health, tips and tricks, parenting 101, children health, oral hygieneAs a mother you want the best for your kids. You want them never to go without and you want them to grow up with friends and family surrounding them. A mother wants her children to be strong and healthy and yes, a mother wants her kids to be happy. But what about that smile that is one ‘symptom’ of a happy, healthy child? Have you taught your kids about the importance of a smile?

A Genuine Smile Is Worth a Thousand Words

You have heard the old cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words but the same holds true of a beautiful, picture-perfect smile. Think about your day to day encounters with people as an adult. When meeting someone for the first time, don’t you trust someone more easily and gravitate towards them if they display a genuine smile? A smile indicates warmth and receptivity in the other person so if you can teach your kids how to flash the biggest, most sincere smile when meeting people, you would have taught them the first step in making new friends.

The Truth about Fluoridated Water

Although there is a lot of controversy over the addition of fluoride to our nation’s drinking water, no solid evidence has ever come in showing that fluoridated water is more dangerous than non-fluoridated drinking water. If you really want the lowdown on whether or not community water fluoridation is healthy, you can check out the website that has lots of information you can read with real statistics to back their thesis.

Since fluoride was first introduced to drinking water around the country, incidences of tooth decay have declined. Opponents of fluoridation make claims that not only do we get ample amounts of fluoride from other sources but the levels in drinking water are not within safe ranges. Is there any truth to these statements? Today the government has lowered the percentages recommended for drinking water and because of this, fluorosis is not really an issue.

Dental Care Is Crucial

health, tips and tricks, parenting 101, children health, oral hygiene

You’ve taught your child about the importance of a bright white smile and also have proven that fluoridated water is beneficial. Now it’s time to teach them how to properly care for their teeth. Begin teaching them to brush after eating and before bed each night. Because milk has lactose, doctors no longer recommend a glass of milk before bed time unless that child can brush his or her teeth after eating a bedtime snack or drinking a glass of milk, they shouldn’t have anything that will grow bacteria while they are asleep.

One of your jobs as a mom is to teach your child the importance of smiling and how to keep those pearly whites as white and cavity free as possible. With regular brushing, good nutrition, recommended levels of fluoride and regular visits to the dentist, you can be assured that you are raising children who have the sunniest smiles in town. This is one of life’s many lessons and one that is not so hard to teach if you approach it in just this way.

* Images are taken by my brother, Ken, during our Manila Bay cruise experience a few years back. 

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