Thankful Thursday: Catching Up On The 52-Week Gratitude Challenge

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mum inspires, gratitude, Thankful Thursday, 52-Week Gratitude Challenge

Hello mums, it was a lovely yet hot Thursday afternoon. I was caught up with all the mid-week chores while finishing the little one’s reviewer for his Fourth Quarter Exams but I am grateful I found the time to sit still for a while and share my gratitude list with you. At the same time, I am also catching up on the 52-Week Gratitude Challenge, so I will be sharing a couple of gratefuls from their prompts in a bit.

Here are the things I am thankful for this past week:

  • Mitch Albom’s Have A Little Faith {a tear-jerker I was able to finish last week}
  • lazy weekday afternoon spent with my little one
  • spending quality time with my loves  :heart:
  • yet another surprise in the mail
  • new books
  • summer!
  • fresh produce from the grocers
  • lemons, guava, and a host of other citrus and summer fruits
  • Human Heart Nature haul
  • quiet weekend afternoon at home
  • sinigang sa bayabas  :bowl:
  • more earning opportunities for my blog
  • new work-from-home opportunity
  • the dawn of a new day
  • my generous neighbors
  • catching up with a dear friend who is miles away
  • Facebook for allowing me to keep in touch with friends abroad without having to shell out a penny!
  • the birds chirping outside and the ones who occasionally venture into our window panes
  • the beautiful blooms in the neighborhood
  • for Pinterest {I could spend an entire day browsing for birthday party ideas and gratitude quotes and beautiful calligraphy works if left to my own device}
  • for like-minded people I am fortunate to know
  • the simple pleasure of watering my plants in the morning
  • my coffee-maker

And to catch up on the 52-Week Gratitude Challenge

Week2 ~ Spouse/Significant Other

mum inspires, gratitude, Thankful Thursday, 52-Week Gratitude Challenge

I will never cease thanking the heavens and the universe for sending Jared’s dad my way. He is and always will be one of my most beautiful blessings. Ours may not be the most ideal of journeys, and sure is not the easiest, but I will always be grateful to be taking this journey with him.

It may take me all day to list all the things that I am thankful for for Jared’s dad, but here are a few of them:

  • his practical ways of showing how much he loves me
  • going out of his way to help me with unfinished errands when I ran out of time or chores whenever he’s at home
  • showing the little man that even grown up men cook and wash the dishes  :heart:
  • supporting my endeavors
  • tolerating my mood swings
  • unceasingly caring for me
  • putting up with me and my idiosyncrasies
  • for letting me be me

Week 3 ~ Family

My family is everything to me. Every moment I get to spend with them is a blessing in itself. There are a gazillion of reasons why I am grateful for them ~ they are my source of joy, pride, and inspiration. They are my life and my purpose. They are love personified. My boys make even the mundane precious and the ordinary, extra special. I will always be grateful to the One for my family.

Week 4 ~ A Family Member, My Siblings

My sisters and my brothers are constant reminders of my parents and their selfless love. I will always catch a glimpse or two of my Mama and Papa in my siblings, and for that alone I am always grateful to have them in my life. A few more reasons why I am thankful for them are:

  • they love the little man like their own
  • their love and concern for us
  • spending precious time with my little boy
  • reminding me of my childhood and how our lives used to be when our parents were still around
  • the inspiration
  • the wonderful feeling of belonging
  • free advice especially when I need it most
  • the endless talks and chit-chats
  • the encouragement

Week 5 ~ Something Someone Gave You

I am most grateful for the love Jared’s dad gave me. It allowed me to endure, to be courageous, to flourish, to know a bit more of myself each day {and believe me, sometimes, even I get surprised at the revelations!}. The road we tread upon was never paved, but his love gives me encouragement, comfort, and assurance. It allowed me to continue on with the journey, to cling on, and to hope for better days ahead of us.

I guess that is more than enough gratitude list for today and if you made it till here, then I thank you ever so much for the patience. Your turn now to share your list and keep this attitude of gratitude alive around us. What’s in your #ThankfulThursday list this week?

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