Do You Ever Feel Like You Just Can’t Win?

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Have you ever been having a bad day and turned on the TV to see some snobby celebrity with an attitude having the world handed to them and you think to yourself “Why is this jerk so wealthy and trouble-free while I do nice things for people all the time and yet seem to get nowhere?”

Fret not, you’re certainly not alone with this feeling. It’s the classic “nice guys finished last” and “the world isn’t fair” scenario, where the saints get walked on and the tyrants ruthlessly rule over the commoners.

Indeed, there are plenty of injustices and spoiled brats to be upset about, but on the flip side there are also plenty of good things to be excited about as well. To help you get past the defeatist mindset and start feeling like a winner again, try these two simple steps:

1. Ask Yourself, “What are You Really Trying to Win?”

Sometimes all it takes is putting things into perspective. When you look upon a tremendously successful person in the conventional sense, you see someone with plenty of apparent wealth and fame.

However, you don’t necessarily see all of the underlying problems that come with those so-called privileges. Behind the scenes, many of those celebrities and “elites” have their own emotional and financial issues to deal with.

In fact, many of them are afflicted with the “it’s never enough” mentality and they can never seem to be content in any situation. So what is it that really matters to you? Do you have good relationships with your friends and family? Do you have hobbies that you enjoy?

Oftentimes, taking a step back and looking at your own life from the outside, and then imagining what it would actually be like to be the big shot on TV can help you be thankful that your existence is so much more humble and less stressful.

2. Read and Understand Psalm 37

mum inspires, mum's thoughts, tips and tricks, guest post, life teachings
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Now, you might not be a psalm reader and you may find the language to be a bit archaic, but the core message of Psalm 37 KJV is still very applicable for anyone who is dealing with the “I just can’t win” stumbling block.

The best way to describe the moral of Psalm 37 is that the righteous person always has the last laugh in their own existence because they pursue goals that are beneficial rather than paths that lead to destruction. While the ultra-successful “evildoers” are getting ahead and the good guy slowly gets by, the latter is not letting greed make them lose track of what is really important in life.

Psalm 37 helps you find perspective and gives assurance that the bad guys will not always be the winners, nor will they always feel like winners even when they have obtained status. Thus, I find it to be a perfect piece of scripture to reflect upon on days when you just can’t seem to get ahead or meet expectations in certain areas.

Mum’s two cents

Life can really be quite a drag at some point and you can’t help but feel down and de-spirited, but the tips mentioned above sure can help you whenever you have bouts with inadequacy or disappointments. It also helps to always have a positive view of life and the world around you and to keep a grateful and thankful heart, focusing on what is truly important, to keep you in a good mood and help you feel more content about your lot in life.

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  1. I agree. I think all of us undergo this kind of situation. When you see things in a positive perspective, you won’t dwell too much in such agony. Life is short to be all negative. So, when you feel down, remember that God is in charge! ?

  2. True to that that we should actually be contented with our own life and don’t compare it to anyone else. Life is not perfect but it will help us to reflect on the things that matters most.

  3. I always feel down and useless. But with the help of the power of prayer, I am able to surpass every problem. Looking back, I sometimes ask myself how am I manage to resolve my past dillemmas.

    1. This was also an issue for me, until I also discovered the wonders of prayer. It really helps a lot 🙂
      Also, I learned to be more patient with life. Some may have it better than me, but we all have our own timelines. Someday, I’ll also have my own wins, but for now, I’ll treasure what I currently have 🙂

  4. It is actually important to have a positive attitude towards everything. Everytime we feel down, we have to pray and remind ourselves that God is there to help us, even in times when we feel like we can’t pursue our goals and we are facing many problems in life.

  5. I, too, would sometimes feel that way and question life’s unjust treatment. But before I would go deeper and feel hatred and envy, I pray to the Lord for help. I will look at my boys and be thankful for my blessings. Perhaps I cannot have all the fame and wealth, but God blesses me with riches that would forever bring happiness to my life– my children.

  6. I used to have such a “victim” mindset because a lot of bad things really happened in my life. It’s easy to feel defeated during those times. But I find that it’s really all in the mind. I turned my life around when I stopped feeling like such a victim. 🙂

  7. I agree that life is not just like a box of chocolates that makes everyone happy. You’re just wasting your life if you keep on comparing it to others. Instead, you can create your own happiness, and live each day fully and sleep soundly.

  8. It’s funny because just this week, I read an article about why ungodly people succeed. The reason that hit me the most is the one you mentioned, not focusing on the real blessing prepared for us. Let’s fix our eyes on Jesus! 🙂

  9. We always see the grass as being greener on the other side. We just don’t know that they have their own weeds and bugs too, maybe even more. Hehe. Thabks for this reminder.

  10. A positive outlook is always best even when things seem so hopeless. We have to give into those dark moments sometimes but in the end we have to look at things positively.

  11. My saddest moments are when I compare my life to someone else and compare my successes to someone else’s. Gratefulness changes perspectives.

  12. I love the way your blog looks. It’s clean, neat, and organized. It’s so refreshing in the eye, and it’s worth anyone’s time to read. Keep it up, mommy!

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