Spyware For Android Phones Pulled Off Market

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Recently a well-known South Korean parental monitoring and control spyware for Android phones has been pulled off the market on request of the government due to concerns over information leakage and data security issues. The app known as Smart Sheriff had initially been made a mandatory app by the South Korean government on Android Smartphones sold to kids under 18 years of age.  But amidst fears that it has flawed and weak security and the risk of leakage of personal data of several hundred thousand minors; the government has asked for it to be taken down.


This is not the first time such an incident has happened, previously a similarly flawed app with weak security called mSpy had the information of their clients hacked and it was leaked on the Internet available for people to see.There was a lot of commotion initially but nothing happened; the company is still operating and people are oblivious to the fact that their personal information is available on the Internet including credit card numbers and smartphone usage profiles.

Solution and Ideal Example:

Looking at this, it brings to question what should a parent do? Parents should first of all do a thorough background check of the app they are planning on buying. They should make sure that the spyware for Android phones that they are going to use has no negative reviews in the news. Next, they should make sure that the app company has high encryption and security measures implemented to avoid the kind of aforementioned scenarios. It might be a little time consuming, but it will pay off in the long run.

gadgets + technology, announcement, apps, mobile apps for the family, consumer and technology, technology

We did our own little homework to find an app that had extensive security and no perceivable weakness in its data security; the app is called Xnspy. We also chose this for another reason this app although is well-known it is still the underdog meaning it does not fall on the radar of the hackers as did the others. It has all the features that one would want or expect from an Android tracking and monitoring app, but with no security flaws or weaknesses.  It is reasonably priced and gives multiple options to the customer; the customer can pay according to the functionality they require. If they require basic tracking and monitoring features they will be charged less otherwise they can pay more for the advanced features.  We will be mentioning xnspy’s features and functionalities below and the customer can judge for themselves what makes this app an excellent spyware for Android phones.

  • Call Logs: The app allows users to view all call records along with allowing them to listen to the calls and know the location where the call took place.
  • Text Messages: Customers can view and read all text messages from SMS, IM Chats, and Emails.
  • Location History and Geofencing: Customers can see where the Android device has been and can set up a virtual fence that will notify them should the device enter or leave the predefined area.
  • Watchlists: The user can setupwatchlists for specific words. Contacts and as mentioned earlier places. Whenever a certain word occurs in a message they user is notified, the same way whenever a watchlisted contact communicates with the device user the xnspy user is notified.
  • Security Failsafe: The app user can remotely lock or even delete all date from the Android device in a worst case scenario such as in the loss or theft of the device.

The points mentioned above are just some of the features for the list of functionalities and more information please visit their site here.

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      1. Stuff like these are sometimes hard for me to absorb; I’m not really a techie person. I leave it to my husband, heehee! But what you’ve shared is really helpful. Parents (or at least one of the parents) should have knowledge on these things so that the family’s personal information is kept safe and protected. Thank you for sharing! ?

  1. Every time I open my mobile phone, I always see a pop up ads on securing a phone from malicious activities from a third-party. I am, of course, wary about it for my phone would be invaded and personal data would be encroached by such apps in which I am not prepared.. So I have to install it to play safe. But because of this scary app, I have a second thought not to compromise my phone for that matter.

    1. Yes, it can really be tricky with all the apps available and ads popping here and there. All the more that we have to install safety apps for our mobile protection.

  2. I’ve not looked into these parental monitoring apps yet since my kids only get to play with devices at weekends, and at heavy supervision from me, haha. But I’ll look into Xnspy and see if it’s something that we would need in the future.

    1. Mum May, Jared enjoyed playing with Pablo during the Belo launch event! ^_^ Yes, I also limit my little one’s device time during weekends, especially if there is school. I also make sure he only has educational apps to play with but sometimes I can’t help it since he has this penchant for superheroes and Marvel, so moderation na lang! Hehe.

  3. You know, I have ambivalent feelings about such software. A big part of me is all for it, because we know how vulnerable kids are. There’s so much evil lurking at the opposite side of a child’s smartphone. However, I’m also scared that spywares are everywhere, and when in the wrong hands can be used for things such as blackmail and piracy.

    1. I guess the best thing to do really is to limit the little one’s use of mobile phones and gadgets as best we could, especially while they are still very little as these apps can sometimes work to our disadvantage, too.

  4. It’s really important to stick to reliable developers when it comes to apps. When it comes to information security, you really have to read the fine print and be vigilant about the permissions you give on your phone. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’m definitely going to check out this app. I’m an Android phone user and I definitely want to make sure my personal info will be safe.

  6. I never thought that even mobile phones would start having security risks 🙁 I’m on apple so I feel more secure. But I better be more vigilant with the things I download. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Naku, remind me of this again in a few years when the kids are bigger and more tech-savvy. As much as I’d hate for them to be glued to gadgets, it’s slowly happening. Arghhh!

    1. I feel you and it is very frustrating diba? I try my hardest to limit my little one’s gadget time but I do allow him to play there longer on occasions.

  8. Extra care has to be taken when it comes to apps like these. They’re helpful but you have to be careful as to what information they can get from your phone. Thanks for giving another option and providing more info. I came across this when I was searching for apps like this.

  9. Never heard of this app before, but I will definitely take a look at it. As to phone usage though I try as much as I can to limit Bunny’s use and engage her more with fun activities.

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