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A Helpful Guide To Feeling Good + Being Healthy While Taking Care Of Children

If you’re a mom you’ll know how it is; between school runs, charging around after a toddler who’s into everything, and finding time to keep the house clean, cook meals, and make sure you’re dressed before leaving the house, there can be little time left to actually look after yourself. When was the last time you thought about you for a change? Put down that leftover cheese sandwich, step over that recently discarded diaper, and be prepared to look after number one – rather than someone else’s number twos.

Food as fuel

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While many of us moms will grab the kids’ leftovers instead of a proper lunch, think about the easiest meals to make in between chores, or turn to takeout as the easy option, none of the above really bode well for a healthy lifestyle. The idea of sourcing ingredients, cooking a healthy supper, and actually having time to finish a meal may seem like a luxury, but it can be relatively simple to alter your diet without sacrificing any more of your own time to the slave-driving kitchen.

First thing’s first; you, and your family, need a healthy diet. Think fresh fruit, vegetables, foods rich in protein and ‘good’ fats, dairy, and snacks that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Not only will these foods help you to keep in shape and lose weight, they will also act as rocket fuel to help you get through even the most challenging of days. Think not about the foods that are easiest to prepare, but those that will set you up for whatever life wants to throw at you.

For example, instead of tucking away chips, chocolate bars, and peanut butter sandwiches, choose vegetable sticks and dip, cereal pots, and pitta bread – and the same can be said for your lunches and evening meals too. Aim to cook in bulk so there is always a healthy meal in the freezer when you’re feeling too tired to bother in the kitchen, and experiment with quick, yet healthy recipes whenever you’re feeling creative. That way you’ll easily learn a few basic meals to serve up for your family, which will come in handy on your busiest days. Caffeine and alcohol should be kept to a minimum, but make sure that each and every one of you drinks plenty of water every day. Oh, and it’s important that you keep a treat cupboard for the days when you need a pick-me-up – simply fill it with healthy snacks, whole fruit, and yogurt-covered berries instead of candy.

Repairing mind, body, and soul

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Eating and drinking well is one thing, but what about fitness and exercise? Surely you haven’t got time to fit that in, right? Wrong! Completing a daily workout doesn’t need to mean heading to the gym as soon as your cherubs are in bed, or sacrificing your time to the treadmill, but is about changing your habits now; ensuring that you stay active will encourage your kids to follow suit. For example, could you go for a run before you begin the morning routine, nip to the pool or a class on your lunch break, or take the family dog for a long ramble as the tea cooks? Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’ve got the right equipment, and clothing, for the job, as you risk doing yourself more harm than good if you’re half-hearted. Compression clothing, including leggings and vests, can be a great way to regulate your temperature, support your body, and improve circulation as you move, and companies such as Tommie Copper produce fantastic workout clothes for women; just check out their product list if you don’t believe us.

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4 Ways To Jump-start Our Healthy Journey This Year

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My desire to lead a healthier life is not only fueled by my intention to live longer for my little man, but also by the fact that he looks up to me as his role model and would most probably imitate the way I lead my life on a daily basis. That is why each year I make an intention to choose healthier alternatives and live a healthier life in the hopes that my little man will be inspired to do the same and carry this throughout his adult life. Of course, I would also love for Jared’s dad to be inspired to be on his toes and stay in good shape and be healthier.

I must admit, opting to live healthier is rather tricky especially when it is easier to succumb to fixing myself a cup of coffee in the morning instead of sitting down to have a proper meal. It is also never easy to choose between a considerable amount of zzzz over pressing work deadlines. That is why I am making a conscious effort to lead a healthier life this year, not only for myself but more so for my family.

Here are a few ways on how I plan to jump-start our healthy journey this year:

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Retrying The 52-Week Money Challenge

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One of our main goals for 2016 is to save up so we can finally have enough for a house down payment. Yes, it may be a hefty amount to save up for, but with constant discipline plus frugal-living, not to mention a sufficient amount of prayers, am sure we can realize this goal within this year, or at least start with something substantial as the year ends.

One of the most effective methods for me to save is joining my sister’s cooperative/paluwagan at work. I have been doing it for several years now and it is really effective. I pay Php500 every 15th and 30th of the month, and by the end of the year, I managed to save up Php11,500 plus the interest my money earned over the course of the year. For 2014, my money earned Php800+ and there is no way it will earn that much if I kept it in the bank. The money I get towards the end of the year is spent on gifts for the family, some of my wants that aren’t too expensive, while I deposit half of it to the little man’s bank account. The money I saved up last year will go to the little man’s 7th birthday fund later this year. This year, the amount I will save will all go to our savings for our future dream house!

In order to save more, I am eyeing to do another round of the 52-Week Money Challenge. I have tried doing this 3 years ago, but I only managed to keep up until half of the year. Hopefully, I can follow through and finish the challenge this time around. I printed a copy of the spreadsheet using Mommy Levy’s 10-Peso Excel File, since I thought it was the most reasonable amount for me to save. Mommy Levy shared 2 more denominations for those who want to save more. I printed 2 copies of this table so Jared’s dad can do the challenge with me. I put my copy on my tin box where I plan to stash the money until it is big enough to be deposited to the bank. If I finish this, I will be able to save Php13,780 towards the end of 2016! I sure hope I can follow through and finish this challenge until the 52nd week! :yes:

If you plan to save up this year, you may want to try the 52-Week Money Challenge, too. And if you want to share other methods of saving, I would love to hear all about it!

