Meet Richelle Ann: A Young Inquirer from APEC Schools

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Finally, there’s a school that offers a subject dedicated solely to teaching kids to become critical thinkers, values-driven inquirers, and effective problem solvers.Say hello to Ayala-led APEC Schools.

Aside from the important academic subjects usually taught in class, APEC Schools makes sure that its students know more than just compute, comprehend, and memorize important info and concepts relevant to mathematics, history, the sciences, and grammar.

Meet Richelle Ann. Through a scholarship, she currently enjoys the perks of an Ayala education. She attests to the effectiveness of their subjectaptly called Life Labs in honing one’s problem-solving skills. “Dito, tinuturuan kami kung paano magkaroon ng malalim na pagiisip…paano masolusyunan ang isang problema na para sayo parang napakahirap pero pag ginawa mo na pala, napakadali,” she explained.

Life Labs isa problem-based subject that provides students opportunities to examine real-life situations and issues and formulate their own solutions to address these pressing concerns. With Life Labs, students are also taught to use their research/probing skills as well as exercise their creativity to address issues such as road safety, financial, health, and media literacy among others.

Watch Ann and her schoolmate Ella as they further help appreciate Life Labs even more.

Mum’s two cents

Life Labs is something new to me, but in this day and age, I thought it is a must for every student. It is about time we re-think the old and beaten processes and procedures of local education and teach the children in class about concepts that actually matters and important life skills that are relevant today.

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How To Take Care Of Your Eyes

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Eyesight is one of the most important aspects of your overall well-being, and most people can’t even imagine life without it. Taking the health of your eyes for granted is something that should never happen. Make sure that you’re doing all that you can to protect yourself from potential harm by following these helpful tips:

Make Dietary Changes

Did you know that what’s on your plate can affect what’s in your field of vision? By eating foods rich in nutrients that are great for eyesight, such as omega 3 fatty acids, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E and lutein, you can ward off vision problems that tend to plague us as we slowly creep toward old age, or for some sooner than the others. Remember to consume plenty of leafy greens, oily fish, proteins and citrus juices, which all help to keep cataracts and macular degeneration at bay.

Don’t Smoke

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A Gastronomic Adventure At VanEATy Restocafe

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Am I the only one having trouble shaking off the holiday mood? If I could, I’d prefer to have the holiday schedule all-year round so I can squeeze in as much zzzzz in the morning and tackle all my chores {yes, including doing the laundry and scrubbing the bathroom floors} late at night, I guess I am weird like that! It is something that absolutely works for me and I am really having trouble sticking to the daily early-morning routine. Yup, nocturnal woes. But I do try my best so the little man can come to school on time! 🙂

Anyways, it is not only the holiday schedule I am having trouble getting rid of. I am also having a hard time trying not to talk about my VanEATy Restocafe experience and is wondering when I will have the excuse to go back and soon! My visit a few weeks back was one awesome experience and I would really love to do it again! Do read on to know what transpired that day and for details about this new lovely foodie haven in the city.

It is not everyday that this mum gets to take a day’s off and be with like-minded people and have one gastronomic adventure  in one of the yummiest places in my city! Yes, I was as surprised when I found out that such a place exists and it is just a tricycle-ride away from our place. I wonder where I’ve been hiding these past few months that I was not able to get wind of this budding beautiful place in my community.

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