The Little Man’s Field Trip To #KidZaniaManila + 3 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Visit

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the little man with his 50 KidZos

If you read my previous KidZania Manila post, I am sure you know exactly how excited I am to go there again, with the little man this time. We planned to visit on Jared’s birthday but I had second thoughts about reserving our tickets online as they cannot be refunded should we cancel in case of bad weather and since tickets sell like hot cakes, the Kidzania Manila management is discouraging walk-ins especially during weekends. In the end, I had to bring the little one to a play place that have also just opened here in our city and promised to bring him to Kidzania some other time. Meanwhile, he carefully scrutinized the map and planned on the activities he would do once he got there.

I guess the stars must’ve aligned for the little one to visit KidZania sooner as it was one of the places in their school field trip itinerary. It was Jared’s very first school field trip and this mums is way too excited, I woke up at 3am to prepare.

KidZania Manila is the first place to visit in the afternoon after we have taken our lunch at Rizal Park. Good thing traffic was not so bad at the time and we were in The Fort just a little after the scheduled time of arrival. It took a bit longer for us to get in but it was well worth the wait.

Jared, jared's nook, travel, announcement, tips + tricks, KidZania Manila, educational activities for children, play areas for children
mum’s RFID {Radio Frequency Identification} security bracelets

We went and checked in at the airport to have our RFID {Radio Frequency Identification} security bracelets. Before entering the premises, the kids were also issued with 50 KidZos each.

As usual, the place is packed with children raring to give each activity a go. It was a good thing that there was a very short queue when we lined up for the Aviation Academy. As I have previously known, mums and dads will not be allowed to accompany the children inside the activity areas, and while our little man trained to be a pilot, we excitedly waited for him outside, hoping to get some decent photos while he enjoys his first KidZania activity. 

There are two types of activities at KidZania Manila that the children can choose from ~ one where children will pay so they can learn something, and one where they will work to get paid.

Jared, jared's nook, travel, announcement, tips + tricks, KidZania Manila, educational activities for children, play areas for children
my little pit crew in training

Jared proceeded to the play area, afterwards, but was heartbroken to find out that only small children are allowed in there. He was particularly smitten with this place having seen photos of it from my previous visit. We told him to look for other activities he might enjoy and like.

Searching for his next activity was rather tricky as most of the areas we checked out was already queuing with little misses and misters eager to give each activity a go. We checked out the construction site, the hospital, the fire station, but each has quite long lines that we advised the little one to go look for a shorter queue. Lucky enough, there aren’t much people at the Honda Pit Crew Training. Jared absolutely loves Lightning McQueen so I was sure he will love to experience being a pit crew even for just a day. Before they went on to learn how to change tires of an awesome race car, they were given a briefing and were told to wear the pit crew garage uniform. Jared and his companion were able to change tires in less than a minute and was included in the Top 10 roster of the fastest pit crew for that day.

Jared, jared's nook, travel, announcement, tips + tricks, KidZania Manila, educational activities for children, play areas for children
he did not get to be a fireman that day but he cannot resist to give the fire hose a try

Just across the garage is the Honda Car Design And Dealership and the A1 Driving School, where children are to apply for their driver’s license before they can drive one of the cars at the Shell Gasoline Station next door. This activity is for 6 years old children and up. The little one lined up and waited a while longer to have his turn. They were to answer a series of questions in the computer to be able to pass the exams. Unfortunately, my little budding driver did not make the cut, I told him that he can try again in our next visit.

Since most activities are closed down at this time, we just toured around the place and checked out other parts of it that we have not seen yet. We also snapped a lot of photos since it is allowed in the establishment. We also went to have a couple of the little one’s photos printed as souvenirs.

We kind of fond our visit so bitin as there are loads of other things the little man would’ve enjoyed doing. That is why we are planning to go back so Jared can try the other activities he failed to do during our first visit.

Here are a few ways on how you can maximize your KidZania Manila Visit.

  1. Get a PaZZport for your kiddo ~ once your little one is a CitiZen, he can enjoy more benefits, as well as earn more and enjoy more activities. He will also get unique stamp in his PaZZport for each unique establishment he visits. You can apply online for a Pazzport at and go to the PaZZport Office during your KidZania Manila visit to claim your child’s PaZZport and pay the one-time registration fee of Php250. You can also apply for one during your visit.

    Jared, jared's nook, travel, announcement, tips + tricks, KidZania Manila, educational activities for children, play areas for children
    one of the photos we have printed that day ~ our little pilot!
  2. Have your photos printed for souvenirs ~ since you cannot accompany your child inside each establishment, chances are you won’t be getting enough decent photos to document the little one’s visit, so make sure to drop by the Pikz Station before leaving to have these awesome pictures printed. Each photo costs Php250 and comes with a Photo Code so you can also download a digital copy and share the photos to your family and friends in social media.

