Thankful Thursday: Starting The 52-Week Gratitude Challenge

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mum inspires, mum's thoughts, gratitude, Thankful Thursday
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I meant to share this 52-Week Gratitude Challenge here for my weekly Thankful Thursday posts, but forgot to save or bookmark this image. Good thing I rediscovered this a few days ago on Pinterest. I know it is rather late to start a 52-week challenge now that it is already March, but better late than never right? And any day is as good as any to begin and nurture an attitude of gratitude.

So why start this challenge again? I thought it would be great to have these prompts for my weekly Thankful Thursday posts. I thought it would be so much like hitting 2 birds with one stone, finishing the challenge and making regular weekly entry for my gratitude list. Win-win! Plus, having a ready prompt will definitely inspire me to write about my list of gratefuls regularly instead of groping for topics and subjects for each week.

mum inspires, mum's thoughts, gratitude, Thankful Thursday

I am definitely starting my gratitude challenge this month and to start off here is a long list of what I have been grateful for the first few months of 2016:


  • celebrating New Year’s Day with my loves  :heart:
  • bonding and spending quality time with my boys
  • the 52-Week Money Challenge for the inspiration to diligently save up this year
  • biking around the neighborhood in the afternoon
  • blessings in my Paypal
  • less stress, less worries
  • new books!
  • surprises in the mail


  • a surprise Valentine’s Day card from the little man
  • for my sweet little one
  • for love and intimacy  :heart:
  • for an extra day in February this year!
  • for postcards
  • for the little one’s new Mickey Mouse plushie
  • more surprises in the mail
  • free new books for the little man
  • the love of reading
  • delicious home-cooked meals
  • for free films online
  • the little man’s 2nd Kidzania visit
  • for the new X-Files season {which I am raring to watch!}

For the first few days of March

  • relaxing time at home with my boys
  • for out-of-the-blue sweet gestures  :heart:
  • for the abundant fruits of the guava tree {we meant to use the ones we pick for sinigang}
  • Mitch Albom’s book, Have A Little Faith, which I started reading just recently
  • the little one’s school year will soon be over!
  • summer is almost here

I am keeping a Daily Gratitude List in addition to this summary. Keeping a grateful heart each day makes me happier, more positive and more hopeful. Ultimately, I know it will also make me more productive and more mindful of how I live my life on a day-to-day basis.

How do you plan to keep a grateful heart this year and are you also keeping a gratitude list?

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  1. This is definitely a helpful way for me to be thankful and start a habit of being happy with what I have. I challenge myself to doing this and though- yes, just like you- its already March, I commit to myself to the 52 weeks of gratitude.

    Super thanks for this.

  2. Awww..would love to do this too. Maybe when I’m finally done with my Intentional Blogging Challenge series, heehee.

  3. This is a great challenge weekly… I had a friend who’s doing this and it was very encouraging… Looking forward to another installment of your weekly gratitude challenge 🙂

  4. This is a good practice. 🙂 I’ve been trying to do this in the past years. I just find it more difficult to do now more consistently because I have 3 small kids to care for. 🙂 We usually review our list during New Year’s Eve.

    1. It may be a tad difficult to do this diligently with 3 kids in tow, but I suggest that you let them in on the activity. I prepared a jar for my little one to write whatever made him happy for the day. It will be a great bonding activity for the family and a clever way to inculcate the attitude of gratitude amongst little children. I just have to be more consistent with my little one’s gratitude jar, though. 🙂

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