5 Reasons To Visit The New Al Qaysar Restaurant In Manila

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Here at #AlQaysarPH to sample their Mediterranean cuisine + more! ?? #mumeats #mumfoodiefinds

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I simply love eating, I mean who doesn’t? I am also adventurous when it comes to food and would love to try different dishes as well as different cuisines. That is why I am excited when I was invited, along with mum blogger friends, Jem {of esupermommy.com} and Levy {of mommylevy.com}, to visit the newly-opened Al Qaysar Restaurant and Cafe in Ermita, Manila and sample their Mediterranean cuisine, as well as their other delicious offerings. I have not tried Mediterranean food before but I read somewhere that they are rich in olive oil, select seafood, as well as wheat and other grains, hence making them very healthy and ideal for anyone to try.

Dining at Al Qaysar in this busy street of Ermita, Manila is like traveling to another continent and the restaurant’s facade gives a very fair introduction of what to expect inside. The owners, the warm and gracious Ms. Let and her Sudanese husband, have a keen eye for details and they made sure to include a lot of Mediterranean elements into their beautiful restaurant.

food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants

food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants

food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants

Before trying out the many mouth-watering food in their menu, Ms. Let toured as around and among the many things that piqued this mum’s interest include the beautiful painting that adorned one of their walls, depicting a Mediterranean landscape complete with the desert and camels, the clean and organized kitchen, the charming washrooms, and most especially the tables to the right, which are designed for a more intimate dining experience for bigger groups of people. These are perfect for birthday celebrations or for business meetings. There are 3 different table set-ups and the dining patrons can choose from the more formal regular chairs, Japanese-styled lower chairs, and the uber comfy bean bags! We had the chance to sample each of these and the bean bags won me over, hands down! 😀

food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants

food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants

Oh well before I start babbling about how much I love our gustatory experience, here are the Top 5 Reasons why you should visit Al Qaysar Restaurant and Cafe in Manila:

food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants
Mushroom Soup {Php160}
food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants
Poblano soup {Php155},  a delicious and healthy assortment of chopped and blended veggies

My favorite Lentil Soup {Php100} 

  1. Delectable Soups ~ If you are a big fan of soups, which I am, I am sure you will love the interesting soup in Al Qaysar’s menu. We were served 3 different dishes ~ Mushroom Soup {Php160}, Lentil Soup {Php100}, and Poblano Soup {Php155}. The surprisingly cheesy lentil soup is made with healthy lentils and I absolutely enjoyed my bowl, I finished the entire serving!
    food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants
    Al Qayrsar’s open bar

    food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants

    food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants

  2. Mediterranean Ambiance ~ dining at Al Qaysar is not just one scrumptious adventure, but also a new and wonderful experience for the eyes. The intricate details around, the interesting artwork on display, along with the soft piped-in music work well together to whet the patrons’ appetite. This is perfect for families and group of friends who love exploring new dining places, as well as trying out new and exciting cuisines.
    food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants
    Pita bread, also known as Arabic bread, is made from wheat flour
    food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants
    Hummus {Php150}, a popular Middle Eastern dip or spread made from mashed chickpeas and blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic, and normally eaten with pita bread

    food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants
    Fiesta Salad {Php220}
  3. Appetizing Salads ~If you love salads as much as I do, there is no way you won’t enjoy the various inviting salad dishes at Al Qaysar. We were served 3 different salads that day ~ Fiesta Salad {Php220}, Quesadilla Shrimp {Php299}, and Hummus {Php150}. The refreshing fiesta salad is a beautiful cacophony of fresh and crunchy vegetables topped with beans and, surprisingly, corn flakes. It has a mixture of vinaigrette and mayo dressing and we all loved it! The lip-smacking goodness of shrimp quesadilla also charmed us, but it was the hummus that we are so interested as we have not tried it before. To give the authentic Mediterranean tradition a go, we paired the hummus with delicious pita bread and ate them with bear hands! Yum!  😀
    food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants
    Chili Garlic Sauce Shrimp {Php480}
    food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants
    Mixed Grilled {Php450}, is a platter of shistawok, kabab lamb and teka lamb served with three different dips.

    food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants
    Fettuccine De Roma Chicken {Php289}
  4. Enticing EntreesDishes came to our table one after another and after taking snaps of the delectable dishes, it is time to sample the main course! Our awesome feast included Mixed Grill, the crowd’s favorite and the mouth-watering Chili Garlic Sauce Shrimp, and Fettuccine De Roma. The savory meats are grilled just right, while we absolutely love the juicy, sweet and spicy flavors of the shrimp. A big pasta-lover, their Fettuccine De Roma is also a big hit with me, plus I find it a wise decision to also serve other cuisines apart from Mediterranean so they can cater to more people. 
  5. Wide Variety of Dishes Served ~ Apart from Mediterranean dishes, Al Qaysar also serves a wide assortment of halal food including fresh seafood, as well as other International Food, and Filipino dishes. They even offer affordable meal packages, including their Php99 Lunch or Dinner treats available between 11am-1pm and 5-7pm during weekdays. They also have an on-going promo where those who dine between 11am-5pm will enjoy a 20% discount. This promo runs until 30 June, a great excuse to pay them a visit soon! 🙂
food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants
A Red Velvet and Date Cup Cakes Sampler, with Vanilla Ice Cream on the side
food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants
Cheese Cake {Php249}
food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants
Fruit Crepe {Php249}, a lovely mix of fresh and crisp chopped apples and peaches

