A Gastronomic Adventure At VanEATy Restocafe

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Am I the only one having trouble shaking off the holiday mood? If I could, I’d prefer to have the holiday schedule all-year round so I can squeeze in as much zzzzz in the morning and tackle all my chores {yes, including doing the laundry and scrubbing the bathroom floors} late at night, I guess I am weird like that! It is something that absolutely works for me and I am really having trouble sticking to the daily early-morning routine. Yup, nocturnal woes. But I do try my best so the little man can come to school on time! 🙂

Anyways, it is not only the holiday schedule I am having trouble getting rid of. I am also having a hard time trying not to talk about my VanEATy Restocafe experience and is wondering when I will have the excuse to go back and soon! My visit a few weeks back was one awesome experience and I would really love to do it again! Do read on to know what transpired that day and for details about this new lovely foodie haven in the city.

It is not everyday that this mum gets to take a day’s off and be with like-minded people and have one gastronomic adventure  in one of the yummiest places in my city! Yes, I was as surprised when I found out that such a place exists and it is just a tricycle-ride away from our place. I wonder where I’ve been hiding these past few months that I was not able to get wind of this budding beautiful place in my community.

food, reviews, other reviews, Malolos City, mum finds

food, reviews, other reviews, Malolos City, mum finds

VanEATy Restocafe opened July of last year and is located at the PTT Gasoline Station grounds along McArthur Hi-Way in San Pablo, Malolos, which I happen to pass by each and every morning on my way to and from the little man’s school. It was named as such because the place was made from upcycled container vans and was turned into a Pinterest-worthy haven for foodies and anyone who loves all things pretty! The play-on-word was also inspired by its lady owners.

food, reviews, other reviews, Malolos City, mum finds

Everything is pretty in this place. There are lovely words of inspiration drawn or framed in the walls, there are a number of eye-catching and fancy decor here and there. I particularly love this nook just by the counter where they have an assortment of many cute and artsy-fartsy stuff. Oh, and this bookshelf just across, too! They even provide coloring sheets and materials for the little ones to get their small hands busy while waiting for their food to arrive.

food, reviews, other reviews, Malolos City, mum finds

food, reviews, other reviews, Malolos City, mum finds

food, reviews, other reviews, Malolos City, mum finds

Wooden crates are up-cycled into panels that made up the walls outside, where more chairs and tables are found. This is also where they hold the Brunch Buffet during weekends, when they serve more sumptuous meals. Open mics and acoustic nights are also held here during weekends, thus the mini stage set up. For those who want to dine al fresco, they can opt to occupy one of the tables found on the second floor. I thought it would be a pleasant experience to dine there one starry, moonlit night.

food, reviews, other reviews, Malolos City, mum finds
T-bone Steak with Mushroom Sauce {Php248}

food, reviews, other reviews, Malolos City, mum finds
Torres’ Baked Tahong {Php168}
food, reviews, other reviews, Malolos City, mum finds
Creamy Shrimp Gambas Pasta {Php148}
food, reviews, other reviews, Malolos City, mum finds
Macho Nacho Basket {Php168}

But more than the lovely interior, it was the delicious food they serve that will keep you coming back to VanEATy. We were served a number of dishes during our visit, one delectable and mouth-watering dish after another. It was a very difficult decision to choose just a few favorites, but mine has to be the Margherita Pizza and Shrimp Gambas Pasta. I also love the Torres’ Baked Tahong, Macho Nacho Basket, Baconeaty Pizza, as well as the T-bone steak with mushroom sauce. Okay, I give up, I love ’em all! 😀

For their gastronomic taste, it is surprising that VanEATy dishes are affordably-priced. They also offer Groufie Meals for groups of 3-4, 6-8, and 8-10 people, which are perfect to share with your family and friends.

food, reviews, other reviews, Malolos City, mum finds

food, reviews, other reviews, Malolos City, mum finds
a feast for the sweet tooth ~ Choco Chips, Green Tea, and Blueberry Cheesecakes!

We had an aromatic pour-over coffee, along with these sweet treats, to cap our beautiful late afternoon meal. I love that the desserts were not too sweet, just enough making them even more delightful to eat. While dining, owners Ms. Mildred Postigo and Ms. Bang Santos were there to answer as many questions as we have about their very charming restaurant. The staff were also friendly, attentive, and ready to serve with a smile, making our VanEATy experience even more superb!

All in all, I love the ambiance, the pleasing staff, and the sumptuous food, that I give VanEATy Restocafe :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: I would love to go back soon and tag my boys along! Thank you to the gracious owners for having us and for mum Jennie of Raising Hunter for organizing such a lovely meet-up for #BulacanBloggers, looking forward to more fun events in the future! Thanks, too, to my fellow mums Kaye, Phoebe, and Gretchen for such a lovely afternoon. I will share about our Kukoco Nail Bar Sparty on my next post.

VanEATy Restocafe
PTT Station
San Pablo, Malolos City
{Beside Ford Malolos}
For inquiries or event reservation, you may call {044} 794.9858 or 0933.112.4752
VanEATy Restocafe Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/VanEATyRestoCafe

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  1. It’s nice to discover places like these. I recently discovered a cafe right next door and love stopping by. Would love to try the T-Bone Steak with Mushroom Sauce. I’m trying to get past the holiday mood too!

    1. Yup, they are such a gem! I hope more people will be inspired to visit and better, put up their own small quaint place like this!

      I guess, I might need a few more days to shake off the Christmas mood! 😛

  2. I’m such a sucker for quaint restaurants; they are not only Pinterest-worthy, they also look totally relaxing. Doesn’t hurt that the food looks amazing!

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