Shop Like A VIP With The New + Improved Robinsons VIP Card

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Robinsons Malls, announcement, Robinsons Malls promo, shopping

It is a heart-warming experience to be treated like a VIP and everyone could use the perks and privileges that come with it from time to time. This is probably what the brilliant people from Robinsons Land Corporation {RLC} were thinking when they finally launched the new and improved Robinsons Mall’s Privilege Card, which is now aptly known as the Robinsons Malls VIP Card.

Valuing Customer Experience and believing that their loyal patrons deserve only the best, Robinsons Malls {RM} teamed up with more than 600 of their tenants to give special perks and premium discounts. Indeed, you will feel like a true VIP at any Robinsons Malls when you shop with your Robinsons Malls VIP Card in tow. Among the tenants that joined in to give their clientele 100% customer satisfaction are KFC, Max’s, Pizza Hut, Italiannis, Lay Bare, Adidas, Converse, Lacoste, and Nike Forum. Robinsons Retail Holdings, Inc {RRHI} also partakes in this endeavor through their anchor brands Robinsons Department Store, Robinsons Supermarket, as well as Handyman and True Value.

Robinsons Malls, announcement, Robinsons Malls promo, shopping

Here are a few perks and privileges a Robinsons Malls VIP Card holder can enjoy:

  • Free Jumbo Popcorn for every purchase of cinema tickets from Robinsons Movieworld
  • Free use of the Pay CR Lounge
  • An express lane at Robinsons Movieworld Galleria
  • VIP seats at special events
  • Firsthand sale alerts through SMS
  • Free use of Mobile phone charging stations at the Customer Service Center
  • Free giant Ice Cream sundae from Ministop on the member’s birthday

I cannot wait to use my Robinsons Malls’ VIP Card and enjoy all the perks and privileges fit for a VIP. You can get your very own VIP Card now at your nearest Robinsons Malls branch to do the same. A purchase requirement of Php5,000 at Robinsons Galleria, Manila, Magnolia, Forum, and Metro East entitles a shopper to one, while those shopping at  Starmills Pampanga, Robinsons Angeles, Malolos, as well as in other branches in the province, can get one for a purchase requirement of Php3,000.

Check out the VIP Card Store Discounts & Perks Manual for more information and do not forget to follow Robinsons Malls VIP Card on social media for more exciting updates and promos:


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