3 Reasons Why You’d Love To Get A Soufeel Bracelet + Charm This Christmas

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simple pleasures, products, fashion finds, women accessories, women fashion, Christmas gift ideas

I was totally smitten by my Soufeel Bangle and Charms {you can read about my full review here} that I use them almost every time I go out. I love the look and the snug fit of the bangle on my wrist and I was  particularly in love with the charms. That is why I was totally charmed when Soufeel told me they will send another Bracelet and Charm set of my choice for me to feature on my blog.

I selected the following for my 2nd Soufeel set:

  • Snow-Covered Log Cabin Charm {$25}
  • Pink Railway Carriage with “Love” on it {$25}
  • Red Railway Carriage with “Forever” on it {$25}
  • Sleigh and Reindeer Set {$50}
  • Sydney Opera House Pendant {$25}

Each of these charms are made from 925 sterling silver and comes in lovely, colorful, and stylish designs. I also got a Soufeel Basic Bracelet, a 925 sterling silver barrel clasp snake bracelet, where I can put all of my new charms. Among the charms, the Red Railway Carriage is my fave and I plan to include this in my old bangle along with my previous charms. I also love the other Christmas-related charms, especially Santa on his sleigh, as well as the beautiful Santa Clause House charm. I chose the Sydney Opera House because I know my sister will love it. I did mention I will give this set to my sister as Christmas gift, right?

simple pleasures, products, fashion finds, women accessories, women fashion, Christmas gift ideas

So why would you love to get a Soufeel Bracelet and Charm under your Christmas tree this year? Here are my top 3 reasons:

  1. They are just the prettiest and I am betting any girl, lady, or woman would be pleased to receive a set for Christmas. Plus, there are loads of lovely charms to choose from that anyone can mix and match different ones to suit the personality of the receiver.
  2. These accessories would be perfect to pair with just about anything in your wardrobe, whether you are a jeans, a skirt, a dress, or pants kind of gal. They will also add an instant pop of color to any outfit. Plus, women simply love to accessorize and these will be a perfect addition to anyone’s jewelry box.
  3. You will be also charmed to find out that someone thoughtfully send you a wonderful gift without having to break the bank, since these bangles and charms are also reasonably priced.

simple pleasures, products, fashion finds, women accessories, women fashion, Christmas gift ideas

If you are one proud owner of a new Soufeel Bracelet and Charms, it will also be a joy to find out that you can use your charms with your Pandora, Chamilia or other popular bracelet brands. And did you know they also have items up at 50% off and offers free worldwide shipping? Perfect for Christmas Day gift giving right? If you have not picked a gift for yourself or for the special women in your life, I suggest you check out Soufeel now for something that might catch your fancy.

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  1. I love these types of bracelets. I think they’re super cute and I love that you can purchase charms and they are interchangeable with other bracelets of this kind.

  2. This is beautiful! Unique and a conversation starter. Great gifts for friends and for little girls also – What a great find – thank you for sharing – and Happy Holidays 🙂

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