Let’s Join The Journey To A Healthier Life With Robinsons Supermarket Wellness Festival

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Free Healthy You Rolled Oats Bundle Promo

Because of the many sad news about people, family or otherwise, falling ill and dying because of diseases, a lot of people are making a conscious effort to switch to healthy living and lead healthier lifestyles. It can be quite a difficult rigorous process and the journey won’t happen overnight but it is good to know that more establishments are also lending their hands to help the people switch to a healthier way of living by offering healthier alternatives.

Take the case of Robinsons Supermarket {RSC}, for example, as they aim to lead their valued customers to a continuing path to a healthy lifestyle by launching their year-long “Route to Wellness” journey and starting the 3rd leg of the Wellness Festival.

Recently launched at Robinsons Magnolia, the Wellness Festival opened its doors to Robinsons Supermarket clientele with a larger-than-life FRESH salad bowl, as well as lots of fun and engaging booths on healthier practices and choices. An afternoon Fitness glow party, led by no less than fitness couple Jim and Toni Saret, perfectly captured the joyful vibe of the celebration.

To further promote healthy choices and practices to the people, the “Free Healthy You Rolled Oats Bundle” was also launched where shoppers can get an exclusive Healthy You Rolled Oats bundle for every Php3,000 single receipt purchase, inclusive of Php750 worth of participating products from Nestle and Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, Wyeth, Fontera, Nivea, Delfi, Del Monte, Federated, Unilever, Unilab and P&G, to name a few. All these brands share Robinsons Supermarket’s mission to bring health and wellness options to all Filipinos. Oats are perfect addition to anyone’s diet as it helps lower cholesterol and helps reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. This promo runs until 31, July, so proceed to your nearest Robinsons Supermarket branch now to avail of this promo!

Healthy You is Robinsons Supermarket’s exclusive healthy brand. The product line ranges from nuts, juices, oats, brown rice, coffee and many more. All of these products have been evaluated healthy by DOST-Food Nutrition and Research Institute (DOST-FNRI). Loyal customers will also get an additional 15 Robinsons Rewards Card points for purchase of P500.00 worth of Healthy You products for the whole month of July.

“A truly healthy and fulfilling lifestyle takes genuine commitment and follows a process that requires the will to say ‘yes’ to what it takes to achieve it. And Robinsons Supermarket’s role is to keep everyone on the right track by offering an accessible and fun route to their desired lifestyle,” said RSC General Manager Jody Gadia.

There’s also more reason to celebrate in July as RSC also holds its annual festivity highlighting the Fresh department called “Freshtival.”  The festivity features daily exciting offers of fresh items – from discounts and additional Robinsons Rewards points, to amazing freebies. This compliments the ongoing wellness program as it encourages shoppers to choose more fresh items for a healthier lifestyle.

Join RSC in celebrating wellness by checking out its special promo this whole of July and be on the lookout for the exciting activities and amazing deals.

RSC’s Route to Wellness campaign is a testament to its commitment to ease access to healthier food options and alternatives for Filipinos. Find out more about RSC’s year-long Route to Wellness series of promos and activities. Like it on Facebook www.facebook.com/RobinsonsSupermarketOfficial or visit its official website at www.robinsons-supermarket.com.ph to stay updated on the activities that it has in store, and learn more about the #ILoveWellness campaign.

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