    Jared, jared's nook, travel, announcement, tips + tricks, KidZania Manila, educational activities for children, play areas for children
    although he needed a bit of prodding, the little man pretty much decided on which activities to do that day, including this
  3. Let the children pick their own activities ~ since this is a place where children do big things, give the kids free reign and let them choose which activities and establishments they would like to try. It will give them a certain amount of accomplishment to know they have finished different tasks and it will make them feel all “grown up” having to decide for themselves.

Make sure to come earlier than schedule so you can check in early and have ample time to try out more activities. Also, do not forget to bring your cameras {and have them fully charged, too!} so you can snaps many photos of your little ones. Wifi is free and fast inside so you can instantly share your awesome KidZania Manila experience to your family and friends through social media. In addition, be mindful of the Census Plaque for each establishment as they will give you the information about that particularly area, including the age requirement, duration of the activity, the number of children the activity can accommodate and whether the activity will require spending or earning KidZos. You can also refer to this infographic here to help you make the most out of your KidZania Manila visit. Jared, jared's nook, travel, announcement, tips + tricks, KidZania Manila, educational activities for children, play areas for children

This Christmas, KidZania Manila celebrates Paskong Kai Saya at KidZania and have lined up a number of Christmas-related activities that would let the children feel the vibe and the spirit of Filipino Christmas even more. Kids can learn how to make all-time Pinoy faves puto bumbong and bibingka courtesy of Via Mare, they can try to make their own paper lanterns at the Paper Parol-making Station, or they can share their blessings to under-privileged children of Bantay Bata by purchasing a star-shaped Paskong Kai Saya capiz Christmas ornament they can hand on their trees at home. Apart from this, families who visit until 15 January, 2016 can also go home with loot bags filled with special treats from participating Industry Partners such as Mercury Drug, Green Cross, Champion, Nestle, McDonald’s, Oishi, Universal Robina Corporation, Pioneer, Toy Kingdom, and Coca Cola

If our schedule will permit, I do hope we can come back to KidZania Manila very soon. If you plan to do the same, go to Kidzania Manila website to check their holiday schedules and to book your tickets. Kai and Zank you for reading up to this part!  😀

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  1. It’s a really fun place for kids. Feeling ko tayong mga adults yung napapagod with the waiting and the asikaso. Hahaha! But it’s all good. Kita naman sa mata ng kids how much they’re enjoying.

    I wish they had KidZania nung time ko. Hahahaha!!

    Love, Didi

    P.S. Open an account sa BPI so that you won’t lose your KidZos sa house!!

    1. Agree! I got tired with the long queues and the endless waiting, but my son has boundless enthusiasm and energy!

      Super agree, it would’ve been awesome to visit the place as a kid! 😀

      We were not able to stop by BPI on our visit there, but I will make sure to open an account for him there on our next visit. Thanks for the tip! 😉

  2. He is such a little cute and what a fun field trip that must have been for him! My boys would love to visit a place like that!

  3. How cool is that place for kids to visit!! My son is all about race cars, airplanes, etc so he would definitely enjoy this trip. Too bad there isn’t anything like this around where I live!

  4. Kidzania sounds like so much fun! I think I’d be just as excited to visit as my kids, lol! It looks like you guys had a blast and made some wonderful memories!

  5. I think my kids would love it here, I would like to take them here when we visit Manila for their first time.

  6. The boys will have their field tip on Thursday at Art in Island and an another museum (i forgot the name already). They aren’t that excited because we’ve been to Art in Island na. Just hope the school will think of KidZania Manila for next year’s field trip. Or better yet, why not bring my kids there myself (with 4-month old baby in tow).

  7. Looks like a fun trip for your little man! I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about KidZania, nakakaexcite tuloy to go there when my little girl is big enough na.

  8. This looks like so much fin and he definitely enjoyed it! My boys love doing homeschool field trips. It is a great way for them to do a little discovery outside of our classroom.

  9. Wow! This looks like such a great time for the whole family. I know my nephew would love this and I would like to take him before he is too big too get into some of the areas.

  10. Omg this place looks like loads of fun for little ones!!! My daughter would have the best time ever here!

  11. Wow, this looks so awesome! We really need one here in South Africa. My nephew would enjoy it too.

  12. I remember when I was a kiddie, I loved looking forward to going on field trips. They were so much fun. Wow, that place looks like a lot of fun…and educational too.

  13. my eldest will have their fieldtrip here this week. i can’t wait for her to enjoy Kidzania. thank you for your post, i read it just in time 🙂

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