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Being able to drive is not obligatory once you have kids, but it sure makes life a lot easier. Mums have numerous responsibilities and being able to multi task helps. Once upon a time, everything we needed was local to us: the doctor, shops, schools, and friends and family. Communities were small and we didn’t need to be able to drive. If we had to travel anywhere further away, there were buses or trains. Today, it is a very different world out there. Communities are far more fragmented and family is likely to be living hundreds of miles away rather than in the adjacent street. So if you have never learned to drive, here are five reasons why you should look at taking some lessons.


A sick child is a mum’s worst nightmare. It is bad enough dealing with your own illness, but when your child is sick, the stress is tenfold. It isn’t much fun taking a sick child to the doctor on public transport, especially if the doctor’s surgery is miles away. Buses are not always regular and if you have more than one child to deal with, the whole exercise will soon turn into a nightmare. It is even more serious if your child takes a sudden turn for the worse. You could call the emergency services, but it is often quicker to go straight to A&E. In this instance, being able to drive could be a lifesaver.

Shopping Trips

Imagine you have spent all afternoon shopping with the kids. You picked up the groceries and managed the long journey home without incident. The trouble is, after unpacking the shopping, you realise you have forgotten something important. If you can drive, it isn’t a problem because you can pop back out. Not being able to drive makes it a lot harder.

motherhood, mum's thoughts, tips and tricks
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Fun Days Out

It is so much easier planning days out when you can drive. With a car, you can pack everything you need, including a spare change of clothes, food, and drinks. You can set off whenever it suits and come home when you have had enough. Using public transport is a lot more restrictive, plus you may not be able to reach out of the way places very easily.

Public Transport is a Pain

Let’s be honest here: trains and buses are a major pain when you have toddlers and babies. Neither are very child friendly and asking a bus driver to help you with a pram is unlikely to elicit a favourable response. It is so much easier being able to drive!

The School Run

In an ideal world, your child’s school would be within walking distance, but with school places heavily oversubscribed in many areas, you will probably have to travel a fair distance to your child’s school. Driving there is not great, but at least it’s quicker than catching a bus or walking three miles.

Learning to drive is an important skill, so make sure your child practices hard and makes use of sites like Top Tests today, and start the journey towards independence. You won’t regret it!

Mum’s Two Cents

Learning how to drive should be a very handy skill to learn, especially for mums. It will be very convenient as we go through our day-to-day tasks, as well as afford us improved mobility. If there is one other skill I would like to learn this year, it would be driving. It should be quite an achievement to drive the little man to and from his daily activities and it would also give me a sense of accomplishment to learn something new.

Do you drive mums, and if not, would you love to learn how?

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