4 Ways To Jump-start Our Healthy Journey This Year

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My desire to lead a healthier life is not only fueled by my intention to live longer for my little man, but also by the fact that he looks up to me as his role model and would most probably imitate the way I lead my life on a daily basis. That is why each year I make an intention to choose healthier alternatives and live a healthier life in the hopes that my little man will be inspired to do the same and carry this throughout his adult life. Of course, I would also love for Jared’s dad to be inspired to be on his toes and stay in good shape and be healthier.

I must admit, opting to live healthier is rather tricky especially when it is easier to succumb to fixing myself a cup of coffee in the morning instead of sitting down to have a proper meal. It is also never easy to choose between a considerable amount of zzzz over pressing work deadlines. That is why I am making a conscious effort to lead a healthier life this year, not only for myself but more so for my family.

Here are a few ways on how I plan to jump-start our healthy journey this year:

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  1. Be On Our Feet ~ we are a bunch of introverts that is why staying at home, lazying on the couch in front of the telly is one of our favorite things to do. But sitting around and living a half-sedentary life is as detrimental to our health as much as unhealthy eating and unhealthy habits, that is why I am making a conscious effort for us to be more on our feet this year and move more in order to be healthy. It can be as simple as stretching while doing house chores or walking or running up and down the stairs in the morning after dropping the little man to school. And since we bought the little one a bigger bike as a Christmas present, we are also including biking in our daily routine. Jared still has a long way before bidding goodbye to his training tyres but he is loving every minute he spends with his bike and is now looking forward to biking in the afternoon. We are also planning to get a bike for the grown ups so the little one’s afternoon biking will be more fun and enjoyable.
  2. Prepare Healthy Meals ~ a penchant for meat and being a picky eater spells a huge problem for this mum who is not as adept in the kitchen and can only prepare limited dishes. Because my little one only eats a limited number of dishes, I plan to learn to prepare more healthy recipes this year. I also noticed that Jared is now more adventurous to taste new food so I will make the most of it by serving him fruits and vegetables that he has not tried before. Steering away from fast food and serving fresh fruits and veggies as snacks are not only great ways to encourage the little one to eat healthier, they are also practical ways to save up.
  3. Spend More Time Outdoors ~ getting enough sunshine and more fresh air is not only healthy but is also good at quelling bad moods, so we really intend to spend more time outdoors this year. Apart from jogging, our plan to do more biking goes well with our plan to spend more time in wide open spaces. We have just recently discovered this lovely patch of green fields during one of our biking session and we plan to drop by every time we go out in the afternoon. Communing with nature is not only a worthwhile way of passing time it is also ideal to shoo the stress away. women health, health,health and wellness, tips and tricks
  4. Take Vitamins ~ I am not too fond of vitamins and the little man shares my sentiment, but sometimes proper diet and exercise is not enough to keep us healthy. With  the unbelievable amount of viruses and bacteria lurking around, we also need a reliable vitamin or supplement to boost our immune system and provide the body with the essential nutrients and minerals it needs to fight off diseases. My go-to vitamins is Conzace because I love that it is a multivitamin that has a number of essentials that I needed to keep a healthy body. It is complete with Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as Zinc that give the body stronger immunity against diseases and infections.

Do you also plan to live healthier this year? How do you intend to go about it?

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  1. I’ve been on my personal healthy journey too. I walk from my house to my office to at least add some exercise everyday. Being at the office and most of the time sitting made me chubby. Hahaha! Would add up some of the tips you have here. Thanks!

    1. I know, sitting is also the culprit for my unsightly mid-section! I try to walk as much as I can these days, too. I do it regularly before fetching my little one to and from school.

  2. Yeah, I agree with you. As mum, we should be a role model for health and fitness of our children. Or else they will inherit our bad health habits. I also take Conzace, it really helps a lot for me to stay active whole day.

  3. I love to see people taking a stand and choosing to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Jut like a recent post on my blog, you don’t need to have all the things in the world to live a simple life. Great post!

  4. Sometimes, we take for granted those vitamins that can help us in everyday especially in times of stressful deadlines. On the part of having healthy meals, I’m guilty because I don’t know how to cook 🙁

  5. This post is on point! I think the best way to be healthy is to really go exercise, eat well and take vitamins. We’re all not getting younger so it’s very important to stay healthy. Good luck with this year and I hope you stay healthy and happy. 🙂

  6. #2!!!!! I hope to learn to prepare healthy meals – especially those that can be prepared easily and with little time since I’m a busy person. We should really pay good attention in having a healthy lifestyle. Love this post 🙂

    1. Thank you. Preparing healthy meal should really be our goal, especially for mums with little kids. It is a good thing that there are a lot of recipes online now that we can try at home 🙂

  7. What a very useful set of tips to make our new year more fulfilling. Health should always be our top most priority above anything else and I can testify that myself. I devoted myself to work without thinking of my health and now that I got ill, that’s the time I realized that there are many things in life that are more important than any material possessions and one of them is our health. It’s good to see that you are exposing your kid to a healthy lifestyle so he can adopt such habit as he grows up!

    1. It is true, health is but a few of the precious things we ought to value in this life. Yes, I would like to be a good example to my little one and I do hope he carries the healthy habits in his later life. Take it easy now and remember to give yourself enough time to rest and be healthy, ayt?

  8. I liked how you incorporate the brand in your post, very subtle. As a family, the hardest part is #2 bec. of time constraint, and healthy foods are either inaccessible or pricey.

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