Surviving Our First Week Back To School

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I got a thumbs up from my first grader! ūüôā

Today marks the little one’s first week back to school. If truth be told, I cannot believe how quickly time zoomed by and I now have a first grader! Half of me cannot wait to witness all the beautiful things that are about to happen to my first-born, while the other half wanted to freeze time and cocoon my little one so he can stay small for just a bit longer or until mum is ready to let him out into the great big world!

And as if the inner turmoil is not enough, Jared went to school and back home after class on his own for the first time today, too. As I kiss him to send him off for what seemed to be the longest day of my life, thoughts are careening in my head one after another ~ can he manage to travel on his own? Is it okay to let him go alone? But he was too young to be alone? The internal monologue enumerating the pros and cons of letting him on his own continued until it is time for mum to wait for the school boy’s arrival early in the afternoon. I quickly checked how his travel and ride went and if he was behaving while traveling. He answered that everything went well and asked if he can travel to and from school alone from now on.

So, yeah, I guess it is safe to assume that my little one is slowly maturing and that he is starting to gain more independence and would soon be needing mum less. Although I welcome the change, as well as the longer hours of peace and quiet at home leaving me with more time to do chores, work, rest, or whatever it is that I love to do at a given time, the house and I felt like an empty nest without the flurry of activities and the cacophony of Jared-related noise. Yeah, it is easy to tell that I am emotional at some point at this sudden turn of events.

I cannot believe that a first grader these days has these many books and notebooks!

I guess this will now be our everyday normal. And I can safely say we survived our first week back to school with flying colors. Aside from the struggle to keep an early-morning start, we seem to have developed an effective daily routine so my school boy can make it to school early and retire early at night, too. I am also making the most of my alone time so I can relax, de-stress, or beat deadlines and tick-off items from my to-do list for the day and focus on the little one when he comes home. I am working on a weekly baon menu next because it will save me considerable amount of time to know exactly what to prepare for his lunchboxes each day.

We still have a long way to go, but with the little one’s cooperation and mum’s good mood, I am sure we can manage. ¬† ūüėÄ

Are you also having mixed emotions about your little one growing up too quickly? And if you have tips and tricks on how to survive the school days without losing your head, I would love to hear all about it through a comment below. Have a good one mums and let’s brace ourselves for another exciting and challenging school year.

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