5 Tips To A Good Night’s Sleep + A Mother’s Day Sparty With Uratex

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Uratex, products, tips and tricks, events, Mother's Day,

I am sure most mums will agree that we have never been more sleep-deprived until we became mums with little bosses demanding our attention and loving care 24 hours of the day. I remember all too clearly that I stayed awake for about 48 hours when I came home from the hospital with my little bundle of joy ~ a part of me was half-believing I brought home a child and it is mine while the other part was mentally ticking off items from my new and unfamiliar to-do list. It was ironic that I was losing precious sleeping time when I need to be in my optimal best in order to become the best mum for my son. A mum’s sleeping time is scarce, in fact, that it is of utmost importance that we make the most of what little time we have.

Uratex, products, tips and tricks, events, Mother's Day,
this Uratex bed has automatically-adjustable mattress for that ultimate comfort while you sleep.
Uratex, products, tips and tricks, events, Mother's Day,
comfy in this Uratex bed while watching Dr. Aguilera’s video on how to get a healthy sleep

I was invited by Uratex Premium Mattress ~ The Sleep Specialist to their Mother’s Day Sparty held at the Ronac Lifestyle Center at Paseo De Magallanes in Makati City last week. Not only are we treated to a delightful spa treatment, we even got to learn about their awesome mattresses and pillow products during our mini-workshop. Aiming to raise awareness on how to achieve better sleep, we also had the chance to watch a short video by Dr. Keith Aguilera, ENT/Sleep Specialist from the Philippines Society Of Sleep Medicine during the event. He shared the following tips for a healthy sleep:

  1. Reserve the bed for sleeping and resting purposes only. Eating, reading, or checking your Facebook page is best done somewhere else in the house and make sure to reserve the bed solely for sleeping.
  2. Exercise Regularly. Exercising helps regulate the flow of blood in our body and improves our over-all well-being. It also helps induce a good night’s sleep.
  3. Be mindful of what you consume. It is best to avoid caffeine and alcohol after 2pm {yes, it can be rather tricky, especially when most of us mums run on caffeine on most days, but it is worth a try! ;)} and steer clear of heavy, spicy, and sugary foods before going to bed.
  4. Limit daytime naps to 30 minutes or less. Oversleeping during daytime may result to difficulty getting sleep during nighttime that it is best to limit those quick daytime zzzz to 30 minutes or even less.
  5. Invest on quality mattresses and pillows. Sleep is precious that it is also a must that we invest on quality sleeping items to ensure utmost comfort for a good night’s sleep.

We even got to snuggle these oh-so-soft-and-comfy Uratex Senso Memory Pillows and I found my personal favorite in this one with Hydragel Technology that instantly decreases the temperature to 3 degrees! It would be an absolute perfect addition to our bedroom, especially in these hot summer days!

Uratex, products, tips and tricks, events, Mother's Day,

These elegant Olympia Monoblocks were also on display for the mums to try. Look at how they beautifully updated the otherwise plain and simple plastic chairs. These are also available in fabulous colors including black, yellow, and red.

Celebrating Mother’s Day With Uratex

Uratex, products, tips and tricks, events, Mother's Day,

Uratex, products, tips and tricks, events, Mother's Day,
a mum blogger trying out the XSensor Machine

I absolutely appreciate that Uratex recognizes the value of mothers and graciously hosted a wonderful Mother’s Day Sparty for select mum bloggers at the Ronac Lifestyle Center in Magallanes. We had the chance to tour around the Uratex Premium Gallery and see the top-of-the-line mattresses that they have on display, including their PremiumTouch {for ultimately cool and soothing sleeping}, OrthoCare {for proper support while sleeping}, and Senso Memory {for personalized support while sleeping} mattresses . We also got to try out the XSensor Machine, an image-pressuring device that helps determine the best mattress fit for each sleeper.

Uratex, products, tips and tricks, events, Mother's Day,
my well-pampered and made-up look, what do you think? Thanks mum Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts for this snap! :heart:
Uratex, products, tips and tricks, events, Mother's Day,
in our Uratex bathrobe, getting a much-needed pampering. Thanks mum Tetcha of Pensive Thoughts for this photo

The highlight of the day was the delightful spa treatment for each of the mums at the Uratex Salon. It was a much-needed pampering and relaxing treat and we all had a lovely time, catching up on each other’s lives while having a foot and hand spa and having our nails done. Some of us even opted to have our face done by the make-up artist for an instant makeover. I did admire the polished look of my brows afterwards, and wished I could pull up such a simple, clean, and no-make-up look on my own. I also opted for a paraffin treatment and loved how my feet felt smooth and supple to the touch afterwards.

Uratex, products, tips and tricks, events, Mother's Day,
got this purplish/brownish polish for my digits!

Delectable cocktails were also prepared for the mums to enjoy after our treatments, and among the delicious treats served that I absolutely enjoyed were the refreshing Asian salad, Penne Pasta in Marinara Sauce, nachos, and the mouth-watering Coffee Pannacota and fruit kebabs.

Mums also went home with goodies from Downy Baby Gentle and Uratex! Thank you so much Uratex for this wonderful treat for Mum’s Day and for making us feel very special. :heart:

To get better sleep solution, and more information about their products, do visit uratex.com.ph. Don’ forget to also follow Uratex Philippines on Facebook and Uratex Foam on Twitter.

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  1. What a great day you had. I love the sound of those pillows, I will see if I can get them over here in the UK 🙂 thank you!

  2. I love your mattress! I think I should replace my mattress from old to new one like this.

  3. That was a great Mother’s Day treat – spa treatments and comfy beds. You can’t get better than that. I’ve never heard of the Uratex mattress brand. Are they sold in the US?

  4. It’s true, when I had the twins the first week was crazy and there were times when I would only sleep for literally 5 minutes. Uratex makes awesome beds! This sounds like a fun event!

  5. I agree the bed should just be for sleeping. If you use it for working it’s too easy to slip into that pattern and lose precious hours you could be snoozing.

  6. I desperately need a new mattress. I have not heard of these before. I am especially interested in the pillow that stays cool. I love that!

  7. Looks like a perfect way to celebrate being a mom! Time to yourself relaxing is always great.

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