Mum Finds: Salted Egg Potato Chips From Bites Of Love Ph

Eating is something I absolutely love and it is always a joy to discover new and delicious treats. Recently, my friend, Des, from Bites Of Love Ph, sent me a tub of her specialty snack, Salted Egg Potato Chips. The truth is, I exerted much effort not to devour all of its content as soon as I opened the tub. Good thing I was able to save some so Jared’s dad and my sibling can sample it, too! If not, am sure I can finish a tub {or two!} on my own in one sitting!:D

I love this savory and crunchy snack. The union of different flavors is a delight to the senses. I also love the curry leaves and the way it stayed crunchy even after a few days of opening the tub. The Bites of Love Ph Salted Egg Potato Chips is a perfect companion while watching your favorite films or shows on the telly, or while working on a deadline, or like I did, while reading this interesting article about Triangle Direct Media.

I give  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  :yes: to this treat from Bites of Love Ph and am sure I will be ordering again very soon. I am betting anyone would love and enjoy this, too, but do not take my word for it, order now to experience and taste it! Visit the Bites of Love Ph Facebook Page or follow Bites of Love Ph on Instagram, to order your tub now!

image is from Bites of Love Ph Facebook Page

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ASUS Philippines Concludes Three-leg Workshop Series Facilitated by Industry Mavens Jason Magbanua, RJ Ledesma + Victor Basa

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ASUS Philippines wraps up a three-part workshop series aimed at empowering people for their life’s passions.

ASUS Philippines successfully concluded the Incredible Workshop Series with the final session hosted by one of the country’s most sought-after wedding videographer and storyteller, Jason Magbanua, at Blue Leaf Filipinas in Macapagal Avenue, ASEANA Complex, Paranaque City.

The event was the last of three legs of the series that aimed to inspire and empower respective workshop attendees to take that big leap towards their life’s passions—particularly fashion and lifestyle blogging, starting a business, and video editing and wedding film making. All three legs were hosted by a luminary from fashion, business and wedding videography industry.

workshops, announcements, events, blogging, ASUS, press release
Celebrity Style Blogger Victor Basa talks about the path towards discovering personal style.

The first leg of the Incredible Workshop Series was held last  May 24 at the Century Mall Events Center in Makati City and was hosted by premier actor, model, host and blogger Victor Basa who shared his journey to self-expression in fashion through his personal experience as a style blogger. Basa talked about finding the right inspiration towards personal style, and as well as the value of having the necessary and reliable tools to be used in his profession — particularly the ASUS Zenbook (UX305).

Basa believes that the ASUS Zenbook is integral to his true personal flair—the notebook’s sleek exterior, superior power and battery life, and breathtaking picture and video quality effortlessly compliments the fashion blogger’s mobile and stylish lifestyle.

Check out my experience about this workshop, as well as some nifty fashion tips and tricks, on my post

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Let’s Join The Journey To A Healthier Life With Robinsons Supermarket Wellness Festival

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Free Healthy You Rolled Oats Bundle Promo

Because of the many sad news about people, family or otherwise, falling ill and dying because of diseases, a lot of people are making a conscious effort to switch to healthy living and lead healthier lifestyles. It can be quite a difficult rigorous process and the journey won’t happen overnight but it is good to know that more establishments are also lending their hands to help the people switch to a healthier way of living by offering healthier alternatives.

Take the case of Robinsons Supermarket {RSC}, for example, as they aim to lead their valued customers to a continuing path to a healthy lifestyle by launching their year-long “Route to Wellness” journey and starting the 3rd leg of the Wellness Festival.

Recently launched at Robinsons Magnolia, the Wellness Festival opened its doors to Robinsons Supermarket clientele with a larger-than-life FRESH salad bowl, as well as lots of fun and engaging booths on healthier practices and choices. An afternoon Fitness glow party, led by no less than fitness couple Jim and Toni Saret, perfectly captured the joyful vibe of the celebration.

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