After our wonderful meal, we are served desserts which are just the perfect ending to our lovely gastronomic journey! We had Cheese Cake, Fruit Crepe, and a platter of Red Velvet and Date Cup Cakes. Each of these beautiful desserts is served with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream with cherry on top. I am not much of a sweet tooth, but I enjoyed these sweet treats, especially the cheese cake. It was the first time I tried a date cup cake and I also enjoyed it. Surprisingly, it was not as sweet as most cupcakes are and I loved it!

food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants

Our lovely meals were also paired with equally tasteful drinks. I sampled the Green Jamaica, whilst mars Jem tried the Pina Colada and we both enjoyed them. These refreshing drinks cost Php180 each.

Mum’s two cents

I guess by now you can tell how much I enjoyed our dining experience at Al Qaysar’s Restaurant and Cafe. I give it  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  :yes: for the awesome dining experience as well as for the following reason:

  • The dishes are reasonably-priced with its rich taste and generous serving. Each dish is served in beautiful presentation and can be shared by up to 2-3 people, ideal for families and group of friends dining together.
  • The restaurant is very neat, clean, and cozy, the tables and chairs, as well as the tasteful decoration are all lovely, and there is enough space to accommodate many dining patrons at once especially during peak hours.
  • The staff is friendly, attentive, and always serves with a smile, adding to the diner’s over-all good dining experience.
  • The charming and spacious loos are also a big plus!
food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants
mum bloggers with, restaurant owner, Ms. Let Ignacio. Photo credits to mum Jem of esupermommy.com

Thank you for inviting us, Al Qaysar Restaurant and Cafe, it was a lovely afternoon spent with equally lovely company and a scrumptious feast. I would love to go back and tag my boys along so they can try out the many delicious dishes I tried! I highly recommend this to mums to check out with their families, to group friends, as well people from the corporate world, especially those looking for a new and interesting place where they can bring and entertain their business associates and clients.

Here are my mum blogger friends’ two cents about Al Qaysar Restaurant:

Al Qaysar Restaurant and Cafe is located near Robinsons Place Manila, at Room 101 MRS Building Mabini St., Ermita. For more information about their promos and their delicious offerings, like their Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/Al-Qaysar-Restaurant-and-Cafe-327408014096496/ and follow @alqaysarph on Instagram. For reservation or inquiries, you may call them at {02}242-5586 and {02} 242-5584.

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  1. Hahaha…. I had an incredibly filling dinner last night that it almost hurts my tummy still and I stumble on your post. Lolz… This looks more like an Arabian cuisine than Mediterranean with the Hummus & Naan bread. Anyways the dessert options look incredibly yummy.

    1. Nothing like a good, filling meal to keep anyone happy, right? 🙂 They do have a wide selection of different international cuisine in their menu, Arabian is definitely there somewhere.

  2. They offered mixed menu and I loved hummus for my grilled chicken. Likewise, this restaurant needs some advertising to uplift their sales and marketing. Lots of restaurants in the area as very competitive.

  3. At the first photo I thought I wouldn’t have the chance to visit the place but after reading the entire article I’m on my way to planning a dinner date with hubby soon, hahahaha.

  4. ..and I am now craving! I actually just heard about this restaurant from you! Looks like my boyfriend and I needs to visit this place! Craving for that grilled garlic sauce shrimp!

  5. It sounds like the best place to go to for Mediterranean food! They have a wide variety of western food as well. I like how spacious the place is too and that they have special rooms for people who are celebrating an event. That’s really amazing. The food looks great, by the way!

  6. A lot of the photos didn’t load but the ones that did looked good. I’ve tried Mediterranean food before and some of it I loved. I’m just not a huge fan of too many sauce.

  7. I want to experience to eat in a Mediterranean Cuisine, since I love to eat the Quesadilla. I don’t know what’s the taste, hmmmpp…actually I am curious.

  8. This restaurant looks so interesting. Good thing it’s just near our house, about 20 minutes drive away including traffic. The dishes look very tasty and they’re all beautifully presented.

  9. Is the Poblano soup vegetarian? I think this place is a must-try for my dad. 🙂 There are so many vegetarian-friendly dishes here.

  10. OMG i’m so jealous that you went there. everything looks sooooo damn good! I want to go now hahah
    I love the artwork on the wall too.
    but seriously that foood, I could swwoooon. My stomach is growling now.

  11. The images of foods you’ve shared here are new to me except for the idea of soup, salad, and dessert but the rest, whoah! I am kind of excited to give them a try pretty soon but sure it will take time for me to be able to do that. Anyway ,sure you really had a sumptuous meal.

  12. I love eating too haha. I tried to pick one or two favourites from your post but can’t decide! The soup looks amazing. Love the decor in the restaurant too.

  13. wow all the food looks really amazing and tempting and the ambiance is very inviting too! I have never tried Mediterranian dishes yet but this post made me eager to try it someday!

  14. I always see this when we’re around robinsons and I am always curious but was afraid that it might be too expensive. Now I have photos to show ny husband so I can drag him there too para mag date kami hahaha caude I always love trying out new things and food 😀 I am reaaaaaally curious about that shrimp quesadilla hahaha

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