3 Inspirational Lessons To Learn From The Republic Tibay Hero

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The tale and struggles of Nanay Delia Balonzo is truly an incredible source of inspiration. A mother to 13 children, and a grandmother to several grandchildren, she  also took on the responsibility to care for nine more children. Undaunted by her humble means, she persevered juggling multiple jobs ~ tending to a sari-sari store and a small canteen, serving as occasional manghihilot, as well as laundrywoman, and persevered to provide the needs of her big family, including sending all her children to school.

Nanay Delia’s tibay ng loob has inspired her children to finish school and succeed in life; one of them is now working in Austria and raising her own family. Her selflessness and steely determination in the face of extraordinary challenges left a big impact on the judges of “Republic Tibay Mo, Inspirasyon Ko”, and contributed to her win as the Republic Tibay Hero.

Here are Three Inspirational Lessons To Learn From Nanay Delia

  1. Do not give up ~ Indeed, Nanay Delia never gave up even with the seemingly hopeless predicament of raising all her 9 children on her own. Instead of focusing on her dilemma, she worked hard and braised herself to support her children and send them to school.
  2. Life is tough, but so are you ~ Life might be tough for her and her children but Nanay Delia just prodded on, taking on many different jobs to support her family.
  3. You do not need to be wealthy, you just need a big heart ~ Even when she is struggling to make both ends meet for her many children and grandchildren, it did not stop her from taking care of 9 more children, supporting and raising them as her own. Indeed, you do not really need to be rich to help those who are in need, you just need to have a big heart to love them.

The Search for Republic Tibay Hero

promos in the Philippines, events, lifestyle

“Republic Tibay Mo, Inspirasyon Ko!” salutes the Tibay Hero in every Filipino and their courage to persevere against all odds for their loved ones, community, and causes they believe in. Delia’s tibay ng loob epitomizes the same tibay in every single bag of REPUBLIC® Cement, the only cement in the Philippines with Tibay Enhancers®, a special technology that makes concrete more compact and more durable from the inside.

promos in the Philippines, events, lifestyle
one of the rooms in Nanay Delia’s new home

Nanay Delia, whose story was chosen from 1,671 entries, was forced to rent a cramped, single-room apartment in Valenzuela City when fire razed her old house a few years ago. Last month, she and her family started anew as they moved into a safer, flood-free and more comfortable home in the city. The new two-storey house was designed by a leading architecture firm, Palafox Architecture, putting careful consideration on space, lighting, and ventilation. It was also made to last using REPUBLIC® Cement.

It was former Rotary Club President, Robert Nelson, who was inspired by Nanay Delia’s story and nominated Delia, saying that she is more than just a mother, she is a hero who is raising future heroes, changing their fate and inspiring them to make a change in others’ lives.

promos in the Philippines, events, lifestyle

“She’s our superhero. She taught us that as long as there is life, there is always a way to take care of your loved ones.” Delia’s sixth son, Abel, says lovingly of her. Adolfo, the youngest, tearfully describes her as “irreplaceable.”

Republic Cement & Building Materials, Inc. {RCBM} President Renato Sunico said the tibay ng loob that Delia personifies and the tibay that REPUBLIC® Cement gives to builders nationwide will be passed on from generation to generation. “This tibay is our legacy, Delia’s legacy to her children and everyone who witnessed her story—and our legacy to every Filipino family who builds with REPUBLIC® Cement.”

promos in the Philippines, events, lifestyle

Among the judges who screened the many entries included RCBM’s Sunico, GMA Network Senior Vice-President for Radio Mike Enriquez, Habitat for Humanity Chief Executive Officer Charlie Ayco, Yahoo! Southeast Asia’s­7 Modern-Day Filipino Heroes awardee Jay Jaboneta, Palafox Architecture Managing Partner and Senior Urban Planner Karima Palafox, Real Living Editor-in-Chief Rachel Medina, and Leo Burnett Philippines’ Manila Executive Creative Director Kat Limchoc.

REPUBLIC® Cement with Tibay Enhancers® has a special technology that fill in concrete voids—making concrete more compact, minimizing water and chemical penetration that causes steel bar rusting that leads to concrete cracking and deterioration. REPUBLIC® Cement makes concrete more durable from the inside. It can be used for general concrete construction and is recommended for foundations, columns, beams and slabs.

You can watch Nanay Delia’s story on the Republic Cement Facebook Page, www.facebook.com/RepublicCement. You may also visit their website at republiccement.com and contact them at info@republiccement.com.

Republic Cement in a nutshell

The Republic Cement Group has a nationwide manufacturing network with plants in Norzagaray, Bulacan; Teresa, Rizal; Taysan, Batangas; Danao in Cebu; and Iligan City in Mindanao. It also operates an aggregates plant in Bulacan.

Republic Cement maintains a broad national supply and distribution envelope of key dealers to address the exacting demands of its clientele that ranges from multibillion-peso construction and building conglomerates to individual homebuilders.

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