Check If You Are Safe To Drive With The Safe Driving Calculator

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We can only do so much in making sure we are safe out on the road while traveling. Oftentimes, even if we are the most careful of drivers, adhering to each traffic rule as much as we can, we’d encounter reckless ones who couldn’t care less about road rules. Minor miscalculations, mistakes, and negligence on the road can lead to accidents, injuries, or worse, fatalities. A simple act of beating the red light can sometimes result to massive accidents or lost lives. These debilitating thoughts on driving and road mishaps are enough for me not to aspire to learn how to drive.

But if you can make the road a safer place to thrive in simply by checking whether you are safe to drive or not, won’t you take the extra precaution? I am sure most of you will exclaim “Yes.” After all, what’s a few minutes of inconvenience in exchange for a worry-free and safe driving, right?

I am certain this is what’s running in the minds of the people behind the Safe Driving Calculator ~ the safety of the people traveling on the road, as well as the safety of pedestrians milling about on the streets at the same time.

The Calculator is easy enough to use. It prompts you to answer a number of questions by choosing between two options and it will calculate whether you are safe to drive. Genius!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Safe Driving Calculator:

You will be asked of your age and gender. After which, you will be asked of your weight and the amount of alcohol you consumed, in case you do. It will, then, show the result whether you are safe to drive or not. It will be very handy for the on-the-go and busy people, who cannot resist to have a drink or two, especially on a Friday night. With this Calculator, you can easily key in the amount of alcohol you took that day along with your details and will do the calculation for you.

The key to allow the Calculator to help keep people safe on the road is to adhere to the results. If you are fit to drive, then, by all means, go! But if the Calculator yielded a negative result, it will be best to hand over the wheel to your friend or colleague who is more fit to drive than you. Or, better yet, you can always opt to skip the rounds of beer and alcohol on a Friday night.

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