5 Family Camping Traditions That Will Last for Generations

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The look on your kids’ faces when they catch their first fish or bite into the first gooey S’more of the season is priceless. Taking your little pioneers on an annual camping adventure not only fosters the love of nature, but it creates memories that last a lifetime.

Camping as a family instills valuable life lessons of awareness, independence, safety and cooperation. It’s also a lot of fun and something everyone can look forward to every year. You don’t need much to get out and experience the outdoors. And the campsite is the perfect place to start family traditions. Here are some fun ideas to incorporate into your annual family camping trip.

Set Up

Allow the kids to help design the layout of the campsite upon arrival. Consult with them where they think the tents should go as well as the makeshift kitchen. There will most likely already be a fire pit, so involve everyone in gathering firewood and kindling. Designate an area for recreational supplies and separate areas for enclosed trash cans.

To keep up with traditions, you might reserve a specific week/weekend for the annual event. Kids will better understand how the tradition works if the dates are the same.


Camp cooking can be as simple as hot dogs or it can be a truly gourmet experience. You and your family should have planned out your meals ahead of time so you have the right supplies. Now, it’s simply a matter of execution. Give everyone their duties and be sure to involve every member of the family. Cooking together will instill guidance and cooperation in the kids, and will help them appreciate mealtime at the campsite.

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Better Product Sellers Through Best-in-Class Training From Acer

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Jeffrey Mariano, Product Lead for Mobility of Acer Philippines, Inc., for his Product Update on Mobility presentation during the Channel Partners Enablement Program or CPEP held recently.

Acer Philippines continues to provide its channel partners with enough selling skills through continuous training provided by the tech giant’s Channel Partners Enablement Program (CPEP). The program was designed to equip Acer’s commercial sales partners with the latest updates on Acer products and solutions together with Microsoft Philippines. CPEP also lets channel partners be further trained to develop not just their selling skills but also their personality through a soft-skill trainer. Later, the attendees were given a certification examination and qualified channel partners received sales certificates from Acer Philippines, Inc. Company officials such as Manuel Wong, Acer Philippines Managing Director welcomed the participants, while Microsoft Philippines Windows Marketing Client Specialist Eufer Pasion, provided Microsoft Windows 10 Pro updates. Jeffrey Mariano, Acer Philippines Product Lead for Mobility presented product updates on Mobility, Alex Araneta conducted the soft-skills training while Laura Lu, Business Development Manager from Acer headquarters lectured on Smart City Solutions.

For more about Acer Philippines’ innovative products and other updates, go to www.acer.com.ph, follow Acer via Twitter (twitter.com/acerphils) or www.Facebook.com/AcerPH.

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Do You Ever Feel Like You Just Can’t Win?

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image by markuso from freedigitalphotos.net

Have you ever been having a bad day and turned on the TV to see some snobby celebrity with an attitude having the world handed to them and you think to yourself “Why is this jerk so wealthy and trouble-free while I do nice things for people all the time and yet seem to get nowhere?”

Fret not, you’re certainly not alone with this feeling. It’s the classic “nice guys finished last” and “the world isn’t fair” scenario, where the saints get walked on and the tyrants ruthlessly rule over the commoners.

Indeed, there are plenty of injustices and spoiled brats to be upset about, but on the flip side there are also plenty of good things to be excited about as well. To help you get past the defeatist mindset and start feeling like a winner again, try these two simple steps:

1. Ask Yourself, “What are You Really Trying to Win?”

Sometimes all it takes is putting things into perspective. When you look upon a tremendously successful person in the conventional sense, you see someone with plenty of apparent wealth and fame.

However, you don’t necessarily see all of the underlying problems that come with those so-called privileges. Behind the scenes, many of those celebrities and “elites” have their own emotional and financial issues to deal with.

In fact, many of them are afflicted with the “it’s never enough” mentality and they can never seem to be content in any situation. So what is it that really matters to you? Do you have good relationships with your friends and family? Do you have hobbies that you enjoy?

Oftentimes, taking a step back and looking at your own life from the outside, and then imagining what it would actually be like to be the big shot on TV can help you be thankful that your existence is so much more humble and less stressful.

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