#StartCreating Cafe Style Coffee At Home With The New Nescafe Red Mug!

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food, products, simple pleasures, coffee, Christmas gift ideas
Today, I #StartCreating my very own layered coffee at home using the all-new Nescafe Red Mug Machine

Yes, I am a self-confessed coffeeholic and my day just won’t start properly without having a steaming mug of coffee first thing in the morning. That line that says “running on caffeine” ~ so me, especially on days when I needed to fix me another cup {and another} to perk me up, or on some occasions, to wake me up during those days when I needed to stay up until the wee hours of the morning to beat pressing deadlines at work or keep up with the blog backlogs.

Although I am totally enamored with coffee, I try to steer clear of those cafe serving expensive coffee concoctions as they can be totally unhealthy for my purse, plus am too easy to please, a cup of 3-in-1 coffee is just about perfect to start my day right! So, I think you can easily tell I immediately said yes when I was invited to the launch of the all-new exciting product from Nescafe that would let me make those beautifully-layered and frothy specialty coffees right from my diminutive kitchen!

Introducing the Nescafe Red Mug Machine

food, products, simple pleasures, coffee, Christmas gift ideas
the Nescafe Red Mug Machine

Every coffee lover will be excited to get their hands on the all-new Nescafe Red Mug designed to allow the user to create a wide range of delicious and lovely cups of coffee. It was developed in Switzerland by Nestle coffee machine experts and aims for its users to create foamy Cappuccino, layered Latte, fancy Mocha, velvety Americano or just about anything anyone might fancy creating with coffee and a host of another delicious ingredients at home. 

Here are a few reasons why you’d love it:

  • it is very convenient and easy to use ~ with just a touch of a button, a few clicks on a dial, and viola, you have your very own delicious coffee creation
  • it makes you create cafe-quality layered coffees in just about 2 minutes
  • its compact design will fit in anyone’s kitchen, especially those living in small apartments and condo units
  • its shiny red color will surely add a pop of color to any kitchen

The Nescafe Red Mug Machine is available at an introductory price of Php1,999 until December 2015 and is now available in select SM, Robinsons, Landmark, Puregold, and Merkado Supermarket branches in Metro Manila.  The special package comes with the following:

  • a transparent glass mug {which I absolutely love, by the way!}
  • Nescafe Classic 100g
  • Nestle Coffee-Mate 250g

This will be a perfect Christmas gift for mums or for the special people in your life who loves coffee. For more information about their exciting new products, visit the Nescafe website, www.nescafe.com/ph.

How to Create Denise Laurel’s Hug In A Mug Latte

food, products, simple pleasures, coffee, Christmas gift ideas
all present at the Nescafe Red Mug launch {from left} ~ Tessa Prieto-Valdez, Raymond Guttierez, Denise Laurel, and Biaca King

During the launch of Nescafe Red Mug recently at the Blue Leaf Events Pavillion in Taguig City, the crowd was treated to a couple of coffee concoctions created by celebrities who graced the lively and vibrant occasion. One such delightful treats was Tessa Prieto Valdez’ Christmas Cinnamon Cappuccino, which is just perfect for the cold days nearing our favorite holiday of all. The cinnamon added to the frothy cup, as well as the cinnamon stick for a nice finishing touch, reminds a drinker of the lovely Christmas holiday.

food, products, simple pleasures, coffee, Christmas gift ideas
Celebrity mum, Denise Laural, creating her Hug-In-A-Mug Latte creating using the all-new Nescafe Red Mug

But what I am more excited to share with you is celebrity mum Denise Laurel’s creation, the Hug In A Mug Latte. Denise’s creation combines the flavor of Nescafe Classic and Nescafe Coffee-Mate with cookie butter. She said having a cup in the morning is like getting a warm, fuzzy hug from her fiance. It is her very own pick-me-up when she gets home from a long, tiring day at work.

Here is the recipe so you can also re-create it at home:

food, products, simple pleasures, coffee, Christmas gift ideas

With the new Nescafe Red Mug, we can all #StartCreating our very own layered coffee at home. Can you tell I am very excited to unbox my very own Nescafe Red Mug machine? I gave it a go as soon as I can and created this delicious frothy, layered mug in about 2 minutes! Now mornings will be a lot better with the latest addition in my kitchen, my brand new and shiny red Nescafe Red Mug machine.

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  1. Im a self-confessed coffee addict and my morning is incomplete without a cup of coffee. The coffee recipe looks interesting to try!

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