10 Reasons Why Having A Sister Is The Best!

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with my sister, Isabel {1983}

Ever since I was a little girl and until now that I am a mum, I always consider having sisters as one of my biggest blessings in life. Not only do I automatically have someone to run to or rely on when I need help with something, I also consider it a privilege to have someone you can totally trust and tell your deepest, darkest secrets {not that I have too many! Haha}. Having someone who understands your craziness and your quirks is also a big plus!

Here are 10 Reasons Why I Thought Having A Sister Is Pure Awesomeness!Β 

  1. They are your Best-est Friend ~ Not just by default, but also by choice, having a sister is like automatically having a best friend. And because you live in the same house, you can have endless hours of fun and endless hours of chit-chats!
  2. They are your human journal ~ Since they cannot quit {even if they are tempted to sometimes}, sisters are your human journals whenever you need to vent or think out loud, especially when you are experiencing something absolutely amazing or something downright heartbreaking. It is a plus if you sleep in the same room, as it means you can do your human journalling even in the wee hours of the morning, as long as they are awake, that is!
  3. They keep you abreast with what is happening in the world ~ Having a sister is the best, especially if you are too busy with your life to keep up with what is going on in the world. Our sisters can be a reliable source of what’s the latest in social media, may that be the juiciest showbiz news, the latest fashion, trends, or the newest book released by your favorite author. You are also privy to their latest online discoveries, like a cool book lover’s cafe or this cool online career hub, for example.
  4. Trust them to be your child’s alternate mother ~ Titas love their nieces and nephews to a fault, that sometimes you’d think they love your child more than you do. They are their fiercest and staunchest supporters that having a sister also meant having a default groupie for your budding athlete or your budding rockstar. Not to mention, they’d also jump at any chance to baby sit their beloved nephew giving mum qualityΒ time alone or with dad.
  5. Free Psychiatrist ~ Since psychiatric consultation do not come cheap, it is such a big advantage to have a sister and have a free psychiatrist around. They can readily dish out advices, unsolicited or otherwise, when they are up to it, and depending on your needs, they also do psychology, fortune telling, and face reading on the side.

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  6. A Coffee or Movie Buddy on the ready ~ No matter how busy life can be for sisters, it will only take a phone call or a text away to invite them to go out with you for a cup of coffee or to catch your favorite film on the cinema, and for women, especially for the single ones, this is really quite an advantage.
  7. They remind you so much of your parents ~ And for someone who’ve lost her parents many years ago, having someone alive to remind her of how her parents were when they were around is such a great source of joy and comfort. I catch a glimpse of my Papa and Mama from my sisters time and again, and it is a beautiful way to keep their memories alive in us.
  8. A Shopping Buddy ~ If you love shopping {now who doesn’t, right?}, it is great to know that when you have a sister, you get a shopping buddy by default. It does not matter whether you dig going to the physical store and browsing through the items on display manually, or shopping online, trust your sister to accompany you whenever you are in the mood for serious retail therapy. Whether you are in the mood to shop for new clothes, new household items, books or washi tapes, perhaps, know that dear sissy will be there to help you with your purchases.
  9. A fashion consultant ~ One of the perks of having a sister is having your personal fashion consultant and if you have a fashion savvy sister, then always being stylish and abreast with the current fad will never be a problem for you. You can rely on them to give you their very honest opinion about which article of clothing in your wardrobe actually works for you.
  10. A confidante ~ A sister knows you inside out and they know where you’ve been and what you’ve gone through in life, and since time immemorial, you know that they have always been there. They are the best confidante and you can trust them to keep your secrets for you and not spill it out on someone else when you are not around. It is also a comfort to know that you can tell them about anything under the sun without the perils of being judged or prejudiced.

Shouts out to all the sisters out there and cheers to all the mums who have them. Life indeed is so much better with them around.

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  1. Lots of points will be developed when you have a sister, and brother maybe? Well, your post says some benefits for this matter. I think, more points are to be included with this post, when different personality, speaks-up their minds honestly.

  2. Having a sister is really awesome. I have two younger sister but I’m closed to our second and also she’s my fashion buddy. We love twinning esp. in our outfit. Hahaha We protect each other, also we bully each other. I really love my sisters.

  3. Interesting point of view. I grew up having a sister but we are not that close. I think we were very different and because we were raised by different grandparents, this bond was not really formed.

    1. But it is never too late to forge a stronger and more beautiful bond with her, she is your sister, after all. No matter how much time you spent apart, you will always have this beautiful connection.

  4. It was my dream to have a blood-related sister. I totally agree with what you mentioned here but I can’t relate. I am the only princess in the family with 2 brothers. I am sure it will be different if I have my sister but luckily, I still have my sisters from another mother a.k.a cousins and girl besties. You are so fortunate to have one!

  5. And I may add, if you’re the Ate, having a sister prepares you for motherhood pretty early. πŸ™‚ Thank you for such sweet reminders for having a sister.

    1. Yes, that, too! But I did not experience that much since I am just several years older than my siblings. But it does open you up to concepts like responsibility and accountability early on in life. You’re welcome! ^_^

  6. We’re all three girls in the family and I’m the youngest and I just felt good having sisters. They’re my bestfriend, my confidante, my everything. We shared makeup, room, even intimates,. Everything! Though I want to have an older brother before but I won’t replace my sisters with anything. I just love having them around.

