Sponsored Video: Erwan Heusaff Presents Quaker Oats

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How’ve you been doing mums? The sky seems to be clearer this morning but the typhoon here in our part of the world is not due to leave the country until the end of the week. I am only glad that the howling wind and the rain has abated. It is a blessing to be cooped up at home, safe from this harsh weather. I do pray for everyone’s safety, especially for those living in the areas badly hit by the typhoon.

These rainy cold days are making me crave for my childhood comfort foods champorado and congee. I fondly remember how my Mama would make those hearty meals during rainy days to keep us all warm. Ever the loving and caring mum, she would always see to it that her brood is well fed, especially during the rainy season when everyone seemed to have a bigger appetite. If I could have the  power to emulate my mum’s cooking, I would really love to prepare these wonderful meals so the little man can try them, too.

I may not be a super cook like my Mama, but this recipe video from Quaker Oats featuring the Fat Kid Inside, Erwan Heussaff, is a good way to start learning how to prepare my childhood favorites. Surprisingly, Erwan upped the ante and made a powerhouse version of congee and champorado, as well as other well-loved dishes, by using Quaker Oats, along with other healthy ingredients, like vegetables and nuts.

Now, I did not know Quaker Oats can be that versatile. I love to enjoy a cup for breakfast and pair it with fresh milk, or chocolate, or sometimes topped with my favorite fruits, like mango and banana, but I did not know Quaker Oats can also be used for cooking meals. It was a great revelation, indeed, and it is rather timely as I just made a mental note to grab a bag of Quaker Oats on my trip to the grocers this week. While I am at it, I will make sure to grab a couple more ingredients so I can prepare my very own version of Erwan’s Quaker Oats congee. I hope the little man will love it.

Quaker Power Meals in a nutshell

Picking up where the success of the first Quaker Power Meals series left off, The Fat Kid Inside {Erwan Heussaff} and Quaker are collaborating once more.

This year, Quaker Power Meals have 20 new 5-minute episodes, featuring a glimpse of Erwan’s healthy lifestyle beyond the kitchen, the highlights of which are the healthy recipes showing how to incorporate oats in different meals making them more delicious and healthier while fueling people to keep going through the day. Each recipe is developed with the busy, on-the-go lifestyles of Filipinos in mind. All the Quaker Power Meals episodes can now be viewed through the player above by clicking on the related videos.

For more information on the recipes shown on the show, go to www.quakeroats.ph or follow the .

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Quaker Oats.

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  1. I grew up on Quaker Oats! My grandma would never ran out of oats in our house back then. My kids love it too but they like it simple and just add malt powder or brown sugar. 🙂

  2. I loooove this show. I watch it all the time. One of these days I’m digging up his recipes and trying them with the kids. 🙂

      1. They have this in Star World, right before Master Chef on Sundays. 🙂 I also catch this on other days but it’s one of my Sunday Faves. Short segment lang sya.

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