The Day We Rode The Rainbow Book Review + A Giveaway

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I was sent a copy of the book The Day We Rode The Rainbow by Jody F. Mays to review a few months back. Books are my absolute loves and I will not pass on the chance to share with you another children’s book that you and your children might find interesting.

The Day We Rode The Rainbow in a nutshell

This colorful, whimsical book is a story about 2 butterflies and their friends. It is an interactive book that tackles friendship as well as respecting each other’s differences. It teaches children about being friends with anyone, even those who are different.

Here is the synopsis at the back of the book:

Step into this beautifully illustrated story, introducing a world of imagination and immerse yourself into a day of play with a group of butterfly friends ~ and one who was different. Experience a small world come alive through rich, happy colors and whimsical drawings. Enjoy an interactive, fun story about finding friendship, self-acceptance, and tolerance while the friends strive to “ride the rainbow” and learn new things about themselves. Come and let this magical group of butterfly buddies entertain your while they explore their small world with you ~ and attempt to fulfill their dreams. 

Here are a few sample pages from the book: 

books, book review, books for children, children's books, giveaway alert, giveaways

books, book review, books for children, children's books, giveaway alert, giveaways

Why You’d Love The Book

books, book review, books for children, children's books, giveaway alert, giveaways

Mum and kiddos alike will love this book of adventure. Children will particularly love the endearing and colorful characters. Here are a few reasons why you’d consider grabbing a copy for your little one:

  • It has all the element of a good book, a lovely plot, interesting characters, as well as a feel-and-touch element that the children will absolutely enjoy
  • It is approved by educators and child psychologists to be an entertaining way to introduce tolerance, kindness, self-acceptance, and social skills to young readers without them even noticing
  • Living up to its touch-and-feel feature, the book includes stickers the little ones can use to make their experience of the book even more enjoyable books, book review, books for children, children's books, giveaway alert, giveaways
  • The “Color Me” part towards the end that would allow children to visualize one of the story’s characters
  • A portion of the proceeds of the book go towards F-U-N {Forster Understanding Now}, a program for children promoting tolerance and self-acceptance

If you want to purchase your own copy, or for more information about the book, visit their website at

 :yes: :yes: :yes: to this very colorful book and I am betting your children will also enjoy this read. The little man offered to give his copy to one of his classmates who recently celebrated her birthday in school. The author was also generous enough to send us an extra copy so we can give it to a lucky reader.

Win Your Own Copy

books, book review, books for children, children's books, giveaway alert, giveaways

Since it is International Book Giving Day on 14 February, I thought it will be the perfect time for a book giveaway right here on the blog!

To win your own copy of The Day We Rode The Rainbow, simply answer the following question:

To whom will you give your copy of The Day We Rode The Rainbow and why? 

Answer this question with a comment on this post and include your email address where we can contact you in case you win. You may also share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to earn extra points! This giveaway will run until the end of the month and is open for Philippine residents only. We shall pick the lucky winner using by 1st week of March. The winner will be notified through email and will be given 24 hours to reply with their shipping details until a new winner will be drawn.

Disclaimer: Mumwrites is provided copies of the book for review and giveaway. All opinions and views stated here are 100% my own. This giveaway is not in anyway related to Facebook and similar entities and I shall be responsible for shipping the prize to the winner. 

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  1. Lovely ! Finally I found a book that I can gift my niece so that she can read and enjoy her takes before bed everyday. Is it available online ?

  2. No child here, but I wouldn’t mind reading that book for myself. I love children’s books, they are colorful, fun, and of course, the story always ends with a lesson.

    If I win a copy of The Day We Rode the Rainbow I am going to give it to my niece who also happens to by godchild, simply because she loves to read and I know this is one gift she would love.

  3. I love the fact that children books are becoming more interactive nowadays.. the stickers and sometimes they come up with audio and mini toys.. i think it’s a great way to encourage kids to read than spending their time with their gadgets

    1. It is true children’s book writers ought to be more creative nowadays so they can compete with interactive games on hand-held gadgets that are oh-so appealing to children.

  4. Oh this is too perfect!! I’ve been looking for an inspiration for a children’s book that I’m writing! this is the perfect timing !!!

  5. I love how visually appealing this book is!! i would love to add this on to my future to read books to my future kids.xo

  6. Just curious, are books like this still attractive to kids? I mean I saw kids going after the gadgets of their parents and siblings. I’m not against books, in fact it’s a great way to teach kids and bond with their parents. Just want to know since my kiddos are already teenagers, and those in my circle are not into it.

    1. If children where raised at a young age to read and enjoy books, then I am sure this book will still be attractive to them. I have a 6-year old and he enjoys reading books as much as he loves his gadget.

  7. This is so nice! I love books too. I have actually kept my books for my son when he grows up. I’m hoping to instill the same love for reading that I had as a child (until now). I even kept my children’s encyclopedia. 🙂 hope we win this. My son would love it!

    1. Exactly my goal for my little man! Exposing them to different kinds of books help a lot, so am sure your soon will grow up to be just another bookworm!

      Thanks for joining + good luck! ^_^

  8. I will give it to my daughter, Alyssa Ashley because she loves to read story books and she tells the story to her classmates, teachers and friends. I am very happy that she shares whatever story I had read to her to others. And I believe that this book “The Day We Rode A Rainbow” she will be sharing the story with her classmates and she will take them on a creative adventure.

  9. If lucky, I’ll give the book to my 2 daughters. My eldest is 7 and she already loves reading and the book will be a nice addition to her growing collection. This will also bond them since she’ll be sharing this with her sister who we are slowly introducing to books 🙂

  10. I would give my copy of “The Day We Rode The Rainbow” to my five year old granddaughter. She loves being read to and has now begun to read on her own. We’ve recently started reading age appropriate chapter books and she is thoroughly enjoying them. I’m hoping to instill the love of reading that her Papa & Memaw both enjoy!

    1. That’s lovely! Thank you for your comment. This giveaway is already closed, I am cooking another giveaway here on the blog this month, I sure hope you can join 🙂

  11. I do love reading books even when I was a kid. Up to now, I love collecting books that I think I must have another bookshelf. Whenever I buy a book that I love, I would also buy one for my niece. I want her to develop the love of reading. It is really helpful that the kids grow up loving books.

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