    1. I also wanted to have an older brother before since I was the eldest child, but yes, you wouldn’t trade having a sister for anything else! πŸ™‚

  7. I love bonding with my sister. We can do things without worrying what others would say. We can be crazy together and we have the same wave as well

  8. I have two sisters but I cannot really share my thoughts to them because they are way too young, 10+ years of gap. ? But they are my movie buddies, indeed ?

    1. Having very young sisters can be quite a disadvantage, but they won’t be young for long and soon enough you will fully enjoy the perks of having them in your life! πŸ™‚

  9. Having sister/ brother could also mean having differences. There were times that you wouldn’t agree with each other, but as you have mentioned above, there are lots of things that we should be thankful if we have a sister or a brother.

    1. It is true, disagreements and disputes are also part of the territory. Still, the advantages of having a sister far outweighs the disadvantages.

  10. For me, having a sister is a crown jewel. Thats why, some monica iha so envious of people who has sisters and brothers. Its difficult to be alone in this world. No man is an Island. Good job in defining the sweet and simple characteristic of your sister. It seems your personality is such a kind hearted soul. I know, how it feels to have a sister. Its God’s Gift.

  11. I have two sisters! We don’t see each other that often but whenever magkikita-kita, happy naman kami. Thank you for sharing this list! πŸ™‚

  12. I can only wish I have one. I’m an only child. And as a kid I was happy and content to being alone. But, when I grew up, I realized that it’s best to have a sister or a brother at least. You are so lucky to have yours. ?

    1. I am from a brood of five so I can only imagine how lonely it would seem to be an only child. This is the reason why I am seriously considering to have another baby so my little man can experience the joy of having a sibling!

  13. I don’t have a sister, but what I liked about the reasons you said is having a free psychiatrist and a fashion consultant. We can really be more sane when we vent our problems to someone and knowing that we can trust the person to keep our inner thoughts is a big plus too. It’s also helpful to have someone to consult outfits with. Better yet share clothes with so you’ll have a bigger wardrobe selection πŸ™‚

    1. The huge age gap can be quite a bummer, but you’ll meet half-way at some point, am sure, and you will get to enjoy all the perks of having a sister! ^_^

  14. I agree with all your points here, how I wish I can do shopping or coffee etc to my sister. Coz she’s still a baby. On the other hand I don’t want her to grow old fast yet. I still love kissing and playing her πŸ™‚

  15. We grew up in a big family of 10 and really, I experienced much about my sisters and brothers. In the long run, it’s very hard to contemplate alone when things were not in order. They’re always there to defend from enemies all the time. Loved to have more sisters and brothers at the same time.

    1. If you do not have one, am sure you have a dear friend who is almost like a sister. Otherwise, I hope you can have a sister soon, if it were possible.

  16. Aw this is really sweet! I have a younger sister (we have a 12-year gap) but we get along well. That doesn’t mean we don’t fight half the time though lol!

  17. I do have a sister and we have the same reasons why having a sister is the best! Eventhough we had some quarrels, we believe that at the end of the day we will always be sisters and partners in crime πŸ™‚

  18. Sisters can be one’s very best friend. I only have one but we’re not that close. She’s been living in the US for around 10 years now so I don’t see her a lot. But she’s actually here now for a really short visit. We were able to have lunch yesterday so that was great. πŸ™‚

    1. It is always lovely to see your sister again especially after you’ve been apart for too long. I hope you and your sister can make precious memories while she’s here! πŸ™‚

  19. I have only 1 sister and yes she is my sister and my best friend and she’s always there for me and I always there also for her. No matter what your sister is always your sister πŸ™‚

  20. I have 1 real younger sister and three elder half sisters. Growing up with my younger sister was no fun at all. She is spoiled and I got nothing. I missed them all so much since I live half way around the world far from them. Good thing Facebook is here to keep us updated.

  21. I have a sister and two brothers. And my sister and I are total opposites, too. LOL! We argued a lot but when it matters, we’ve got each other’s backs. She became my little Z’s momma during the week when I was still commuting to and from Manila-Baguio during weekends. Regardless of our differences, I love my sister. πŸ™‚

  22. It’s nice to know you’ve a very good relationship with your sister. I also have but during the later parts of growing up. We use to squabble like crazy, must have driven our parents nuts hahaha.

    1. I guess it is all part of the territory to have those squabbles with our sisters, but it is wonderful to know that whatever happens, they will always have our backs! πŸ™‚

  23. I love my sisters! I have 4 of them! Although they’re much much older than me (the one before me is 18 years older), hindi ko na-experience yung they gave me hand-me downs. But they showered me with gifts kasi they were already working na by the time I was in grade school, high school and college. The downside was, they lived in the US, so I only see them once a year noon. Now, I only see them when they visit here. And when they do, I really drop everything and spend all their days here with them.

  24. I have a sister who is 10 years older than me and she’s everything to me. She’s my bestest buddy, my almost “nanay”, and my coolest friend. She’s also the best tita to twinkle and Ykaie.

  25. I’m so envious. I’m an only child and I’ve always wanted a sister to talk to or just bond with.

  26. I couldn’t agree more! Aside from those, she’s always your team in all means. So for those sisters out there, my shout out goes to you!!! Thanks for being there whenever your sibs need you in times. πŸ™‚

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