Thankful Thursday: Rest, Inspiration, + Summer

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I cannot believe how quickly the month of March zoomed by. I was just on a hiatus of some sort for the past weeks, following the little one’s final exams and commencement day and we are now welcoming a new month. The Holy Week was also a great time to stay away from blogging and spent some precious time with the little one and his dad. Yeah, after this break, I am knee-deep in backlogs and the items on my “things-to-do” keeps piling up. But I am not complaining, busy is good, after all. Plus, I can sleep in for as long as I can now that we do not have to beat a 7.30am school bell. It also means mum has enough time in the evening to work on pending blog posts, as well as a gazillion of other things that I love doing! Yes, exciting days up ahead, and loads of opportunity to make this summer an unforgettable one.

For Thankful Thursday, here are my list of gratefuls for the past weeks:

  • the little one’s commencement day, I cannot believe I now have a Kindergarten graduate and we’re starting grade school next school year. And, yes, the medals are just icing on the cake, although the bookworm mum was really so stoked about the Best In Reading award! :laugh: We are proud mum and dad for our little eager learner!
  • churros!
  • Gotochi and other postcards in the mail!
  • more surprises in the post
  • rest, especially when we need it the most
  • precious time with my boys! :heart:
  • the little one learning how to bike without the balancers and his dad’s patience to teach him
  • biking! It has been ages since I last rode one and I did not realize how much I missed it until I was biking again! I should really get my own bike soon!
  • unlimited free films at home
  • yummy fruits in season
  • loads of tomato sprouts in my tiny garden
  • my beautiful moss rose is finally in bloom!  :rose:
  • a new collaboration with an upcoming products for babies and kids {do stay tuned as we shall also be hosting a giveaway for them in May}
  • more opportunities for the blogs
  • loads of sunshine to air dry my mountain of laundry
  • catching up on the X-Files 10th season episodes and I cannot wait to download the rest!
  • more time for reading!

Here’s my 52-week Gratitude Challenge Catch-up

Week 6: The City You Live In

There is so much to be thankful for about our city, the rich and colorful history and heritage, the beautiful warm people. Traffic might be horrendous at some parts because of the on-going work repairs and the number of barrios celebrating their annual festivals, but I simply love living in my city. It is a beautiful balance of rural and urban living, and I simply love that we have a generous supplies of trees and greens, especially when you are in dire need to commune with nature. We have not been out much because of the scorching heat, but we had a chance to go out over the weekend for some errands and so the little one can get some sketchpads from the bookstore. We also visited the the Cathedral and the post office. We shall be spending more time outdoors once the little one’s swimming classes start.

Week 7: A Friend

I am an introvert and only have a number of friends and I like it that way. Although most of my friends are busy with what is going on in their lives, I am thankful that we get to meet and catch up on each other’s lives from time to time, especially during the holidays. I am most fortunate to have met with my high school and college friends last December, and with my friends from my former work earlier this year. I am also thankful, that through modern technology like Facebook and Viber, I am able to catch up with a dear friend from high school who is now living in the US. I am glad that we caught on like the past several years without communication did not go by and picked up where we left off. I am delighted that we can talk to each other about everything under the sun and that we can confide on each other without fear or prejudice. I truly look forward to our regular chats and hearing from my dear friend truly helps brighten my day.

Week 8: Express Gratitude To 3 People

I am most grateful for my parents {even when they are no longer here with us, I am sure they are lovingly looking down on us from their favorite spots in the heaven} for selflessly loving me and my siblings, for showing me what true love is all about, and for raising me to be a good person. I am most blessed for the their faith in me and I pray that I can be a good parent to my little one just like they were to me. I miss them every day and I look forward to being with them again one day.

I am ever grateful for my little man for teaching me about unconditional love, for the never-ending hugs and the infinite supply of wet kisses. He never fails to brighten my day and put a smile on my face. He is my reminder of God’s love and my little piece of heaven here on earth.

Week 9: How Did You Do and Feel

I feel great that the school year is finally over and we are now enjoying a much relaxed schedule. We can sleep in for as long as we want, until the little one cries that he is hungry or he wants to watch his favorite cartoons on the telly, that is. I am enjoying every minute of it and savoring each moment. I feel great doing things now at a much slower pace and ticking off items from my to-do list one after another. Thanks to my nightly meditation, I feel lighter and better. I will be missing both of these blessings when they are gone that I am determined to make each second count while they are here.

Week 10: List 5 Things You Like About You

When asked about the 5 things I like about me, these are what comes to mind:

  • I am a survivor. I have been through so much in this lifetime and by grace and blessings from above, I was able to manage and transcend the painful and heartbreaking into inspiration and hope.
  • I love deeply
  • I am faithful
  • I tend to see the good in anyone and any given situation
  • I find joy in the simple and the ordinary

Week 11: Someone Who Inspires You

I just answered the same question after my meditation the other night and I answered: my little one, who inspires me to become a better version of myself each day, to continue to dream and fulfill each of those dreams, and to set a good example for him, and my husband and partner-for-life, who inspires me to be continuously committed, to be patient and hopeful, and to be a better wife.

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