Join The 1st TropicalSwells SurfCamp!

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Summer is finally here and if you’ve ran out of exciting and fun activities for the little ones to try this year, then you are in the right place as I share all about surfing and TropicalSwells! Surfing is something I absolutely want for the little man and myself to try {now I really have to work on my swimming skills!}, so I truly find it exciting that someone is now offering a surf camp up north. Read on to know more about them and be ready for an awesome summer experience with your family!

Surf’s Up with TropicalSwells

TropicalSwells, a Philippine surf school that offers a fun and safe surf experience for beginners, avid enthusiasts and all interested members of your family, is holding an intensive SurfCamp that starts at a wave pool in Subic and graduates you on the open. The intensive SurfCamp will be a 3-days, 2-nights surf trip on April 29, 2016 to May 1, 2016, teaching you the basics of surfing while arming you with courage and confidence, allowing you to experience being and feeling stoked, and preparing you for surfing ocean waves. At the end of the intensive SurfCamp, each participant will receive a certification of completion from TropicalSwells.

The 1st TropicalSwells SurfCamp will accommodate 15 registrants. The package costs PhP 12,000.00 per participant, and this includes six surf sessions (with the use of surf boards, rashguards and other surf equipment required for each surf session), transportation, accommodation and food. All you need to bring is yourself and your backpack of clothes! Interested participants as young as 4 years old can register for the intensive SurfCamp via

announcement, summer, summer activities for children, best things to do this summer, sports, pr

For those who would like to try out surfing first, we recommend joining TropicalSwells’ IntroSurf. It’s a day-trip on April 24, 2016 that costs only PhP 3,000.00 per person. The IntroSurf package includes 1 surf session (with the use of surf boards, rashguards and other surf equipment required for each surf session), transportation, resort entrance and use of specified resort facilities. We are accommodating only 15 registrants for April 2016’s IntroSurf. Interested participants as young as 4 years old can register for the IntroSurf via

TropicalSwells holds private surf trips for groups of 15 members for both IntroSurf and SurfCamp as well. For inquiries, please email

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Thankful Thursday: Rest, Inspiration, + Summer

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I cannot believe how quickly the month of March zoomed by. I was just on a hiatus of some sort for the past weeks, following the little one’s final exams and commencement day and we are now welcoming a new month. The Holy Week was also a great time to stay away from blogging and spent some precious time with the little one and his dad. Yeah, after this break, I am knee-deep in backlogs and the items on my “things-to-do” keeps piling up. But I am not complaining, busy is good, after all. Plus, I can sleep in for as long as I can now that we do not have to beat a 7.30am school bell. It also means mum has enough time in the evening to work on pending blog posts, as well as a gazillion of other things that I love doing! Yes, exciting days up ahead, and loads of opportunity to make this summer an unforgettable one.

For Thankful Thursday, here are my list of gratefuls for the past weeks:

  • the little one’s commencement day, I cannot believe I now have a Kindergarten graduate and we’re starting grade school next school year. And, yes, the medals are just icing on the cake, although the bookworm mum was really so stoked about the Best In Reading award! :laugh: We are proud mum and dad for our little eager learner!
  • churros!
  • Gotochi and other postcards in the mail!
  • more surprises in the post
  • rest, especially when we need it the most
  • precious time with my boys! :heart:
  • the little one learning how to bike without the balancers and his dad’s patience to teach him
  • biking! It has been ages since I last rode one and I did not realize how much I missed it until I was biking again! I should really get my own bike soon!
  • unlimited free films at home
  • yummy fruits in season
  • loads of tomato sprouts in my tiny garden
  • my beautiful moss rose is finally in bloom!  :rose:
  • a new collaboration with an upcoming products for babies and kids {do stay tuned as we shall also be hosting a giveaway for them in May}
  • more opportunities for the blogs
  • loads of sunshine to air dry my mountain of laundry
  • catching up on the X-Files 10th season episodes and I cannot wait to download the rest!
  • more time for reading!

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Presenting The Finalist For The 10th Century Tuna Superbods Search

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The Valkyrie Nightclub in BGC was filled with excitement, anticipation, and exhilarating energy as Century Tuna recently presented its lineup of finalists for the much-awaited Century Tuna Superbods Nation 2016, the biggest, hottest and most fabulous summer event in the country brought to you by the country’s number 1 tuna.

From hundreds of fit, sexy, and pumped up men and women who joined the go-sees all over the country, 24 finalists were chosen in a series of intense screenings and callbacks. This year’s batch of hopefuls all showed amazing potential that the competition presented 12 local pairs of finalists, instead of the initially planned nine.

“We are very proud and excited by this year’s batch of Superbods finalists. They are all brimming with potential not just in terms of physical fitness but in terms of personality, talent and achievement. The judges will really have a tough time in choosing this year’s winners,” remarks Greg Banzon, Century Pacific Foods General Manager. ”Furthermore, it’s heartening to see that the Superbods competition, after ten years, continues to inspire these young men and women to stay healthy and in shape through proper exercise and healthy diet.”

Since its inception in 2006, Century Tuna Superbods search has indeed gone bigger, better, and bolder. For its 10th year, this is the first time the brand widened the competition, drawing numerous candidates from all over the country and the United States.

After the rigorous screening sessions, with the hopefuls strutting their stuff on the catwalk and putting their best bodies—and personalities—forward, these fine men and women were declared as finalists:

fitness, events, announcement, health and wellness
image from mum blogger friend, Lhyzie, who blogs at

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