure had a lovely time during our short visit to Robinsons Pulilan, stalls and booths were also set up outside where people can win great prizes for minimum purchase requirement. The mall has effectively entwined itself with the community, providing its every need. I do hope this won’t be the last time we will visit this branch, I bet my little one is looking forward to playing in the indoor play area very soon!  :laugh:

For more information about their promos and sale, do visit the Robinsons Townville Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/RobinsonsTownville.

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