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4 Reasons Why The HP DeskJet 3635 Ink Advantage All-in-One Printer Is The Most Ideal For Your Home

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I have always believed that a printer is not much of a necessity at home. I can always have documents and files printed at the computer shop here in our neighborhood and go online to have precious photos printed, anyway.  I thought the amount I have to shell out to get my own printer will not be well worth it if I cannot maximize its use and only print stuff occasionally. Well, that has changed when the little man started going to school.

Can you believe the number of images preschoolers need for their homework? Most times, the images they require cannot even be found on magazines or old workbooks that there is no other choice but to search from the net and print them. You also get more good-quality images that way and saves busy mums a considerable amount of time. This is where your very own printer at home will come handy and I am rather relieved that we managed to get our very own unit just in the nick of time. Indeed, a good and reliable printer will prove to be a very worthy investment for mums with school-aged kids.

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About a week ago, I was sent an HP DeskJet 3635 Ink Advantage All-in-One Printer for review. Our printer is also an All-In-One HP Printer, so I am excited to give this one a go and see if it also has the same top notch quality as our trusty printer.

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My One Word For 2016

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I first read about One Word last year when I chanced upon it on a fellow mum blogger’s site. It was too late then to choose for my 2015 word, but if I had chosen one, it would no doubt be grateful as I have practiced to be more grateful and was mindful to be thankful for each and every blessing that I received last year.

It took awhile for me to choose my One Word for this year as I have been having difficulty choosing between a couple of my options, including connect, create, and blessed. In the end, something led me to one word that I hope would best describe 2016 for me ~ flourish. It was rather apt as I intend to flourish in different aspects of my life. I would like to flourish as a mum, as a wife and a life partner, a homemaker, as a sister, as a blogger, and as a budding gardening enthusiast {and I hope for my plants to flourish as well} I would also love to flourish in my relationships with significant people in my life, as well as flourish in my creative pursuits for this year.

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According to Google, flourish means a number of things, including:

  • to grow luxuriantly, or thrive in growth, as a plant
  • to grow well; to be healthy
  • to be very successful
  • to do very well
  • a bold or extravagant gesture or action {which I thought was perfect to describe calligraphy and hand-lettering which I plan to learn this year, too!}

So, yes, I am claiming this to be my One Word for 2016 with a prayer that my life, as well as the lives of the people I touch as I journey on, flourish as much as mine.

What is your One Word for this year and what are your reasons for choosing it?

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5 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Isn’t 2016 zooming by ever too quickly? It seems only yesterday when I stashed away the Christmas tree and all its accoutrements and a few weeks from now we are celebrating the sweetest and romantic season of all.

Valentine’s Day is indeed almost right around the corner and if you have not decided on what sort of gifts to give your beloved, here are a couple of expressive Valentine’s Day gift ideas that I am sure any recipient would love and appreciate.

  1. A Bouquet of Fresh FlowersNothing beats a bunch of lovely fresh flowers to warm anyone’s heart on Valentine’s Day. A beautiful arrangement complete with the recipient’s favorite blooms in her favorite colors will surely make her extra special on the Day of Hearts. Whether you decide to order flowers online or handpick them yourself in the nearby flower shop, I am betting it will be much appreciated. You can even get creative by opting for flowers in lovely pots, vases, or other equally eye-appealing vessels and if you happen to live in Australia, Flowers For Everyone offers beautiful bouquet of flowers. :rose:
  2. Beautiful Calligraphy Love Letter ~ You can never go wrong with a well thought-out calligraphy love note, anyone can easily fall in love with it! You may choose to have a love letter especially written in calligraphy for your special someone or you can up the ante by having her favorite quote or song written in those flourishing strokes and have it framed. It will look great on your wall and it will definitely score you loads of “Husband of the Year” points!

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  3. A Dinner Complete With Your Special Home-Cooked Dish ~ If you are not much of a cook, then it is about time to let out your inner chef and cook up a storm for your loved one. Since most of the restaurants and malls will be packed with couples celebrating Valentine’s anyway, you are most likely to save you and your partner all the trouble if you stay at home and enjoy a quiet and stress-free candlelit dinner for two. Throw in a nice bottle of wine to pair with your sumptuous meal and do not forget that delectable dessert to end your dinner on a good note. If you have the perfect spot, you can set-up your special dinner outside and enjoy your date al fresco.  :plate:  :drink:
  4. A Surprise Out-Of-Town Trip ~ If long drives and trips have been far and few since you had children, Valentine’s is but the perfect excuse to put the in-laws or the aunts in-charge of the kids for a change and whisk your better half off to a romantic out-of-town surprise trip. A new destination will be perfect or you can always be extra romantic by bringing her to your favorite place, where you both used to go during weekends before you became busy parents. A romantic familiar view will surely rekindle the love and the passion you both have in the beginning of your relationship, while going out on a new adventure together will surely make your bond as lifetime partners even stronger. :car:
  5. A Relaxing Spa At Home ~ He is always tired from the long drive to and from work, the Day of Hearts would be a great excuse to set up a special spa treatment for him at home. You can prepare him a relaxing foot spa and massage to give his tired feet the rest and pampering they deserve. You can follow this with a soothing back rub to melt his stress away. Use aromatherapy candles and soft music for a complete relaxing experience.

Of course, expressing our love for the ones we love needs no special reason or occasion. Any day is as good as any to treat him extra special or cook him his favorite meal. Any day is also perfect for that special back rub or foot massage. After all, taking care of our loved ones is but one of the most perfect ways to show them how much we love and appreciate them.

What do you plan to surprise your husband with this Valentine’s mums? Share your sweetest ideas in a comment below.  :heart:

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