Thank You For All The Blessings 2015 + Welcome 2016!

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While everyone else is excitedly going about their Christmas and New Year celebrations, I was happily back home to relish and make the most of the brief holidays and truly take a break before going back to my daily regular schedule, hence, the zero post on Christmas and New Year’s Day. I did manage to squeeze in a post at Jared’s Little Corner before we unplugged for the New Year’s, though.

I was away from Wi-Fi and my laptop for a few days during Christmastime, a dear friend was actually thinking I’ve already forgotten her {which is never gonna happen, by the way!}. I enjoyed every bit of my break, though. I miss home and I love that it reminds me so much of my Mama and my Papa at every turn and every corner. Although much has changed, and the house is even way older now, I love how things still remain the same and how it remains to be the same old house I grew up in. It was and will always be my refuge, a place where I find solace, and if I could have my way, I would love to have the house renovated so we can live there. It was the cradle of my dreams and aspirations and it will be such a privilege to raise my son in the same place where my parents raised me. Even the little one enjoyed our stay and would love to go back there as soon as we can!

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