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Warning: This is a picture-heavy post!

Traveling is something I absolutely enjoy doing with my family. Although out-of-town trips may be a bit tricky to pull off with the little one going to regular school now or due to limited budget, we do not really need to go that far to check out a place we have never been before and tick those destinations off our bucket list. This year, I am happy to note that we have been to a few new attractions for children, including Art In Island in Quezon City.

Art In Island is an art museum located at 175 15th Ave., Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City. It is open from Tuesdays – Sundays at 9.30am-9.30pm. Admission fee is at Php500 for adults and Php 400 for students while children below 3 feet can enter for free. As of writing, it is closed for renovation, but patrons can check out their holiday-themed 3D painting exhibit at SM Megamall.

Jolly Cow’s Mom + Kid’s Day Out

Jolly Cow invited select mum bloggers and kids to join them for their Mom and Kids Day Out event and the first stop of our adventure is Art In Island near Cubao Expo. We have not been there before so I was more than happy to go and tag the little man along.

It was an interactive museum that features 3D artworks that would allow visitors to be part of the art pieces. It would be a haven for people who love to take selfies and a great place to visit for anyone who appreciates art. I am more of the latter but I also enjoyed making the little man a part of popular art pieces through photographs. Of course, it can be rather tricky with my energetic little guy, but we managed to pull some nice ones off. Art In Island even has prompts on where to stand and where to take photos to get the best trick shot out of the many installations they have on display.

Check out some of the snaps I took of the little man:

Love it is!
the little man will make for a very cute angel cake-topper, don’t you think?
sending everyone his Christmas greetings with a thumbs up!
making an attempt to climb this 3D staircase and he nailed it
hanging out with his new friend, Spidey!
“I hereby dubbed thee Sir Ethan Jared!”
I wonder what we’d do if Mochi turned out to be as huge as this cat
pinch-hitting for Santa?

watch out! it is quite a bumpy ride!

We did enjoy our visit to Art In Island even when I had a hard time running after the little one in these slippery floors. By the end of our tour, he managed to find a playmate and had a wonderful time running around the museum with him.

Here are a few tips for mums who plan to go to Art In Island with the family:

  • The trick shots might be a lot harder to pull off with little children who simply refuse to stand or sit where they are supposed to, so the place, in my opinion, is more ideal for bigger children. If you have smaller kids, though, there is no need to stress yourself unnecessarily, just relax and let the little ones enjoy the experience, and pray that you will be able to snap a few decent shots!  :laugh:
  • Socks are required so make sure you either wear one or stash a pair in your bag when you visit.
  • Make sure to fully charge your camera before your visit so you can snap away to your heart’s content. Bringing a power bank is also highly advisable.
  • Food are not allowed inside but there is lovely resto towards the end of the museum where you can order some snacks and refreshments.

Our Mom And Kid’s Day Out did not end in Art In Island, though, as we were treated to a sumptuous lunch at Burgoo and movie time at the Gateway Platinum Cinema to see Inside Out seated in those oh-so-comfy Lazy boys afterwards.

All in all, we absolutely enjoyed our bonding time with the other mums and their children. Thank you Jolly Cow for having us and looking forward to joining your events in the future!

Jolly Cow in a nutshell

perfect to pair with my morning coffee

Jolly Cow is known for their creamy UHT Fresh Milk and Non-Fat Milk, sourced from the biggest dairy farm in Germany. One of the first brands developed by Fly Ace Corporation, the company ventured into building its own brands in 1997.

Jolly Cow products include Jolly Cow Fresh Milk and Jolly Cow Non-Fat Milk, both sold in 1L and 200ml tetra packs, and Jolly Cow Condensada.

For more information about Jolly Cow and its products, do visit the Jolly Cow Ph Facebook Page, facebook.com/jollycowPH.

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