Tips + Tricks: 3 Top Reasons Why Music Is Good For You

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There are few things in the world that can improve someone’s quality of life as easily as good music. Aside from basic human necessities, music is an affordable and simple way to bring beauty into our every day lives. It’s more than a fun diversion. Music can help people heal, help childhood development, and more.

Music Relieves Stress

When people are faced with hard times, their lives tend to lose any glimmer of hope. It doesn’t matter whether their troubles are financial, medical, or dealing with grief. Music has real healing power. From classical melodies to catchy pop tunes, music can take your mind away from your troubles. There’s a reason why hospitals and nursing homes around the country invite volunteer musicians and singers to give concerts to their residents. There’s no cheaper way to inspire hope to the distraught. It reminds them that, in spite of their suffering, there are still things beautiful and worth living for.

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Music Inspires Children

Studies have shown time and again the playing and listening to music helps growing children. Young musicians have benefited from better languages skills and higher test scores. On top of that, exposing your child to music doubles as valuable cultural education, deepening their appreciation for the arts.

Musicians can also influence and inspire children in more ways than you can possibly imagine. And if you will talk about very influential artists of this generation, there is probably no one more stellar than Taylor Swift. If you are a mum of a Swiftie, I am betting they are trading their Christmas and birthday gifts just to get their hands on Taylor Swift tickets for her much talked about Eras Tour concert. 

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Music Unites People

When a community begins to lose the threads that bind people, music can help restore them. There’s nothing more likely to gather people together than concert in a public park or a downtown block. In 2011, Sing For Hope sponsored Pop Up Pianos in New York, where they placed pianos all over the City for the public to play. It was a great success that fostered the arts community. If you feel like your town needs morale booster, promoting one of these may be what you need.

If you’re looking for a way to give back to the community, then musical events are a wonderful option. Every city has local nonprofit groups that can benefit from time, donations, and musical talent to bring meaningful change to people’s lives. By getting your own children involved in lessons or attending events, then you are helping to bring culture and intelligence to a new generation. From expensive concerts to simple songs, music’s power can be used everywhere.

Mum’s two cents

Music has always been my go-to for whatever season I am at in life ~ it helped me deal with my loss when my parents passed on and also helps to keep their memories alive, it helps make the complexities of life a bit simpler and tolerable, and relaxes me whenever things seem too overwhelming. Music is one of the many things my dear father ingrained in us and I would love to pass it on to my little man.

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  1. You presented good points on how music is not only fun, but can also help us. I agree that music is inspirational for children. I noticed that those who started acquiring a musical instrument skills were the smartest ones among the class. I also agree that music is a stress reliever. I feel more relaxed when I listen to music. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I agree with you on this. Music has been one of my ways to replenish and renew my soul. I love Christian music as well. I use it as a lullaby for my 1-year-old. It’s so comforting and relaxing. 🙂

  3. I super agree with your three reasons. My two boys play the piano and I love listening to them. Even our kapitbahay would tell me kapag naririnig nagpipiano mga bata nakikinig sila. yes, rinig sa kapitbahay. ihihi

    1. It would be lovely to hear someone play the piano in our neighborhood. I hope my son would develop an interest in playing instruments, too! 🙂

  4. I had to smile when I read the third reason. Upon reading it, I realised that many of the friendships I’ve had were either formed or strengthened because of music. Amazing!

  5. I’ve made it a goal that my child would learn at least one instrument kasi we’re both musically-inclined. Sana si popy rin. What I love about music is how it can bring about a certain memory or feeling just by listening. It’s truly powerful.

    1. I wish I know how to play instruments. I tried learning how to play a guitar in high school but it is terrible on the fingers! I also aim for my little one to learn an instrument or two. I will be scheduling him for a piano lesson as soon as he develops the interest in it.

  6. I certainly agree by how music heals people and how it unites every individual. And as for me, it is one of the best companions in times of stress. Whenever I am really into something and I want to stay calm and relax, I always see to it to hear good music so that I can concentrate and somehow feel comfortable while working on it.

  7. I totally agree with this one! My husband and I started playing classical music every night not only to give us a relaxibg sleep but also to help with the development of our baby in my tummy. It truly helps me relax and sleep more soundly. 🙂

  8. trueeeeee! Music is like a food to my soul. No matter how bad or terrible my mood is, Music can change it in just a snap! I loooove music! haha

  9. This is very true! I watched “Dangers of Rock and Roll” film before and I learned how music affects the mind of living things. We should choose the music we listen to.

    1. Yes, it is also a must that we carefully choose the music we listen to or let our children listen to as they make such a huge impact in someone’s life.

  10. The son loves listening to music! He doesn’t talk much yet but he hums with the sound. It’s super cute 🙂

  11. I agree! Aside from writing, one of sure way to uplift my mood is listening to music. One of my biggest frustrations is not being musically inclined haha!

  12. I definitely love music. my boyfriend is a musician. he is a drummer but he is not the loud drummer as some people would label them please check out the band Perspehone on Spotify. they are under GMA. Hope you would like their songs!

  13. Music has many benefits and purposes. It can lighten a mood and can entertain you for hours. My teens are music lovers and blast their playlists at home but I love it. Even my youngest is getting into the groove and blasting his own preferences. Lately, it’s been Roar from Katy Perry. lol

  14. I grew up taking music lessons and learning how to play the instruments. It’s also mandatory to learn the piano, though when I was younger, I never understood my lola’s logic behind it. Now I know 🙂 That’s why I incirporate music in my kids’ daily routine as much as possible because of its many benefits 🙂

    1. I would love for my son to learn how to play the piano, too. I never had the chance to do it when I was a child. But he was more keen on learning how to play guitar. I am on the look out for affordable music lessons here in our city so he can start his training this year.

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